Xbox 360 Tops Wii in Japan

With three weeks of hardware shortages behind it, a lower price point, a new hardware package, and a major Square Enix release, the Xbox 360 surged to the top of the console race in Japan for the week covering September 8 through September 14. This is the first time Microsoft has won the weekly console race in Japan since the 360's launch.

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WIIIS13737d ago

Pretty good achievement that heh.

But what will the haters say?

JokesOnYou3737d ago

Well of course the haters will say all kinds of things and make up all kinds of excuses, but the truth is micro's hardwork is just starting to pay off...of course they have a long way to go in Japan regardless of this huge *achievement but its a start. Now either way people shouldn't be jumping to BIG conclusions, yes this is good for micro but its also good for the industry when the competition heats up the *GAMERS reap the rewards because sony, ninty, and micro will all have to keep going that extra mile to earn our $$$.


SaiyanFury3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

It seems to be a trend with JRPGs that the 360 sales in Japan surge for a week or 2 until the Japanese have enough copies to sate themselves. Then sales will drop back to normal. tri-Ace games are big in Japan so the sales aren't unexpected. The same would happen for the PS3 if the game came out first on it. I try to not sound like a PS3 fanboy but recent sales history shows this to be true. I will pick up Infinite Undiscovery for 360 after I've received good information that it and other Square-Enix games won't be available on PS3. Originally MS claimed JRPG exclusives would appear most on their console and would be exclusive. This was true for Enchanted Arms (yes a lackluster PS3 port), but it still happened. And now Eternal Sonata is appearing on PS3 despite Namco-Bandai denying it on websites for a year. Just a personal opinion, but it seems to be the trend.

sack_boi3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

The Elite is €250 in some european countries. I'm going to get one with Fable 2 in October (maybe a bundle). I expect the 360 to do very well this christmas. I hope all these will make Sony and Nintendo drop their prices.

aceitman3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

vg charts has the 360 selling 1,042 from sept. 6 thru the 13th

what the disagree for gave you the link go too it and c so i dont need any disagrees hit the link and c for your self im not making it up

Montrealien3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


"This was true for Enchanted Arms (yes a lackluster PS3 port), but it still happened."

I must correct you, it is infact a (lackluster 360 port) to the PS3, it came out a year after the 360 version in Japan.

no matter how it is looked at, this is good news for MS, people are interested and buying the 360 in Japan. many people said it would never sell well, but it is proving to be a consistent seller and has survived longer then many people predicted. It's just good for the japanese market, competition is good, forces everyone to be better. And all gamers always win when they got choice.

gaffyh3737d ago

Congrats to MS, but the Wii had very low sales this week, which is weird I wonder why.

Hopefully it lasts more than a week this time, if it doesn't the only thing that can help MS is to relese a JRPG on thir console every week in Japan.

AAACE53737d ago

I never thought I would see an article with the title..."360 outsells Wii in japan!"

28,000 systems sold in a week, 86,000 IU games sold, 717,000 total 360's sold in japan(I thought it was lower than that)... I can't believe the 360 sold that many in one week! It will probably pass quickly and sales will go back to normal, but WOW!

Homicide3737d ago

Thats pretty amazing. Never thought I see the day. Congrats MS for doing everything you can to win in Japan.

StephanieBBB3736d ago

That is freaking sweet for MS! If this keeps up they got it made =)

SkyGamer3736d ago

The difference with Enchanted Arms and Eternal Sonata is that they are solely made by Namco and From Software respectively. Infinite Undiscovery was a JOINT venture by Microsoft and Tri-Ace so that title won't come to another console. Now SO4 could, but the relationship that Tri-Ace and Microsoft have, it doesn't look likely that it will be on another console.

kitzuki3736d ago

Congrats on the sales boost
Now lower the price for your Hard Drives >.<
or make it so u wont get banned for changing sizes yourself

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peowpeow3737d ago

Microsoft haven't being doing good there so i guess this will make them happy.

Btw i'm new (hi :X)

peow peow ;)

GameOn3737d ago

Welcome to gamer hell noobie.

3737d ago
AAACE53737d ago

Be careful with your comments. The fanboys will take your bubbles if they don't like what you say... Even if it may be the truth!


pp3737d ago

Great news nice to see MS kicking ass in japan

AngryXbot3737d ago

Xbots celebrating prematurely again.

28k consoles lol. WHAT A JOKE.

mikeslemonade3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Sound familiar? A month ago the flops were here saying the samething when tales of vesperia was out. And then the next 3 weeks the sales dropped down to 3,000 units per week and one week it was under 1,000 units. It was also proven that the xbox 360 was not sold out in Japan at any point. There were plenty of arcades and elites. It was just the premiums that were sold out. If it was a true sellout you wouldn't find any sku especially because japanese gamers don't play online and so they don't need the premium.

Whatever the xbox did this week it's not going to be sustainable. As far as I know there is no AA JRPG coming out every week, so 360 has zero chance of surviving in Japan still.

Anton Chigurh3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


droids are so [email protected] Desperate nowadays


Freezingduck3737d ago

3000 units

and the following week...

800 units

We already seen this pattern, moving on.

Montrealien3737d ago

"28k consoles lol. WHAT A JOKE."

lol, well that is 27 984 more people then the amount of people that troll on N4G and think their useless input means something. It's all about perspective young man. heck, even frezingducks prediction shows that there will be 784 more people that will play 360's in Japan in two weeks, then people that troll on N4G.

either way, 2 weeks in 2 months is good for MS, people seems to be warming up to the idea of owning a 360 in Japan. More consoles, more competition = great for them! Even though it's such a tiny market compared to EU and NA.

karlostomy3737d ago

This is Japan, right?

Didn't the 360 outsell the ps3 3:1 a month ago?

Then it had shortages and low sales

But NOW it once AGAIN outsells the ps3 3:1?

Things are looking up for MS in Japan. They won't ever win there, but the 360 is doing much better than anyone would have believed!

And there is just no spin in it either!

Gam713737d ago

8k consoles what a joke

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MvmntInGrn3737d ago

ok but will it last?

we shall see, the console battle in Japan is heating up!

GameOn3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Who could have thought the 360 would be the best selling console in Japan.

n4gzz3737d ago

Never thought it would be possible in JAPAN.

cherrypie3736d ago

No one in the world -- except sony fans here on N4G -- would be suprised by this.

Microsoft is a terrific competitor. If they move into a market, they do so to win.

You shouldnt be suprised by this at all.

jessupj3736d ago

I wouldn't call ms a terrific company, not with the practises they impliment. Imo, they don't have a passion for gaming at all, they're passion is purely braging rights and profits, in that order. We all know they would pay big money to make sony look stupid, even if it wasn't a real good investment. Just listen to their pr statements and you'll understand how I get that vibe. (and the 3rd party support they like to buy out that just hurts the gamers)