FFXV's Upcoming Changes Are So Dramatic We Should Have Waited a Year Before Playing

GameRevolution: "Although the season pass will add a substantial amount of content, there's much more coming in the future than originally confirmed. Speaking to Famitsu, director Hajime Tabata shared exciting details that included time-limited mob hunts, as well as new party characters."

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PhoenixUp582d ago

Well you can wait year to play it if you like. I on the other hand won't wait a second longer to play this long in development game

solideagle581d ago

This is the reason i wait and buy GOTY edition of games

Night99581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

@solideagle yes but you only can do this when a GOTY edition even gets released. I still wait for a game of the year edition for fallout 4 but still nothing within sight even though the game is out for 2 years now and any other bethesda fallout got a GOTY. On the other hand Final Fantasy games never got GOTY edition till now. Final Fantas 13 got a complete edition but only after Finaly Fantasy 13-3 was released and that was 4 or 5 years after the original FF13. I never ever could wait that long to play this game especially we already waited for 10 years I would have zero interest in this game if I have to wait another 4 years this seems just crazy to think about to me.

samden581d ago

@Night99, Bethesda games usually take 2-3 years to hit GOTY and FO4 is just barely over a year old (released November 2015).

solideagle581d ago

I think waiting for FF XV still applies even if they don't make GOTY because the planned updates are changing the whole game and I am pretty good waiting for games :D I like Sony games because most of the time they are complete on disc experience like GOW (played all) or Uncharted (still have to play 3,4) etc etc

XanderZane580d ago

True. I haven't gotten yet either. Will probably pick it up this Summer.

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andrewsquall581d ago

Err then better get to it. You make it sound like you have already waited 6 weeks since its release to play it so far.

"I on the other hand DIDN'T wait a second longer than I had to, to play this long in development game" is what I believe you were going for.

mechlord581d ago

I bought the game already but i'm on the waiting side of the fence...for whatever reason, i cannot go past the small things like inability to pick 2+ hunts, the nonexistence of a metric system (i have no frame of reference for imperial units) and so on. Lucky for me, the onslaught of (i hope) better finished games is about to start with Gravity Rush 2 leading the way.

Elda581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Responding to you from my comment about the summons in FFXV & FF-XII.....all I'm saying is certain summons in FF-XII would not attack unless you met certain conditions,the same in FFXV,imo is dumb.Once you obtain a summon you should be able to use it as many times you want like in most FF games.

joab777581d ago

@elda I thought the same thing but it would be crazy to be able to summon these creatures at any time. Maybe a couple summons in which you can!

lipton101581d ago

I am so NOT impressed with this game. The graphics are stunning but the characters... I just don't like them. I don't like how their weapons disappear. I don't like how the use of magic is still unclear to me. I don't like how brawling near a bush obstructs your view. I don't like how I get motion sickness during battles because the damn camera spins. I don't like how the characters voices don't even begin to match their models. Most of all, I can't stand the douche main character. And why can't I change his damn hair and clothes? And why do I have to watch a crap movie rated at less than 30 on RT to even begin to understand the story? God, Im so concerned for the FF7 remake now after playing this game for 15 hours now, desperately trying to like it yet not finding anything to like past the superficial presentation

C4rnos580d ago

The movie is actually pretty good i thought; and at 30 on RT (which is about as useful *AS* rotten tomatoes might i add) is actually pretty high in comparison to a lot of movies.. The movie helps, it explains the magic a little too.

Erik7357580d ago

Good thing I waited for the PC version then

dougr580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

i bought this release day and as soon as i found out about these changes i put it up, i'll wait because i'm not the type to play a game multiple times. i've made it to like level 6 and just past the first garage part so i'll just wait.

Phunkydiabetic1580d ago

And people like you are the reason companies release games that are half finished.

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-Foxtrot582d ago

Pretty much

I would have rather waited.

jeromeface581d ago

I own it, and decided to wait... =/

ORyanDeee581d ago

same, stopped at chapter 3

FullmetalRoyale581d ago

Same here, except I played for about forty hours. I think I am on chapter six. I had fun playing it, but I don't know if I'm up to replaying everything I have done so far, when they finish the game. This game could have been great, if they hadn't released it a year too early.

shammgod580d ago

same here, but i have a backlog that extends to ps3! Plus, i am knee deep in FFXIV

Goldby580d ago

Thats what i put in my review. To wait for the co.plete edition that actually has the complete game in it

Irishguy95580d ago

A lesson for SE games in the future for sure. If you are hyped early adopter who trust SE to deliver a finished product. Belay that. Wait a year

rezzah580d ago

I'm going to play it out but I wish I had known of it's issues before starting the game because I would have waited.

