Microsoft Needs Better Studios or Else it Will Keep Losing Games Like Scalebound

This is precisely why Microsoft needs more first-party studios. Much the same as alternate organizations who have been in the gaming business for a long time and put resources in all the correct ways. We fail to perceive how any Xbox One fan can damage control this. What’s more, exactly in what capacity can new IPs be bombing so hard under this organization. When they are a standout amongst the most imperative things in the development of this industry. What’s more, Microsoft is so unbelievably money-rich contrasted with its rivals.

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TheCommentator467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Yeah, that's what I thought too. MS doesn't need better studios... 343, The Coalition, Mojang, Turn 10, Playground, Rare... are all good studios, and they have a few more decent ones as well. They just don't have enough studios to create the new IP and also keep sequels for existing IP going.

How can anyone keep up with Sony in terms of quantity when they don't add new studios to their 1st party stable? Let's face it, new studios could simply resurrect old IP as well. MS has so many great IP they could revive it's ridiculous.

If they don't do anything dramatic by E3, I think it's safe to assume that they don't care about having quantity when it comes to exclusives.

Herbalistic469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

"Microsoft is so unbelievably money-rich contrasted with its rivals."

Yes,Microsoft does have tons of cash but they aren't going to invest too much into a small area of the company like Xbox. The Xbox brand is turning into a Win10 set top box.

NewMonday468d ago

Microsoft destroyed Rare & Lionhead, scared away Bungie, MS would destroy any studio it got no matter how good, a good 1st party requers respecting the creative talent and Microsoft just doesn't have that capacity.

starrman1985467d ago

Rare? They are releasing Sea of Thieves this year and some of their past Xbox games have been awesome. Microsoft certainly haven't destroyed them. Lionhead, unfortunately Lionhead was going downhill after Fable 3 when Peter Molyneux left. Fable Legends was a shame, but it was shaping up to be a less than average game and was probably eating up a lot of resources and time, Microsoft ended that but they didn't destroy it.

Bungie is probably the most accurate on that list, Microsoft wanted them to stick with Halo but they wanted more creative rights. Unfortunately the deal that was struck from that was them selling the Halo franchise and moving on. They certainly weren't scared away though..

Miss_Weeboo467d ago

@starrman1985 Oh my gosh! You cannot be so blinded. Rare was the most incredible studio you could find back in the day: gem after gem, perfect games, some even all time classics. And what is it now? and you mention past "awesome" Rare Xbox games, Which ones? Jet pack? Viva piñata? Nuts and Bolts? Kinect Sports?
Destroyed by MS!!! All the talent they had was fired or simply left because they didn't want to make a freaking viva piñata game.
You mention Molyneux, Why do you think he left?!! I remember him even complaining about the lack of creativity and risk taking with Microsoft.
Microsoft killed Fable just as they are killing Scalebound now. And they're gonna use the same old excuses "oh yeah, it was shaping up to be a less than average game" Well, I prefer to play a less than average game, that the same shooter over and over.
Bungie was Microsoft, (when they were willing to take some risks) Bungie wouldn't exist without MS; and Yes, they scared them away... With MS this days you become "The Halo Studio" that is their bch, and then you're forced to release a Forza game, the same freaking game every 6 months

Utalkin2me467d ago


While they are going to be releasing Sea of Thieves, we dont know how well it's going to be. And what awesome rares games are you referring too? Highest rated one they have put out is Rare Replay at a 84, which is a collection of there old games. We talking about viva pinata? Or kinect sports? Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts? Judging by reviews those games are far from awesome. Sure you might find them awesome, but you would be in the minority.

And why do you think Peter left?....hmmmmmmm?

Bungie? wasnt scared away? Totally correct, they was forced away.

