Peter Moore: We dropped Xbox 1 because the hard drive "killed us"

Peter Moore's revealed that Xbox's hard drive cost $70 per unit, and was the main reason the machine was prematurely dropped in favour of Xbox 360.

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patlike3351d ago

had nothing to do with it, clearly.

patlike3351d ago

Nothing to do with it at all.

boodybandit3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

If not then what is this "we" stuff?

You work for EA now PM. Get to work and move on. Sorry but these articles with him taking mild shots at Sony and reminiscing over the Dreamcast and MS consoles IMHO is a conflict of interest to his current employment / position.

In actuality PM you are now sleeping with the enemy. EA was more of a factor as to why Sega left the console industry then Sony and their consoles. EA all but didn't support the Saturn and barely supported the DC.

marinelife93351d ago

I'm glad I don't hear Phil Harrison ranting and making a fool of himself.

sunnygrg3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

with Moore and his "killing" statements lately. Besides, the 360 doesnt even have a hard drive as a standard. Also, please get that smirk off your face.

issa30323351d ago

I don't get the $70 price. They were using a 10GB 3.5" Desktop harddrive. There was no way it cost $70 for one of those back in 2000 and definitely not for a large company like microsoft. I smell B.S.

Alvadr3350d ago

He cant be serious $70 for a 10Gb HDD!!! The should shop around.

The should start a new website for peter moors stupid comments and have a theme song for him.

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Mike Bowden3351d ago

He just said the demand was still high. Do you dare call Peter Moore a liar?!?!?!?!

Panthers3351d ago


Why does he talk about M$ still? He needs to be busy sinking EA into the ground.

Megatron083351d ago

@Panthers cause hes being interview and asked questions about it stupid

KingDizzi3351d ago

He is on a role this week, must have a biography on the way

die_fiend3351d ago

I call him a bellend. Y the hell's he chatting about Microsoft so much? U don't work for them anymore Moore so y are u mentioning them? Think he should concentrate on making EA a firm that doesn't piss out yearly updates will minimal improvements.

Jdoki3351d ago

Great use of the word bell-end. Not used nearly enough in every day conversation. :)

GlossGreen3351d ago

part of a 5 part story on Moore himself. Part 1 starts with his involvement with a shoe company, then being hired by Sega. Great articles full of insight on an area of the business we usually don't see.

shadowghost7523351d ago

Couldn't agree more,

Peter Moore is a tw*t

juuken3351d ago


So true Ken, so true.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3351d ago

No point in making things up, like Peter Moron does!!!;)

Pain3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Xbots dont understand English....or Logic. so this is not true......

and for the record why is Peter doing Damage control fud spewing for M$ still? i thought he didnt work there anymore? oh yea once a M$ Flacky always a M$ Flacky.

dukadork3351d ago

peter moore got his ass pwned by ken kutaragi and now he's mumbling nonsense for bots to forget their red hot ass of death.

trancefreak3351d ago

Next we will be hearing how the ps3 will fail by Trip Hawkins from 3do. that guy use to always try to downplay the ps1

AngryTypingGuy3351d ago

Last time I checked Peter Moore didn't work for Microsoft. He doesn't need to spin anything in favor of the company, and he knows much more about MS's inner working than you retards.

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