Halo Wars 2 Is Getting A Physical Release on PC

THQ Nordic confirmed they are partnering with Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries to bring Halo Wars 2 for Windows 10 to retail stores worldwide.

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Lonnie18496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Dang looks like this isn't exclusive either, is there a reason to even own Xbox? Well at least it's not cancelled...


Halo Wars 2 was confirmed to have cross-play when it was first announced are you just trolling here man already have it pre-ordered now I'm playing Halo Wars 1 Definitive Edition on my PC and my Xbox One I also own a PS4 and a PS4 Pro so I got my Sony bases covered so you can't call me a fanboy but I'm thinking I can call you a troll

Lonnie18496d ago

Just calling it like I see it, facts are facts! You make cross-play claims when first announced but offer no hyper-links!

bmf7364495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

To be fair its become redundant to own an Xbox if you're a PC gamer. The big-name exclusives are getting simultaneous PC releases on Windows 10 as Microsoft pushes the OS as a gaming platform. The original purpose of Xbox was to promote the DirectX API and to directly compete with Sony's Playstation. But even the Xbox One has shown its poor performance cant be saved by DX12 and this generation has been 2:1 PS4:Xbox ratio as far as hardware sales go.

bouzebbal495d ago

how is this news? more like obvious

_-EDMIX-_496d ago

To my understanding it was never exclusive to the Xbox when it was announced I believe it was announced that it would release for both PC and Xbox One

Irishguy95496d ago

Who would get this on PC anyway, the strategy and RTS options on PC are endless

BizarroUltraman496d ago

Ok, now Halo Wars will be part of those options.

Irishguy95496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Yeah....but....its a console RTS on a PC...competing with PC RTS games. It has no hope. The first was okay in fact I like it. But it doesn't stand close to most mainstream RTSs on PC. Even alot of the older ones

Vegamyster496d ago

RTS on PC hasn't exactly had much competition for years now, was hoping for C&C Generals 2/F2P but that was cancelled which only leaves Dawn of War 3 and if we're lucky Warcraft 4 but that won't be for years assuming it comes out.

BizarroUltraman496d ago

Cancelled? It has a release date and weve known since its was announced it was going Windows 10.
You must've just got the memo....

343_Guilty_Spark496d ago

Nothing but Spam...

If there was no reason to own an Xbox why do people continue buying them?

VoodooProject495d ago

I just want to play multiplat games in true 4k on a console. I hate to see games at fake 4k going around.

Septic495d ago

Have you just come out of cryostatis? This was announced to be for pc and xbox day one. You gonna buy this for your gaming pc now?

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Deathdeliverer496d ago

Damn Microsoft is nothing sacred? I was sure this one would only be on XB1.

Fishy Fingers495d ago

All first party games are Xbox/PC. They've been pretty clear on that since they announced it.

I'm sure you are probably aware of that though.

Deathdeliverer495d ago

I planned on getting this for xb1 cause I enjoyed the beta. Didn't think it would be a game that would be on PC simply cause I thought only the bigger titles would be shared. I was clearly wrong and if I cared about the game enough to do some deep research I'm sure I would have found out it was coming on PC from the start. I don't care about the game that much though. It's not a Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Level game. That's the stuff I dive deep in. It's an RTS I happened to play, like, and decide to buy. I'm sorry you guys are so on edge. And @Areswhatever why would I care to post anything to appease you? Get a life.

Fishy Fingers495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

On edge? Just trying to enlighten you for future reference to a pretty establish business model now. Id of thought anyone who frequents N4G or other gaming sites would struggle to not of known. But now you do.

ARESWARLORD495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Deathtroll or whatever you're calling yourself you don't need to post anything you don't want too. I honestly don't think you have a gaming PC anywhere straight up you can put up a fight go online cut and paste somebody's build and take a picture off of some website say it's yours end of the day. stop being a troll

Razzer496d ago

Good. Why anyone would want to play RTS on consoles? WTF are you thinking, Spencer?

Septic495d ago


Halo wars 1? My days you guys have multiplied

Razzer495d ago

Yeah....I played it. Playing an RTS with a controller is ridiculous. Now if Spencer would deliver on his promise of adding keyboard and mouse for Xbox then maybe. Otherwise.....I just don't see the point.

XMarkstheSpot496d ago

Are you guys above serious? This was confirmed to be on both Xbox and Win 10 a long time ago, since it was announced.

BizarroUltraman496d ago

They know these things. Someone has to lay the foundation for the trolling to begin...

Septic495d ago

They know it. It's just fanboys 'concerned ' acting all shocked and bothered.

Their imaginary PC Rigs await this game.

maybelovehate496d ago

I can't wait. Gears kind of spoiled us, such a graphical showcase on the PC. I am hoping this game will raise the bar though. My Titan is hungry


agreed Gears looks fantastic. You should check out Forza

Fishy Fingers495d ago

Gears looks good but there is the odd console texture here and there than can hurt the overall look (for me anyway).

Horizon 3 is gorgeous too.

Razzer495d ago

Forza Horizon 3 is the best racing game I have ever played. Love it.

--bienio--495d ago

So Gears actually is worth to try?? I know on Pc graphics looks amazing but what about story??

maybelovehate495d ago

Story was interesting. Characters weren't developed very well but they did a good job of putting you in interesting situations. I would say as far as story goes it was second best of the series overall.

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