Peter Moore: Rare's Skillsets are not applicable in today's Market

The Guardian Interview with Peter Moore has been published with Part 3 talking about the production shocks of the original Xbox, and why Microsoft wanted Rare to help develop titles that would give a little bit more balance to the games on offer.

Talking about Rare, Moore said that: "we'd had a tough time getting Rare back - Perfect Dark Zero was a launch title and didn't do as well as Perfect Dark... but we were trying all kinds of classic Rare stuff and unfortunately I think the industry had past Rare by".

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Why o why3621d ago

what were you feeling when you were still working for MS (i agree with him though;)

Mr Pumblechook3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Its very sad that Moore says these things. HE pushed for the purchase of Rare by Microsoft, NOW he tell us it was a bad move as they didnt have any next-gen skills.

Ballmer is rumored to have said "you dropped the ball" to Peter about the purchase. Moore made mistakes and is using these interviews to rewrite history so that we perceive him better. However we know that Microsoft were wondering what to do with Rare until they got them to make Wii style Avatars. Grubby traitor.

PirateThom3621d ago

I would have pushed for Rare as well, considering the games they had released, however once they came to Microsoft the well dried up and they've delivered practically nothing of note.

No one could have forseen that.

AAACE53621d ago

When someone says something negative about you... your natural instinct should be to prove them wrong! Unless you are a loser at heart.

Peter Moore is probably just trying to get Rare to try harder!

I know he doesn't work for MS anymore, but from the time when he did work for MS, I am sure he formed some kind of respect for the company and would like to see them rise back to a respected company.

Final_Rpg3621d ago

All he does is talk crap 24/7 no wonder he's working for EA. The two fit together so perfectly.

edhe3621d ago

You know the interview was done once, at one point in time, and is being serialised.

If you don't want to read the man's comments then don't however a helluva lot of people do because he's giving fantastic insites into the industry here.

It's also from a very good journalistic source of information, not some fanboi tripe. He's expressing his opinion, some history and some stuff we never knew - it's about 3 billion times better to have on N4G than any comparison articles, flamebait or whatever else is on the frontpage today.

*This* stuff is new for gamers, and if you're not appreciating it then GTFO and go navelgaze for the rest of your life.


xionpunk3621d ago

Peter Moore's week of opinions apparently.

Jdoki3621d ago

I partly agree with Peter here. I think a lot of talent had left Rare by the time MS picked them up.

MS paid FAR too much for Rare. nintendo must have laughed all the way to the bank.

I seriously want Rare to bounce back to their golden days - Blast Corps is still one of the all time great games. They obviously still have skill (Viva Pinata is great, Nuts and Bolts looks fairly innovative), but something doesn't seem to be gelling right.

Perhaps if Rare were made to stand on their own, instead of being protected by MS dollars they would up their output and get in to the game a more.

I think Rare would excel at being a independant developer, but have gotten fat from years of Nintendo and now MS babysitting.

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The story is too old to be commented.