New Sea of Thieves Trailer Shows Cooperative Gameplay and Treasure Hunting

Rare Showcases how you can work together with your crew in Sea of Thieves, and how you can be cruelly trolled by rivals when you go around thinking that the money is in the bag.

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gangsta_red432d ago

Game looks good. But I'm into Dragons not pirates!

Lennoxb63431d ago

I've got a sneaking suspicion that you're not into either unless their coming from your platform of choice.

naruga431d ago

if i was Rare/MS i would change the camera to TP would drastically improve the gameplay of the game and its visuals

bouzebbal431d ago

Not for me but the water effect is one of the best in gaming !!!
I always pay close attention to water effects in games. Started on 32bit systems

Godmars290431d ago

Wouldn't that be true of anyone? Better to buy a game on something you already own than have to buy a new system just to play one game.

gangsta_red431d ago

You're right I'm actually into brunettes.

Sono421431d ago

This game actually does look fantastic!! absolutely cannot wait!

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notachance431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

definitely looks interesting, but is it massively multiplayer or just 10~ max player per session? Because if it's a massive server like how it is for Ark, there'll be some no-life groups who's online 24/7 monopolizing the map and resource and turning off new players. Ugh, it's like dictatorship in Ark's public servers for new players, you either get destroyed or you join the already too big groups to be their henchmen.

rainslacker431d ago

I like both, but thinking about it, there really are not that many good pirate games out there. Even Lego Pirates of the Caribbean was bad....and Lego games are usually pretty good.

This game would have filled a nice void if the game play was actually some SP story focused game. What I saw is about everything I don't care for in required, and hoping you can play with people that actually play the game as intended so you can get stuff done. Doing random things with random people isn't really my cup of tea, and this kind of game simply ends up being a series of things happening with no real cohesion to the reason that you're doing those things. Doing them just because one is a pirate is not really what motivates me to become invested in a game. At best, that kind of stuff is just a distraction to extend more substantial stuff from SP games.

GorillaTact431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

It would be interesting to know how many paid shills, from both sides, are commenting on this story. I see all kinds of childish nonsense going on. lol

pinkcrocodile75431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I agree with Lennoxb63.

I'm thinking Jackanory, Bullsh!t story.

This is the game I've been rooting for!, Scalebound was too japanesey for me but Sea of Thieves for me is the one I care about more than any of the others coming out.

Although I must admit I'm looking forward to That robot being human Detroit thing coming hopefully this year, or next depending on slippage.

Maybe God of War 4 and Zelda, the rest I'm less bothered about.

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Erik7357431d ago

Wow, the disagrees you have. Very toxic people. Game does indeed look great.

It's great that you can get it on pc and you don't need a xbox.

christocolus431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Lol. They can keep hitting that disagree button for all I care. Doesn't change my opinion. The game looks amazing and I can't wait to play it. I hope everyone gets to enjoy it.

Stogz431d ago

This literally happens with every exclusive, not sure why this surprises you.

yomfweeee431d ago

Or maybe it is because the game doesn't look that great. These graphics aren't anything special in anyway. I think the way the characters move around is actually quite stupid.

Godmars290431d ago

Think that toxicity goes both ways. Xbox gamers want to see the game do well beyond the possibility that it may in fact not be a good game, just as PS fanboys wont accept it even if it is honestly good.

Nevermind that we're talking about a title that's more dependent on its community, how they perceive and utilize it, than it's game mechanics.

TankCrossing431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I'm going to stare at the map, and then tell people to go the wrong way on purpose. It is going to be SO FUNNY.

Seriously though, I hope the game doesn't place too much emphasis on performing menial tasks. That isn't fun even with friends, and would be absolutely dire without them. Sea of Thieves has a lot to prove imo.

Gr8saiyaman88431d ago

What'd you expect? This place is crawling with Sony fanboys : /

darthv72431d ago

the water effects do look impressive. I like the art style. Very wind waker meets team fortress 2.

quent431d ago

M$ gets peoples money either way

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

......Or Gamers happen to have opinions

Deadpooled431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

"Lol. They can keep hitting that disagree button for all I care."

Ok I'll hit disagree, thanks for the suggestion :P

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Automatic79431d ago


I agree with you this game looks fantastic. Hope we get a release date soon.

zerocarnage431d ago

it was February this year dno if it changed though

Bigpappy431d ago

This is a surprise but welcome direction for rare to be taking this game. I see this having loads of fun if the soils are worthwhile an there are plenty of upgrades to be purchased that make you want to get back out there with your shipmates and explore. Could be really great.

equal_youth431d ago

Yeah it looks nice and the mechanics shown up until now look cool too, but i'm wondering what else there will be to do. Like building a base or a hideout or real quests beside digging up treasures. All my concerns aside, this is the MS exclusive game i am looking forward to the most.

TankCrossing431d ago

Don't get ideas above your station. Your job is to man the anchor. When the Captain says "lower the anchor!" you lower it. Then you wait until he says "Hoist the anchor!", and you hoist.

Whatever you do, get it right. The guy that spent 2 hours staring at the map and relaying directions to get you there will be pissed if the anchor boy messes it up for everyone.

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jokerisalive431d ago

Waiting for this game big time.

Mikey94431d ago

Don't get your hopes up to much it might get cancelled