Hideki Kamiya Comments On Scalebound Cancellation, Apologies To Fans For Letting Them Down

Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya recently returned back to Twitter to share an important message for fans of Scalebound.

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poppinslops430d ago

Wow... never thought I'd see a Japanese guy apologize for something!

Platinum's output has been poor of late - likely the result of them working on so many games at once, but I assumed Kamiya's presence all but guaranteed Scalebound's quality... lest we forget, this was his 'dream game' - one he'd been shopping around for years before MS bought in.

Platinum were given plenty of time and money - more than they've ever had for any of their other titles - but it sounds like they weren't up to the task of building an open-world RPG... Despite the awesome concept, the actual gameplay was pretty clunky - the combat was slower and less-precise than what's expected of Platinum, the dragon-riding looked more like hovering in place than actual flight, the AI was unresponsive and the 'everyone's Drew' co-op was either confusing or just plain lazy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm furious about this whole situation - I'm one of the few people that didn't hate Drew with a passion and was very much looking forward to riding a dragon around a world full of floating islands and monsters... Yeah, Platinum bit off more than they could chew, but Microsoft were fools to believe that they would be able to deliver on such an ambitious project.

I wonder how much $$$ they squandered on this... millions? tens of millions? What a waste!

Kribwalker430d ago

I agree. I'd love to have played it, but there obviously must have been things that weren't right with it and the development. Sad really, but it is what it is

poppinslops430d ago

What's sad is the sheer amount of misinformation surrounding this story - takes a special kind of a$$hole to go around bull$#!tting about a person's mental health... not to mention the people that see Scalebound's cancellation as a 'victory', regardless of what it means for Platinum.

Kribwalker430d ago

And the fact Kamiya has apologized for letting everyone down, definitely shows there is more to the story

cheri26430d ago

"And the fact Kamiya has apologized for letting everyone down, definitely shows there is more to the story"

Maybe he's just a classy guy.

Sparta07430d ago

Quote " As you may have already heard, Scalebound has unfortunately been canceled. I'm very sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this game. "

They are not taking the blame

poppinslops430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

@Sparta: Quote - "I'll work extra hard to never have to let you down like this again, so I hope you will keep watching over us in the future too."... sure sounds like they're taking the blame!

_-EDMIX-_430d ago

Because things were perfect for Final Fantasy 15 in The Last Guardian? So you're just going to ignore that both of those games literally got their engines switched? Platforms switched? Developers exited and entered that game's development over the course of 10 years?

this has nothing to do with things that were wrong in development because that actually happens in almost every single game.

I don't know if you were anyone on this site could name me a game that had perfect development.

The issue at hand is not that the game was plagued during its development the issue at hand is what did Microsoft do to fix this other than running away from the problem?

So what you're telling me is that this game was better off with Sony because they probably would have thrown in some teams to assist?

Ummmm mmm OK.

the Order 1886 was being assisted by Sony of Santa Monica Sony of Santa Monica actually also assisted with the Last Guardian....

It's not that a problem existed that will always happen in development it's that Microsoft could not be bothered to find a solution as it sounds to me like they did not want to have to spend real money to save this game instead they chose to run away.

There's no reason why Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian could exist after 10 years of development hell, yet scalebound can't.

All that shows is that some Publishers are willing to go above and beyond and bring in all their development teams to fix a problem in some are willing to Simply cut their ties in save their losses

they care about their bottom line they don't care about their fans....

darthv72430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

@edmix, but you are forgetting that a game developed virtually in house is very different than a game that is tasked to a 3rd party. Thus your examples of FFXV is a square game, developed and published by them. Last guardian is essentially a Sony game developed by ico (which may as well be sony because that is all they make games for) and published by sony.

This game was developed by Platinum and sold to MS when MS looking for a game that could be made in a timely manner for the xb1. It wasnt like MS came to them with the idea of what their game should be, it was already thought out by Platinum since back in 06. Yeah... 10 years time and it still wasn't finished. They managed to churn out other games during this time. Transformers, bayonetta 1 & 2, metal gear rising and now, Nier. Nier might be the only one that is questionable as I believe they started work on that after they signed the contract with MS.

The examples of FFXV and TLG are not very good examples for your argument because there was no way these games would be canceled. the time and money was literally in house, no outside funding was at risk. Now they may have had help near the tail end of development which is something MS has been known to do on certain occasions (sorry i cant sight any examples right off my head) but given the final outcome of THIS game we can only speculate that it wasn't as far along as we were led to believe.