XXanderXX467d ago

Rare was going to crap way before MS bought them .

starrman1985467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Damn, a lot of hate for Microsoft era Rare. Both vivas and Nuts and Bolts got pretty good reviews (around 80 average) I didn't realise they were so hated! Forgive my ignorance there. I really enjoyed those games but as Utalkin2me said I must be in the minority.

jaymacx467d ago

Rare was already going downhill though .. That is why Nintendo sold them. You can own a studio all you want to but the employees have to want to work there. So it comes down to letting devs have enough creative freedom but have enough control so that the devs don't burn the publisher. Everyone keeps saying MS needs to have more studios but the overarching problem still remains.. MS just wants top selling Ips and won't let there be any variety. Variety means not every game will be a multi million seller. What it will mean is more consoles sold and in homes. The key to PS's success is their every growing expansive library and building great working relationships with devs.

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SlightlyRetarted467d ago

Didn't the new CEO say couple years back something that Microsoft is a software company, not a hardware company. You could argue that he is not the biggest fan of Xbox and there must be higher ups who are fighting for Xbox. Microsoft sure is pushing Win 10 really hard, while Xbox brand seems to fade away.

Moonman469d ago

And keep losing generations. Reminder that hey haven't won ONE generation yet. lol

Apocalypse Shadow468d ago

What do you mean. Microsoft has sold many systems... Don't know how many.. But they have sold many systems. And and invested millions of dollars into games.. Well.. They may get canceled like Phantom Dust, Scalebound and Fable Legends.. But still, they have invested many millions into the game industry and games.

And, just the other day I was talking to a friend about the awesomeness of Kinect and how it can read your pulse rate and so many new exciting games are coming this year and will be used for VR...Don't know why as Oculus and Vive already have their own tracking systems. But still, the awesomeness of Kinect even though it had it's motion tracking removed is unmatched by any other add on.

Speaking of VR, Microsoft is investing in making the best VR you can use on console.. Well.. Not for the 20 something million gamers who already have an Xbox one and may want VR too but for those who will buy the more expensive model. That's a company that cares about it's gamers.

Commitment like that is why Microsoft will always be the market leader. It's not about console sales but the engagement and how many users have said "Xbox on." Having metrics like that is what truly matters over console sales...

Do I really have to put an "S" at the end of this?

ninsigma468d ago

"Do I really have to put an "S" at the end of this?"

Don't be surprised if you do 😂

trooper_467d ago

Don't worry, you're safe, lol.

guyman467d ago

Face the facts, the Kinect is a gimmick whether you like it or not

343_Guilty_Spark467d ago

They won the 360/PS3 era sold more verified hardware and nearly double the software. They stole a ton of market share from Sony in only their second console outing. Sony lost tons of money on PS3.

Razzer468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Aside from the core games (Halo, Gears, Forza)....Microsoft is focused nearly entirely on third party for exclusives. Whether that is buying third party exclusives (Titanfall) or paying for timed exclusives (RoTR) or paying a third party studio to develop exclusives (State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, Killer Instinct....and on). Then there is Rare. The studio Microsoft seemingly has no idea what to do with. Rare went from being the Kinect developer to now creating Sea of Thieves while leaving its vast and rich array of past IP collecting dust.

For many, though, Halo, Gears, Forza, and multiplats are the reasons for owning Xbox. Nothing wrong with that if that is your thing. Just not for me. I want more.

cha0sknightmare467d ago

This is very true, but Microsoft need to invest in some strong first party studios and create new and interesting IP. Then advertise and push said IP to make it a success!

gamer7804467d ago

i love each of those 3 series, the only problem is, they are basically racing and shooter. There are many other genres to explore, an action adventure like uncharted and TR, RPGs and fantasy games (action rpg) and many others.

jrshankill467d ago

You do know that Rare developed Killer Instinct right?

On the subject, Killer Instinct is the best exclusive fighter this generation. Street Fighter V doesn't compete and suffered from a horrible launch.

Forza is the best exclusive racer this generation. If not, its Mario Kart 8.

Halo 5 is the best exclusive shooter this generation. If not, its Splatoon.

PS4 has the RPG and adventure genres all wrapped up. I'll give it that.

Before downvoting, please tell me which games in the above genres are better than X1 exclusives. Think you might struggle.

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