Will Resident Evil 7 Disappoint? - SonyCentric #51

Jason from The Outerhaven writes:
"SonyCentric takes a look at the upcoming month and discusses some of the bigger releases and how we think they'll pan out, including the next Resident Evil."

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nowitzki2004676d ago

Wouldnt be the first time A RE game disappointed me. Used to be my favorite franchise until 5 was released and its been a mess since. RE7 demos was good and hopefully it turns out great, I dont mind the FP. If FP is what they need to scare us then FP it is.

Derceto676d ago

When's the last time Capcom "didn't" disappoint? Of course it's going to disappoint.

CrimsonWing69676d ago

Yea I'm trying to be optimistic but I barely know anything about this entry and the demo didn't exactly blow me out of the water like some people.

We'll see though, I'm such an RE fanboy that I'll still buy it if it sucks.