Wii U 4K Emulation Is Here (And It’s Stunning)

Cemu has finally cracked Wii U 4K emulation, and Mario, Zelda and Xenoblade look better than ever. This emulator is sure to tide you over until the Switch (if you’re into that sort of thing).

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Neonridr468d ago

wow.. pretty awesome. Will have to have a look at these videos on my TV at home so I can see them in 4K.

DarkOcelet468d ago

It amazes me how fast Cemu is progressing. Version 1.6.4b is almost perfect. Running games like Mario Kart 8 almost flawlessly now.

The people who make those emulators really deserve a round of applause for their incredible talent to make something like that.

Featuring_Dante467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

i think they deserve some time in a cell.
Clearly, i russled some jimmies. Sorry thieves.
@darkstorm i can't make anything, sure, but i don't steal. You, on the other hand, can't make anything and yet you steal people's work. How ironic!

jaymacx467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Emulators aren't illegal.. some let you use your original disc. How you get your roms/iso dumps is where it can become illegal.
Most of my Wii U library is digital so I couldn't really make use of this emu.

ShockUltraslash467d ago

I found the poor sad Nintendrone.

Darkstorm6111467d ago

Wow, what a loser.
Since you cant make anything you want others to suffer.

MagusreaperX467d ago

Downvote for acting like a retard and opening your mouth.

LightofDarkness467d ago

I own a bunch of WiiU games on disc and am excited to play these games in 4K. I won't be pirating games but I will play what I own however I bloody well want, and you can keep your antiquated self righteousness to yourself.

Articuno76467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Funnily enough you and a lot of developers seem to be labouring under the delusion that emulation is illegal...

Despite the fact that platform holders have NEVER beaten emulators in court. Ever. Lost every single time.

What do you think Virtual Console is? It's an emulator. What do you think the recent spate of SNK rereleases are? Emulations.

See this informative video on the challenges an industry developer who's business model is built on emulation faces:

If you are against people ripping their own ISOs, and playing them via a reversed engineering of hardware via software, then are you also against people listening to music ripped off discs they've purchased and listening to them on their phones?

Featuring_Dante465d ago

@articuno so basically, you're against developers, the righteous owners, for using their own property to port them to whatever console they prefer, but ironically, you're ok with people using the developers' work for their own satisfaction, possibly without paying a dime.
You guys are in for a shock when you experience the real world!

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Fishy Fingers467d ago

Yeah it's really impressive what some of these small teams can achieve. Last time I looked into it there was still a few too many problems but looks like I need to go back and try it again.

DarkOcelet466d ago

You definitely should. It's awesome. Played Wind Waker HD on it today and it ran spectacularly well.

Featuring_Dante467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Video in the article makes the game looks awful. Game is chugging at basic attacks, not to mention no sound!

Deadpooled467d ago

PC System Requirements to run cemu (from =

Windows 7 (x64) or above
OpenGL 4.0 (4.5 is used if available)
RAM: 4 GB minimum, 6 GB or more recommended

Graphic Card =

NVIDIA GPU: Runs as expected on most recent driver.
AMD GPU: Runs as expected on most recent driver
Intel GPU: Not officially supported. Heavy visual glitches.

Controller = Currently only the DRC (GamePad), Pro Controller and Classic Controller is emulated. Keyboard input + USB controllers are supported partially.

And a statement that "Cemu is not intended for general use yet."

Gaming4Life1981467d ago

Any word on when the emulator will ready for general use? Can I still get the emulator now?

Deadpooled466d ago

Yeah you can get the emulator now direct from their website, obviously ensure your laptop/PC can run the specs, and enjoy :) I heard Mario Kart runs flawlessly.

467d ago
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