Thus MS saw it as a lost cause to pour more $$ or time or even manpower into trying to get it back on track. That is just a guess as we dont know the whole story nor will we probably ever know it.

Oh and what company that has shareholders to answer to DOESNT care about the bottom line?

mikeslemonade430d ago

They should just release the game as is for half off. It's not logical to just scrap the game.

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cheri26430d ago (Edited 430d ago )


Everything you said is based on zero actual information. It's pure downplay.

It's only a waste because Microsoft didn't see the project though to the end. Given time it could have been something.

Kribwalker430d ago

And everything being said by others that this is MS fault is based off of what? What real info is out there? None, there's only rumours

cheri26430d ago

Based off the fact that Microsoft had the option to give the project the time and help it needed to be finished.

Look at games like The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV games that the developers game the time they needed and turned out to be successes.

Not to mention the fact that Microsoft has a track record of giving up on projects and closing studios.

430d ago
darthv72430d ago

"Given time it could have been something." how much more time did they need? Maybe that's what Kamiya was bitching at MS about.

Maybe Ms just wanted some solid lead times for when this project would be done, considering the time and $$ already invested. Kamiya didn't like being questioned and went off on MS who in turn said, fine... it's over.

Essentially a mutual split with MS focusing on other things leaving this guy to tell his team he F'd up and having to apologize to everyone else in the process.

That is just one speculative rumor among many.

343_Guilty_Spark430d ago

Time = $$$$

Time =/= Unlimited.

Deadlines matter.

Platinum has a staff of 200+ people and they've been working on multiple games. They spread themselves too thin.

But it's fun to poke fun at Microsoft.

Also how come people forget that Microsoft had a great working relationship with the Japanese studio Mistwalker that produced Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey?

430d ago
Mulando429d ago

They already had 3-4 years, what large time window do you need for a project like this? It just seems, they did not deliver what they've promised. MS invested money and time into this game. They don't cancel a game just because they can. They cancel it, because it doesn't deliver what was promised. Now they have no chance of getting back their investment.

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Majin-vegeta430d ago

"Wow... never thought I'd see a Japanese guy apologize for something! "

So you're.implying Japanese never apologise??Give your head some fresh air and stop being close minded.

Irishguy95430d ago

He's clearly being sarcastic, the Japanese apologies for everything. He probably bowed at his computer too.

MasterCornholio430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Here's another instance of Japanese apologizing.

That was when PSN got hacked.

It's not like the Japanese are not capable of apologizing.

InKnight7s430d ago

MGrising, Nier, help in FFXV, Bayonetta and Vanquish are great fun games.

Irishguy95430d ago

YOu guys are nuts, one of the biggest causes of software projects failing is too much work for small amount of devs.
A: PG shouldn't have pitched the contract in the first place if they couldn't handle it with all their other stuff going on. Or simply rejected others until they get scalebound done

B: MS shouldn't have made demands for it.

We aren't sure what happened at all. If PG or MS screwed it.

430d ago
jonh68430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Well, we can simply look at their track records. Microsoft has canceled tons of games and closed a bunch of studios recently. Versus Platinum who has successfully made tons of games and worked with tons of compaies yet this if the first time they have had a game canceled.

So based on those histories it's not that hard to see why people place the blame on Microsoft.

Irishguy95430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Thats right john, what about Star Fox? Legend of Korra? TMNT? The other unknowns PG failed with? They aren't perfect and they've NEVER made an RPG until Scalebound came along.

PG are hit and miss and always have been. Choosing to ignore that doesn't make it any less true.

"According to Inaba, the core goal of the company is to make new and original intellectual property, and that taking risks is a crucial part of video game development.[74] However, the company also worked on licensed titles later, as the team considered creating original titles "difficult", sometimes too risky, with sales that were unsatisfactory for the team. "

trooper_430d ago

...This same small company created games like Vanquish and Bayonetta.

Irishguy95430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Yeah spectre, 10 hour action games. Show me an open world game they made? An RPG? Vanguish was 4 hours long. Don't get me wrong I loved them. But please, don't even try and compare the two as RPGs have always held a longer dev time and require different Strategy altogether.

This is a failed experiment for PG and a **** up by MS. MS have given me no reason to keep the console.

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430d ago
princejb134430d ago

I agree with you ten fold. The combat looked so boring
Didn't see all the hype in this game
Saw the little gameplay they showed and I was like nexxxttt......

gangsta_red430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

It does seem at the moment with amount of games that Platinum were pumping out that they may have bit off more than they can chew.

