Japan Studio Is Currently One of Sony's Best

Push Square: "Historically when people have talked about Sony's strong first-party network, Japan Studio has been right at the bottom of the list. One of the platform holder's oldest developers, the division is probably best known for the likes of Ape Escape and Legend of Dragoon, as well as Fumito Ueda's output. But during the PlayStation 3 generation, much like the rest of the Japanese industry, the organisation seemed to fall apart. Now I think there's an argument that the 400 person firm is among the Japanese giant's best."

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UCForce431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

They are my favorite studio along with GG and Naughty Dog. I know Platinum Game have been love by community, but I think Japan Studio deserves a credit.

naruga431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

from the first party devs of Sony i consider them the Best ..( yes ND for me comes far behind and now with all the departures from Square Konami and Capcom maybe they re the best japanese dev team out there )...they are a truly artistic and competent developper team far exceeding the westerners....dont forget that while Fumito Uead got all the fame for ico/trico/sotc the team that was able to materilise his ideas at best was Japan Studio and ofcourse Demons Souls/Bloodborne here there is no need for words

UCForce431d ago

The Last Guardian have been developing for almost a decade, but it finally out and turn out to be a successful game. I was very surprised that Sony wasn't giving up. About Sony Interactive Entertainment, I really like them more than other publishers to be honest. Now I know Sony isn't perfect company, but the way how they handle their first party are excellent. Like this:

Sony First Party Studio : Hey Mr. Sony, can we make a new IP, please ?
And Sony : Sure, why not ?
SFPS : 🙂

UCForce431d ago

Remember when Shuhei Yoshida was on stage back in E3 2015, he was so happy like for real.

UCForce431d ago

I think ND,GG, MM, SP and Quantic Dream are very happy what Sony offer. It's rare to see a publisher are willing to support their studios.

Deep-throat431d ago

ND used to be great, alas they fired the gamers and kept the cinephiles.

UCForce431d ago

No, they are still who they are. It's just that they have to move on. Same goes with other Sony First Party Studios, you can't keep the old thing forever. And you, people don't take your opinion seriously anymore especially how low your reputation is.

Kurdishcurse430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

agreed. their focus on oscar bait performance becomes cringe worthy after a few playthroughs. then your left with dull repititive gameplay with 3 to maaaybe 5 enemy types in a 60$ game.

the walk&talk padding for "story" reasons, as dilusional ppl like to say. and the over the top action cutscenes which leaves you wondering, how the hell is nathan drake still alive and healthy after falling from 23 clocktowers, 16 skyscrapers, 7 or 8 fairy dragon sea horses and all stages of hell? while squating with his hands tied down no less.

also, ucforce, neither he or i care who takes anyone seriously. its called an opinion kid. maybe you should learn to grow up and accept the fact it is just as valid as yours wether you like it or not. gameplay is the ways of old? hehehe its amazing what ND fans will convince themselves to excuse their lack of creativity and laziness. i wont be checking back here since i know how ravenous ND fans are so, you can go back to fighting 3 enemy types for 12 hours now.

Frinker430d ago

agreed. Jak and Daxter was the perfect blend of gameplay and cutscenes. Now their games are like 90 percent cutscenes/walking dialogue sequences

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BG11579431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

You are all forgetting From Software ! Demon Souls and Bloodborne !!! Oh wait, they aren't Sony studios...

Goldby431d ago

Japan Studio Worked on those two titles. good try tho

badz149431d ago

I want my fix for Ape Escape ASAP! Glad that everybody's golf is coming this year though...but still...a proper Ape Escape game please!

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Overload431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Most of PlayStation's internal developers are extremely talented. Naughty Dog is just so ahead of everyone else (in the industry) on so many levels that the others sometimes don't get the credit they deserve.

Studio Japan makes great games that are meant to serve the PlayStation's core audience.

Gravity Rush 2 for example, isn't going to light up the charts, won't be over produced, over shipped and will barely get marketed by Sony. But will be a fantastic game for the people not into typical games.

Deep-throat431d ago

ND is so ahead of everyone else by coping old ideas?

UCForce431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

No, ND push themselves even further. Thank to Sony. If ND stuck with Activision, they would keep milking their game and wouldn't have any creative freedom. More importantly, Sony is only publisher that I like the most.

Muzikguy430d ago

I always have issue with statements like this. I feel like constantly "needing" new ideas all the time. You know there can only be so many new ideas before the ideas run out, right? You know this is why clothes, movies, music, games all tend to repeat themselves after awhile? If something works why does it need to change to make people happy? I definitely feel like this mentality is what kills franchises (along with other things that lead to their end)

Kurdishcurse430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

no offense, but you are dilusional. the only thing ND has a knack for is story presentation and animation. not even story or dialogue.

there are countless other aspects in game design that many other devs completely embarrass ND in. atmosphere, art design, environment design/variety, enemy design/variety, level architecture design/variety, ohhhhh ESPECIALLY in the gameplay department.

tlou has about 4 enemy types, which is frankly, lazy and cheap. but blind loyalty wont let you see this fact. the n4g ND jerk off is so cute sometimes. i can understand ND being your favorite dev, but dont get ahead of yourself. your statement is factually false.

CaitSith431d ago

They helped make Bloodborne and Demon's Souls, after all. Both, I think, are miles better than the Dark Souls franchise.

Moonman431d ago

Bloodbourne looks intense and difficult. But I bet the accomplishment is why gamers liked it. It also looks like a beautiful insanity. Lol. I think i'm going to play it this year.

fenome431d ago

It's my favorite game so far this gen, no joke.

Goldby430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

you must play it.

heres some tips to help you git gud

1)take your time, be paitent and dont rush
2)be super aggressive and offensive when in combat, the health regen is what keep you alive more than your blood vials
3)complete The Old hunters DLC before beating the game
4)have a great time hunting
5) Praise the Moon

Moonman430d ago

Thanks Goldby! Will do.

Kurdishcurse430d ago

one of my fav games this gen and of all time! yes.... PLAY IT.

"looks like a beautiful insanity" ohhh u have no idea. GRANT US EYES.

Goldby430d ago

If u need any help add me on psn. Goldby

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Muzikguy430d ago

Bloodborne was and is amazing. I'd like to see more games like that but with years in between. At the time I just couldn't do Demons Souls. Kept losing my patience. I did get platinums in DS2 and Bloodborne though

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