Gaming Nexus: Gamerz Interview Part 2

Gaming Nexus writes: "Ken Jones always has a thoughtful look on his face when talking to customers and it is not because he is daydreaming. Ken always makes sure that if he doesn't have the answer or the solution to a problem he will get right to work finding a solution. Ken often works late and, even when he is playing a game himself, won't hesitate to help a customer.

[Nathan Murray] First question: what was the inspiration for Gamerz?

A: Well it was a combination of a couple of things. First, I'm a gamer, and one of the things that always used to frustrate me was I'd play online (I'm a very competitive person), and this was in COD3, COD2, Halo. When you play online you're subject to lag, and the guy who didn't have the lag had an advantage. He'd skate all over the screen. Some people had lag switches. They'd throw on the lag switch, skate around a corner, kill you, turn off the lag switch and you never saw them. It drove me and my clan nuts! I got really frustrated with that, and I knew if we were on a LAN there'd be no lag, everyone would have he same situation. I wanted a competitive environment where everyone would be equal, where we could take the lag factor out of it. It'd be a situation where true skill comes into play, it wouldn't just be against a guy with a slower connection. So that was one of the main inspirations for Gamerz."

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