I still think that Platinum is one of the best developers in Japan and they are the masters at making the over the top action orientated games that I like.

Which is one of the big reasons I was disappointed to here of Scalebound's cancellation.

"but Microsoft were fools to believe that they would be able to deliver on such an ambitious project."

I think MS handled them just as they would any other professional studio that develops games. I'm sure MS didn't know what else they had on their plate and weren't concerned either way. If a company says they can get something done then all you should expect is them to deliver.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory430d ago

Their output hasn't been poor it's the simple fact that ever since Nintendo funded Bayonetta 2. Every other company wanted to have them work on a game for them. Increasing their workload with only about 200 people.

poppinslops430d ago

If that's the case then Platinum really need to bolster their numbers - that, or stop saying 'yes' to everything... Quality is more important than quantity, and the FACT is their most recent games (Star Fox Zero, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, Transformers Devestation and the Legend of Korra) were poorly recieved - not just critically, but commercially as well.

rainslacker430d ago

It's on P* to actually delegate it's resources properly,and not take on projects that it can't handle.

But realistically, it's people just making assumptions that they spread themselves too thin. P* has a long history of working on multiple projects and delivering on them. The only one's which tend to be really bad are those that are licensed properties where release date is actually paramount to game quality.

ShadowWolf712429d ago

Transformers Devastation was not poorly received.

rainslacker430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

You say it's sad that there is a lot of misinformation surrounding this story, yet your first comment is riddled with pure conjecture and assumption about what exactly happened, and you pose it as fact.

How do you think misinformation actually gets spread in the first place?

Hint: people who post pure conjecture and assumption. Another is those who willfully lie about stuff....although I don't want to accuse you of that.

It's not uncommon for Japanese people to take responsibility for bad things. He was responsible for the project, and he's just doing what is typical in Japanese custom. He's apoligizing because it's what is expected of him. I'm sure he's remorseful, and likely does feel some responsibility, but your surprise of it makes it seem like you have no clue how Japanese customs and society work. Usually when things go wrong with games, the director or producer do apoligize to those who supported their work and were looking forward to it.

poppinslops430d ago

To which assumptions are you referring? Be specific.

rainslacker429d ago

The following assumptions.

-They are working on too many projects at once.
-They were given plenty of time and money.
-That they got more money than any other title.
-That they weren't up to the task of buildig the game
-The assumptions that the demos were indicative of what the final product would be, although you have some merit with that one, but not the way you were trying to present it.
-platinum bit off more than they can chew.
-That MS was a fool to believe P* could deliver on an ambitious project.

So, pretty much 90% of your comment.

I do appreciate that you call out the misinformation on the mental health issue, but your first comment did nothing but spread a bunch of assumptions, which is where a lot of misinformation comes from. Some of it may end up being true, but for now, it's just misinformation, because you don't know the details about what happened between the two companies to know why it was cancelled. I could list any number of assumptions or theories about what happened, that have nothing to do with anyone's incompetence. But I wouldn't be so assertive about the validity of it like you were.

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brich233430d ago

Microsoft probably got caught him sleeping on the job.

rocketpanda430d ago

Meanwhile MS is sleeping trying to release exclusives beyond the usual Halo, Gears and Forza.

SaveFerris430d ago

As the game director, it was appropriate that he comment on what had happened. But where did the rumour regarding his sick leave come from? The studio is likely under an NDA so we probably won't find out the details that lead to the cancellation.

lelo2play430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

If Hideki Kamiya and PlatiiumGames are apologising, then they are to blame for something.
People started blaming Microsoft simply because it's Microsoft. Microsoft have been giving them money for 4 years to make the game... and they couldn't finish it. Do you guys really think it's Microsoft fault for all this debacle?

PlatiiumGames probably used Microsoft's money to help them make Nier Automata.

nowitzki2004430d ago

"PlatiiumGames probably used Microsoft's money to help them make Nier Automata."

Maybe MS was expecting too much and not giving enough money?

justsomeoffdude429d ago

THIS!! I read an article about how MS promised the phantom dust devs $5M for a multi player only game. As soon as the devs signed on and started work, MS came back demanding for a single player campaign as well.. WTF?!! The devs agreed and guess what?? MS kept on demanding more and when the devs asked for more money what did MS do? They cancelled the project!!

Irishguy95430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Wrong, the devs always take the blame regardless of whos fault it is. Did Sony apologise for NMS? Did anyone actually? Sony SHOULD Have stepped in for NMS but didn't. And let it be released in the sorry crappy state for FULL PRICE.