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masterfox582d ago

I just finished FF XV some hours ago and the only thing I can conclude is that is a damn entertaining mess!, if I can give a score to it I would give two scores, if the game was called with a different name rather than FF brand I would give it a 9/10 , if I take this FF and compare it to the other FF's I would give it 3/10.

Comments as a Final Fantasy fan:

Not kidding I only use at least 10 times elemancy in the whole run trough!, the summon system is a complete letdown you have CERO control over your summons, there's absolutely no strategy in the battle system, if you think you will need to special accessory to prevent illnesses to be able to progress in battles well you don't have to waste time on that, just use the accesory that gives you the better attack stats also just have a bunch of antidotes, remedys and maiden kiss those aren't even expensive, since theres no cure, cura or curaga at all in the game I think, I needed to have Ignis as regroup skill all the time until the last part of the game for specific reasons.

If you want to level up, first you accumulate experience by doing battles or just being an errand boy(quests and frogs catching) and then after that you must sleep, sleep is a must ! lol, if you want to prepare for battle just equipped your most strongest weapon, equipped your accessory with best attack stats, do a tent, eat that huge arse sandwhich that gives you 50% EXP boost in each battle, sleep again, and thats it! you are good to go for the rest of the game, oh and almost forgot good luck unlocking the characters Limit Breaks, lol.

The story is the biggest letdown of all, Square Enix did a complete ripp-off of some parts FFVII and tried to paste it in FFVX and the result of that was a big WTF ?, seriously some moments are so damn obvious that I end up even laughing while those were supposed to be sad moments. The saddest thing of this parts of the game is that these were supposed to be huge climax moments in the story but they end up laughable, the problem FFXV story is that Square Enix wanted to pull off a FFVII type of story but they forgot something very important they forgot the build up the characters background story and explaining what the hell is going on!.

Don't get me wrong I liked alot exploration type games, FFXV is a game that you can sit back in your couch and start roaming the areas with no need for worries also not the mention the game looks gorgeous, but if you expect a real Final Fantasy type game you are going to get disappointed a lot!!!

Oh almost forgot, if you want to have a huge laugh when you beat the game choose the funniest/WTF or girly picture right before the end battle, you won't regret it LOL ;)

Richmond94582d ago

Totally feel you man. I had a picture of the Chocobo farmer at the end, I was in hysterics.

Elda581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

The game is fun for what it is & I really enjoyed playing it,I put 90 hrs in but story wise including a lack of true FF mechanics the game lack as a true representation of a FF game & the summon system is just horrible including the lack of summons but in FF-XII they do this also that some summons won't work unless you're under a special condition but you get a huge arsenal of summons to get & use.As much hate as FF-XIII has gotten it was more of a true FF game than FFXV.I will play more when dlc is released.

mechlord581d ago

saying that this summon system is like fxii is a bit of an overstatement. Granted, i haven't played this game to the end but there is a major difference here:

In XII, i had total control of my party and i could very easily create the conditions to use my summons. Whats more, espers did exactly what you expected them to, which is not whats happening in XV. Take Zodiark (really the only useful one) for example: whenever you wanted his uber attack you just had to cast petrify on yourself..

Pennywise138581d ago

Yep you guys nailed it. It's exactly my thoughts on the game too. Really enjoyed it as a game but not as a final fantasy game even though there were a lot of little things that did remind me of old games in the series. The sound of picking up treasure and the way the map is open world but still kind of keeps you on a path. I would love to see another more traditional final fantasy game in the more fantasy setting. Squares more medieval style fantasy characters and locations have always really stood out as some of the best parts of final fantasy.

I_am_Batman581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

Careful Spoilers incoming:

I just finished it yesterday and want to share some of my thoughts. First of all it's obvious that the game could've used another couple of months of dev time. Here are my main cons of the game:

Some story elements should've been more fleshed out. You pretty much have to watch Kingsglaive to even understand what is going on in the game. I'd also recommend watching Brotherhood by the way as it gives some backstory on the main characters. It would've been nice to have some more backstory on some the other characters too. I'd like to see a lot more FMVs because the once that are there are awesome.

