Shadow Warrior 2 Devs Super Skeptical on VR, Not Doing Anything with Nintendo Switch or CrossPlay

"We've talked with Flying Wild Hog, the makers of Shadow Warrior 2, on a wide range of topics including VR, Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro's capabilities and cross-platform play."

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ccgr433d ago

With the current price point I can't blame them for being skeptical about VR

Erik7357432d ago

And the experience, its mediocore. Needs to be improved.

Even then, VR will be useful but for gaming so far it's been terrible

ccgr432d ago

SUPERHOT is the exception though, that game is awesome in VR

Imp0ssibl3433d ago

Too bad, I was kind of hoping to play a game like Shadow Warrior 2 on the go. Would have been cool, but I guess the Switch doesn't have that much third-party support

Erik7357432d ago

It will because of indies. Just won't get every game.

There is not a abundance of game and it will be much easier for Nintendo to have a good amount of third party games.

Phil32432d ago

Yeah, the Switch definitely doesn't have that much third-party support. Couldn't buy any third-party games at all for the Switch as of right now. /s

JunMei432d ago

Most 3rd party devs have literally been told to keep a lid on it until the event. Talk about bandwagon Nintendo hate. Yeeeesh.

VER1ON433d ago

At this point, I haven't been excited about VR at all.

Chris_Wray433d ago

The scepticism on VR is something I've said before. Unless you're one of the rare big selling titles, or one funded by subsidies by Valve/Oculus/Sony then making money is difficult for now, too small of a base to work with. Quite surprised they aren't planning on working with the Switch though; Nintendo consoles aren't exactly an ideal fit with Shadow Warrior, but they have attempted to have some of the more adult-rated games on there.

Apocalypse Shadow433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

The developer can be skeptical. No one has a problem with that. But things like this
Show that even early titles can make a profit off of about 1 million VR owners. Make a fun game with a good concept can always make you money.

The comments so far are hilarious though. The developer in the interview mentioned nothing about price of headsets, games like Job Simulator aren't subsidized by Sony, HTC/Valve our Facebook/Oculus and small base has nothing to do with not being able to make money. The developer just has to look at how much it would cost to develop a concept and turn it into a game. Price the game right and sell about 250 thousand copies, and you can make a profit early on. The more customers, the more you can invest in the game you're making.

But the developer mentioned how fast and frantic their game is in not bringing it over to VR. Not because there is something wrong with VR.

Imp0ssibl3432d ago

They also said there aren't many good VR games in general which I agree with.

KaiPow432d ago

I'm hoping REVII is enough to change some peoples' minds.

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