I don't know what happened with Scalebound. I would guess MS were putting pressure on them for the game, PG have however taken on too many projects at once. This is also their first open world multiplayer RPG game. PG need to relax and stop taking on everything they can get. Focus on one at a time or two max. Time management and work life balance is very important.

Silly gameAr430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Why do you people keep bringing up NMS like it's relevant to whats going on with Scalebound? Is that what's hot in the damage control circles of the xbox community?

Did Sony fund NMS? Do they own the property? No? Then what could Sony do? Stop using NMS as an example for what's going on with Scalebound. It looks like a desperate attempt.

Irishguy95430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Sony published NMS silly Gamer. You are silly to think they have nothing to do with it.

I'm simply sick of double standards on N4G. NMS is very relevent as Scalebound could have been another one.

Trez1234430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

What about Recore? You can call NMS crap but some people out there liked it and it actually launched but..Recore launched and I thought that game was really bad and i really dont know how they managed to sell that game at that price but it's still outhere and some actually enjoy. Games get cancelled sometimes and that goes for all those companies and in this case, there's no way that this was all platinum games fault. Remember kamiya's twitt just before E3 ? It was quickly deleted but he was kind of warning Microsoft not to mess with him.

game4funz430d ago

Very good point. NMS is a perfect example of an unfinished game needing cancelation but Sony clearly saw the money there hahah

rainslacker430d ago

Sony had no control over the release or cancellation of NMS. That was on Hello Games. Sony only published the PS4 version. They didn't directly fund the project in the traditional sense, and AFAIK, had no direct input on it's design or development. Sony didn't even have any control on the pricing of the game....even for PS4.

This is an entirely different situation, where MS was the producer and publisher from the start and up until it's cancellation.

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Sparta07430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

No. Just cause they apologized doesn't mean they are 100% to blame.
I know you want to blame them and not Microsoft.

" platinumGames probably used Microsoft's money to help them make Nier Automata " 😂
What!? lol do you have any idea how much trouble they would be in?
They would be sued for everything Microsoft gave them and more.

Quote " As you may have already heard, Scalebound has unfortunately been canceled. I'm very sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this game. "

They not apologizing cause is there fault. Going just from that statement it could be anyone's fault

Irishguy95430d ago

Theres no way for MS to check what PG work on, I would guess PG split their time and worked on their contracted hours for the game. Theres only so much time humans can give in a week to their job. PG have multiple projects on all the time. Look at their history of released games, they're never only working on two games.

This is a general software dev issue. Don't bite off more than you can chew. MS didn't like the fact they were not getting what they paid and asked for. Sony are so easy on developers to the point games can take 10 years to release and get throguh QA(No mans sky) without any hassle. MS are not.

rainslacker430d ago

LOL. Irish, you are clueless on how game development works.

Every penny has to be accounted for.

Besides, Nier has it's own funding, and there would be no reason to redirect resources as it has a pretty substantial budget to begin with.

There is an example of one studio actually doing this. A:CM had it's funding and resources redirected to Borderlands 2.

It was completely unethical, and illegal, and the developer got slapped hard for it.

But they had to cook the books for it to happen, because it's not like that much money just gets put wherever it's needed within a studio. In fact, studios which work with multiple funding sources are held to much stricter accounting requirements than those that have a more open funding process.

Scalebound was allotted it's resources based on the money that was provided P* by MS. Those resources were set in stone. Some were likely moved around during production to other parts of the studio when it was acceptable to do so. But there is absolutely no evidence that any improper allocation of funds or resources happened.

P* has multiple teams which work on multiple projects. They outsource a lot of things to other companies to get that job done. Your accusation is unwarranted, and libelous.

So just stop it, because you're making yourself look like a fool in a vain effort to remove any blame from MS.

If P* is to blame, and if they truly did something wrong, the trust will eventually be known. In the meantime, stop being such a fan boy, and acting like you actually know what happened.

justsomeoffdude429d ago

A pity some people simply don't understand english.. him simply apologizing straight away implies he's guilty.. Sad world we're in indeed.

trooper_430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Why should they take the blame for what Microsoft did? Microsoft probably wanted the game out asap and wouldn't let Platnium take their time.

Give me a break.

Platnium also never implied it was their fault.

lodossrage430d ago (Edited 430d ago )



Just because Kamiya apologized doesn't mean him and Platinum are to blame. Spencer and Microsoft apologized yesterday, did you say that meant they were at fault?

It's like some of you see what you want to see.

