Xbox One vs PS3 - VGChartz Gap Charts - November 2016 Update

Xbox One Vs. PS3 Global:

Gap change in latest month: 339,351 – PS3

Gap change over last 12 months: 3,444,706 – PS3

Total Lead: 3,432,889 – PS3

Xbox One Total Sales: 25,466,579

PlayStation 3 Total Sales: 28,899,468

November 2016 is the 37th month of the Xbox One being on sale. The gap increased during the month when compared to the PlayStation 3’s 37th month on sale by 339,351 units in favor of the PlayStation 3 and by 3.44 million units in the last 12 months. The PlayStation 3 currently leads by 3.43 million units.

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mikeslemonade430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

The systems don't resemble each other. One system was more expensive and had less games, but then as the generation went on the system had the better video game versions and more exclusives. While the xbox started off quick but is slowing down with no exclusives, and has no chance in closing the loss gap. While the PS3 eventually outsold the 360 overall. It's stupid to compare them.

KwietStorm430d ago

They both had issues at the start of the generation in more than one area, lagged behind the competition in mindshare, and were both more expensive than the direct competition. There is pretty clear reasons to compare them, if you have any reason to care about the numbers in the first place.

PhoenixUp430d ago

Microsoft's fastest selling console continues to sell at a slower rate than Sony's slowest selling console

Skillz1215430d ago

im sorry that was funny as hell lol

kevnb430d ago

Why comparing to ps3? The ps3 outsold the 360 last gen, why not compare to the 360 to see of they are doing any better?

Sunny_D430d ago

PS3 sold at a faster rate than 360 within the same time frame that they were out on the market. So if xbox one is selling better than the 360, and yet the PS3 is higher than the One, it's obvious the 360 was behind.

shadowfax33430d ago

yes...very interesting news