Rumor: Nintendo Switch to be $249 in US, Reddit mods verify leaker’s credentials

A report came out earlier today via Reddit that Best Buy was listing the Nintendo Switch for $249 in their system. While it could still be wrong, Reddit's mods have verified that the leaker would have access to this information leading credibility to this report.

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Neonridr10d ago

That is a really good launch price for Nintendo. This thing should sell very well at that price point.

The_Infected10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Great price. Now give us a Zelda: BOTW bundle for $299 and we'll be set.

bouzebbal10d ago

definitely good price if true!
Nice one Nintendo.

LOL_WUT9d ago

Day one for me! Now all we need to know is the specs and how much memory its got. I hope they don't do the 8gb again ;)

BABTIZM10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

$250 For a portable gaming machine

that able to stream UE4 at 720p on a 6' screen ?


wonderfulmonkeyman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

A hybrid machine that plays home console games, not a straight handheld, and the screen is rumored to be 1080p.
And yes, that price is very good.

Christopher10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@wonderfulmonkeyman: The screen is 720p. Don't believe the 1080p rumors. It will upscale to 1080p and higher when docked. At the least, keep your hopes very low.

Neonridr10d ago

stream UE4? You mean run UE4.

And we still don't have concrete info on the screen yet. Thursday hopefully.

_-EDMIX-_10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I mean for 250 that's still a very good price for a portable.

@wonder- the accessory is what allows it to out to the television ....

I'm just not sure I would Define a platform by an accessory.

Is the PSP no longer a handheld because you could get an AV cord to play it on the television?

Trust me it's still actually a handheld regardless of what accessories are included with the device.

Being portable it's pretty definitive, it is not subjective and it is not to a degree of , you very much could walk outside your house with this device and still use it.

The switch is very much a straight handheld, just like the PSP the device itself does not magically out to the television it needs an accessory to do that just like a cell phone.

the cord doesn't suddenly make the cell phone no longer a portable device.

Erik735710d ago

A console that CAN be a portable gaming machine

Erik735710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

A portable machine that is between the power of a wiiu and ps4 and can be arguably played just like your ps4 console so lets call it console as well and stop being stupid...

_-EDMIX-_10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@Eri- yes of course a console can be a portable gaming machine..

That is what we call handheld.

How does the switch not fit the term of handheld?

"so lets call it console as well "

Except you could add that term console at the end of portable if you feel just but technically speaking that is moot because that can be said about every handheld device that is ever released.

No one saying it's not a console in regards to playing games , merely saying that it is indeed for a absolute definitive objective fact a portable one.

So I'm not taking away that it is something that plays games but is there a reason why you suddenly don't want the term portable applying to something that is factually portable?

When I call the PlayStation Vita or 3DS portable I'm not suddenly taking away that they actually play games bud.

But simply calling the switch "console" without adding in portable doesn't make any sense because you're essentially ignoring what it actually is.

I see Zero reason to ignore its portability.

Outside_ofthe_Box10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I view it more as a portable, that's the intriguing part of it anyway, that you can have console quality games on the go.

$250 on it's own is a very good price. Don't know how that will fare in reality though. 3DS released at $250 when it launched and the price was cut shorty after. Obviously the Switch offers way more value at this price than the 3DS did. So who knows. All I know is I'm hoping for a console quality open world Pokemon game for the Switch.

bouzebbal10d ago

why not 8K while you are there?
it will be 720p undocked if it needs to hold about 5-6hours.
1080p when docked. There will be no 4K for that price, but there might be a premium model with 4K display dock, or they could prepare a 4K dock (sold separately) in the near future if the demand is there..
Don't be too demanding at 249$.. 720p on the go is still a pretty good resolution, i just hope it will be possible to play in the daylight with the sun. No handheld allows that...

AKR10d ago

The Switch is NOT a portable. Nintendo has continously called it its newest "home gaming system". This is a home console that just so happens to be in a portable form factor. It's the laptop of game consoles.

Apocalypze10d ago

I hope the switch's battery lasts 6+ Hours...

yeahokwhatever10d ago

"This is a home console that just so happens to be in a portable form factor." A list of other home consoles that just so happen to be in a portable form factor:
1. Gameboy
2. Gameboy Color
3. Gameboy Advanced
4. DS
5. 3DS
6. New 3DS
7. Game Gear
8. PSP
9. PSP Go
10. PS Vita
etc.. you get the idea.

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nowitzki200410d ago

Im definitely getting one for my son, if this rumor is true that will be great for my wallet.