And it's not like this hasn't been a recurring theme with MS as of late. Fable, Phantom Dust, Shangai, Project Spark, now Scalebound. You can tell yourself whatever you want. But the bottom line is all of this is tied to Spencer and Microsoft in the past two years alone.

But yeah, let the MS fanboys (not the fans) continue praising Spencer like the second coming and say all of this is Don Mattrick's fault despite him being gone from the company for over two years.

notachance430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

wow, it's crap like this that makes me can't stand xbox fanboys, you guys ever think why there's so much xbox hater? maybe read your own comments sometimes? or maybe check the facts on both sides first before commenting? you guys forgot MS also had too many history of changing project scopes mid-development which lead to development hell?

just look at you xbox fanboys comments, I'm willing to bet not even one of the agree votes are from sane person, all those agree are absolutely from you blind supporters licking each other wounds.

oasdada430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Lol typical response.. I dont know from what culture you belong to but even in my culture if ur associated with something and that something doesnt meet expectations we apologize no matter whos fault it is and dont play blame games. Professional ethics and accountability my friend.

rocketpanda430d ago

Phil Spencer also apologized, so what does that mean?

Also you are making stupid and baseless accusation on Platinum using MS money to develop Nier. Nier is being funded and published by Square you twat. Platinum is a 3rd part developer that gets hired by publishers to develop titles. Not use other publishers' money to make another publishers' game. You do know there is also more than one team developing games at any one time. Kamiya was in charge of Scalebound and Taro Yoko heading Nier's development. But I am sure you knew they already.

The game has been in development before MS took it on as an exclusive. From there MS wanted the game to be different from what Platinum envisioned even struggling to get the game working efficiently on the console. Kamiya and MS were butting heads on where to take the game. This is what happens when publishers meddle into projects, they either get cancelled or released as a mess of a game. FFS one of the worst companies, Konami let Platinum get on and make Metal Gear Revengeance and turn out just fine.

Rather than let Platinum get on with what they do best, MS was eager to do it their way or no way. If you think publishers aren't to blame then look at the development hell Square Enix put on Montreal Eidos for the lastest Deus Ex, suddenly demanding them to start adding features once it was almost complete. The devs never intended or wanted to add Breach mode or microtransactions.

Maybe both are to be blamed but you come off sounding that because some has the balls to apologize for letting down fans to a game they were expecting to be the villain.

lelo2play429d ago

You're an Idiot.
Actually, much worse... blind ignorant idiot.

For you guys, no matter what, Microsoft is always at fault.

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Darkfist_Flames430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

But according to those fans the game sucks(now), so its good that they cancel it xD.

Kribwalker430d ago

I wanted to play it, but 3 years later and there are still enough issues to warrant it being cancelled sure says a lot potentially about it. I've been hyping the game to my kid who loves dragons every time something new came out about it, so it was crappiest having to tell him it was cancelled

King_Lothric430d ago

I've notice the same. Before the cancelation, the whole Xbox community praised the game. After the cancelation, they say the game was looking bad 😁. They don't even respect themselves.

SmielmaN430d ago

I wonder what would be said if Cuphead and/or Crackdown 3 are cancelled? :o

game4funz430d ago

Not true. Point me to one.

Kiwi66430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

"the whole xbox community praised the game" so there were some who praised it but that doesn't equate to the whole xbox community ....... edit funny how people think that a percentage of xbox fans means every single xbox gamer now

notachance430d ago

too bad there's no comment quote feature on n4g, I imagine it'll be quite hilarious to reply those fanboys saying the game looks bad with their own comments praising the game to high hell some months back.

EmperorDalek430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

I knew the moment the cancellation was announced, that PS4 fanboys would love it. Most Xbox fans hate that the game won't release. Yes there's a few who would rather not have another No Man's Sky, but most would rather the game either had an unpolished release, or was delayed by a year or two.

MS would have known that this backlash would happen, so the game must have been in a poor state for them to cancel it. It looked like it could have been a great game, but we don't know much about what went wrong. Maybe they had the gameplay in place, but couldn't figure out how to structure the missions/story. It would have been an extremely difficult game to map out a campaign for. And lets face it: Scalebound was a far bigger project than anything else Platinum games have done.

nitus10430d ago

I always have said that Scalebound looked liked a Dude Bro RPG and the voice acting was cringeworthy. I never once said that gameplay was terrible since IMHO the gameplay looked solid and it looked like there was a story there.

Again my opinion, but I do think the game would be better suited to single player only not multiplayer although I can understand and appreciate multiplayer coop or even PvP.

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