The Leviathan fight is really badly designed (compare it to the trailer of the rereveal). The Titan fight could use some work too. Fights against big enemies in general are less precise than the fights against smaller ones.

My main problem with the game is that it's just too easy though. I really like the idea that the summons help you when you're almost dying but that never happened to me in my 60 hours playthrough. I had to keep getting hit on not heal on purpose to summon one eventually after I finished the game already. I would usually not even go for finishig the story that early because I'm really having fun with the game but I was already slightly overleveled for the main story. I didn't get to see the game over screen once in my whole playthrough. They should've made it more challenging especially because there are 2 difficulty settings this time around. I was surprised to read that you barely used elemancy in the game because that's actually one of my big pros of the game. Magic can be really strong and I love the spell crafting system. But I guess you never needed to use it because the game wasn't challenging enough. I feel like having a higher difficulty could've solved some of the problems of the game. On the other hand it might have amplified some of the weaknesses like the imprecise fights against tall monsters. I also agree that the illness effects should've been handled differently to encourage using protecting accessory.

It would've been cool if we could explore some of the other regions like Tenebrae, Insomia and Niflheim more openly.

There are a lot of minor cons like the justics monsters V minigame not offering any challenge and the Chocobo medals being pretty much useless as far as I can tell but those aren't as important to me.

Despite all of it's flaws it was still my favorite game of 2016 though. The core gameplay is very enjoyable. I love being in this world and will continue to play for quite some time. Driving around in the regalia through the beautiful world of eos while listening to some Final Fantasy classics never got old to me. The beasts in this game really felt like they belonged in this world. The dynamic soundtrack made for an atmospheric adventure from start to finish. The little interactions between the characters thoughout the game made me care about them which in the end really gave a meaning to the powerful ending.

The fact that I absolutely loved the game despite it's obvious flaws makes it hard not to think what could've been if they took the time to adress all of it's weaknesses.

Elda581d ago

I agree with you far as being easy,I never got a game over when I fought enemies or bosses & that's the first time ever & I've played many FF games since the SNES & I died a lot in FF-XIII.I guess because I leveled up to level 30 before even starting chapter 3 so I might have been over powered,I never got to use the summon Titan throughout the entire game,at chapter 14 I was level 68.

trooper_581d ago

Oh gee, that doesn't sound good. I was actually going to try the game out, lol.

I_am_Batman581d ago

My post above has some spoilers so you probably shouldn't read. I've finished the game and my spoilerfree opinion is: The game has it's flaws but it still ended up being a great game. I'd encourage you to try it out for yourself but if you're not sure you can wait as Tabata said that they are going to continue to work on improving the game for quite some time.

trooper_581d ago

I think I'll wait. Thanks.

CrimsonWing69581d ago

Wait so it's a great game but a bad Final Fantasy game? How can a game be great and bad... I feel like if you'd give the game a 9/10 then why can't it be a FF game that's a 9/10?

mav805580d ago

It's kind of sad because it seems like it's easy things that they got wrong that affects the game in the worst way to me. For example, given the design of the game, time you spend out adventuring is when you need to be developing rapport with the characters, but 90% of the 'dialog' is just Prompto saying some dumb thing and Noct responding 'yeah'. Completely uninteresting and pointless.

Rather than feeling natural or informative, with every interaction with any npc or party member all I see is the endless loop playing in my head of some condition being satisfied and the corresponding sequence playing.

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moegooner88581d ago

Kinda funny how everyone rages over incomplete games, but now it is fine cause it's Final Fantaaasssyyyyy

littlefatgirl580d ago

Seriously. There is no reason FFXV should get a pass on this.

Onenyte580d ago

prepare for the down-votes ,the rose tinted glasses are still on lol

SegaGamer580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

What are we really buying when a game is released these days, the full game, or a beta test ? To me it seem's more and more like a beta, then a few months later we get the complete package if we pay a bit extra. Screw this crap, every game i buy from now on is going to be used or on sale. The current state of game releases is disgusting.

Gamers are treated like mugs, but what makes it worse is that they accept it.

arkard581d ago (Edited 581d ago )

I've been debating if I should sell my copy and wait for the updates. My back log is big enough as is and there are some really great games coming out early this year.