Gravity Rush 2 Geometry Rendered at Native 4K on PS4 Pro; Supports Downsampling on 1080p Displays

Gravity Rush 2's geometry is rendered at native 4K on the PS4 Pro, while its shading and other passes are rendered at a slightly lower resolution.

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RpgSama431d ago

Great Pro Support, hope this game does well and continues to do well, so it can be a financial success and maybe see a third part (I'm going to guess the bar is not that high sales wise).

IamTylerDurden1431d ago

I hope ppl support this beautiful game. It looks so much bigger and more ambitious than the excellent first game and reviews have been solid. This is a great game to run your PS4 Pro through its paces whether u own a 4K or not, bc it renders in and around native 4K and it downsamples if u only have a 1080p tv.

I love Kat and Dusty.

Fishy Fingers431d ago

Would be interesting to see a direct comparison between the 4K geometry scaling and the checkerboard upscale approach. I presume there is ups and downs to each method or reasons for picking one over the other.

IamTylerDurden1431d ago

Gravity Rush 2 is gorgeous and looks so much better than the original. Good to know that the actual game performs far better than the demo. Great Pro support and a highly polished game, good job Japan Studio/Project Siren.

Sevir431d ago

I can't wait for Gravity Rush 2, Damn The PS4 is starting 2017 off on a tremendous leg!

3 exclusives in the first 2 months! Nier: Automata , GR2 and Horizon! This is just awesome!

Hardiman430d ago

Man I am stoked at all the great games coming out of Japan for the PS4 this year! Can't wait to fire up Gravity Rush 2 on my Pro. I love the colors and art direction.