WickedLester10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yes I'm definitely getting it for my "son" as well so "he" can enjoy Zelda. ;-)

nowitzki200410d ago

@Wicked lol. Yeah thats why I am getting it as well for my son.. So that "HE" can enjoy Zelda. "HE" Cant wait.

City197910d ago

@AKR So it's portable then, like a laptop.

indysurfn9d ago

@WickedLester ROFL!!! I feel you........But I have to be honest. I'm getting one DAY ONE FULL PREPAY so no one can jump in front of me. And I'm getting from gamestop because they get a actual garantee of machines and no other vendor pays to have that.

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yeahokwhatever9d ago

The 3DS launched at 249 as well. I don't think "really good" is quite accurate. The Wii launched at 249 as well, the Wii was not pushing the graphical envelope and neither is the Switch. 249 is exactly what I expected for a device like this from Nintendo. I don't suspect we'll see another non-handheld from Nintendo ever again.

Neonridr9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

you think $249 is too high then? I wonder what you would deem as "really good". Why not sell it for $99 right?

This thing is many times more powerful than the 3DS and could possibly come with a game. $249 is an excellent starting off point.

yeahokwhatever9d ago

It's my opinion, given the hardware, given the year, given the price of other things, I think 249 is acceptable/expected. 199 would be "really good", and anything lower would be "great". The Shield, which this thing basically is(I know, this one's "special" blah blah), goes for 249. I expect the same-ish thing going for 249 under a different name to be "acceptable", yes. If Nintendo makes a game store like the google play store, and opens it up to devs like android, then its an AMAZING value. That's not going to happen though, so again, 249 is acceptable.

deafdani9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Wii was released in 2006 at $250. Adjusted to inflation, that price would equate to $299.30 today.

Also, 3DS did horribly at its initial $250 price point. Nintendo had to slash its price to $170 barely 7 months after its launch, along with launching a plethora of good games. It was only then that the tides turned for the 3DS.

Vita was much more powerful than 3DS and launched at $250 as well. Consumer perception regarding the Vita's launch price was great. Everyone thought it was a superb price for the specs of that machine. Ultimately, a lot of people were turned off by the hidden cost of the propietary memory cards, which was quite high (and was one of the responsible factors for its failure in the market).

In terms of power, Switch is in another whole other level compared to the Vita. Vita was somewhere between PS2 and Xbox 360. Switch is somewhere between Wii U (which is more powerful than PS3) and Xbox One.

So, if Switch effectively launches at $250, and doesn't have any hidden costs like Vita did, consumers will be pretty happy with that price.

zombiewombie9d ago

It really is, but dont ever expect a price cut for it.

XanderZane9d ago

Really good price, but will still wait and see what games they actually get for the system. This will definitely be a step up from the 3DS portable.

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Abash10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

If this includes a pack in game like Splatoon then this will sell like wildfire at that price

vergilxx310d ago

no way it includes a packed in game , there should be a splatoon bundle but not for $249

Spenok10d ago

Yeah probably for $300, but not $250.

christocolus10d ago

Nice. I hope this is true. Looking forward to the January event.

Moonman10d ago

They could still pack a game in at this price for at least early adopters. Splatoon maybe at $249 and Zelda bundle around $299.

_-EDMIX-_10d ago

I think they could easily pack in Splatoon for free or Mario Kart 8 for free if you consider their ports.

Of course they would have to charge for something like Zelda breath of the wild considering it's a brand new game but they're older titles I think they could do pretty find simply packing them in especially if you factor they're going to make their money back by selling the game separately to not bundled versions.

I'm pretty positive they will make their return back on those ports

Moonman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

There was a rumor saying they might provide free upgrades to previous owners of Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 but take that with a grain of salt. I gotta have whatever they have added to

_-EDMIX-_10d ago

@moon- unless they purchased it as a digital option and they have an account system that basically runs across all the platforms that is extremely unlikely.

Moonman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@EDMIX- That's what I was thinking. Well if you bought the DLC, which many did that would show you own it too right?

MecheSlays10d ago

MK8 is supposed to have 24 more tracks. Woooooo

_-EDMIX-_10d ago

@moon- correct but that was also technically mean only the people that purchased the DLC would technically get the free voucher.

deafdani10d ago

Man, I remember when we got our first NES back in the day, bundled with Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt, 2 controllers, and the Zapper gun.

Those were the days. Now we're lucky if a console comes bundled with an extra shitty game bundled on it by dafault.

Here's hoping they have a basic bundle at $250 including the Switch, joycon grip and dock and a Wii U port. I would get one bundled with Splatoon in a heartbeat (I never played it).

But this $250 price, if true, is most likely for just the console and dock. Maybe joycon grip as well.

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