Here's What Nintendo's Secret Message to Hackers in the Code of NES Classic Edition Says

Nintendo's secret message in the code of NES Mini got discovered.

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ccgr498d ago

Neat! Glad this got discovered.

shinoff2183498d ago

I dont have much to say except thats pretty cool.

rocketpanda497d ago

Take what? You do know it has already been hacked and hackers managed to add games to the system.

Fist4achin497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I just find it funny that they embedded this message already knowing people were going to break into this. I'm sure whatever the security that was put in place, if any, was going to be cut through like a knife to hot butter.

My original comment was meant to be sarcastic bc the message or lines of code didn't stop anybody from doing anything...

Profchaos498d ago

Pretty cool but it may have been a goof for other in house devs

rainslacker497d ago

Makes me wonder why if Nintendo knew it was going to be hacked, why not make the system in such a way they could actually offer up more games for it so they could make more money on it.

Nintendo kind of missed an oppurtunity with this system. i'm sure there are plenty of people who would have payed for the ability to add more games. Now the only people that can do that are those that hack the system and add their own roms.

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