If Sony or Nintendo Can Pick Up Scalebound, Should They?

Scalebound has been cancelled. But, if it turned out that Sony or Nintendo were in the position to pick up the IP, is it something they should consider?

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shinoff2183432d ago

Sony should jump all over that. That game alone and state of decay is what had me thinking Id grab an xbox at some point for.

joab777432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Absolutely! Sony is the king of king development times, and unlike MS and Nintendo, they have a TON of exclusives coming and can afford to let Scalebound chill with Death Stranding for awhile while it percolates to perfection! Go grab it! Maybe some in house studios could help out!

If they don't own the IP though, that's a bummer! Maybe MS would sell it back if someone else was interested in helping them get it finished!

darthv72432d ago (Edited 431d ago )

This game has more of a Nintendo vibe to it. I mean it was initially supposed to be a wii game anyways. Nintendo should get this for the switch if MS decides to let the IP go.

Sony is busy with other things so it's okay to let this one pass. Nintendo needs more games and this would fit right in.

EddieNX 431d ago

Nintendo has a ton of exclusives coming, probably more than Sony, theyl be announced in 2 days and then througgh out the year. Nintendo will have a killer e3 as well!

jaymacx431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Umm I wouldn't say unlike nintendo in regards to exclusives. Nintendo mainly has nothing but exclusives. So what you said is not true. Jan, Feb Sony owns those months for sure but come March there will be some excitement in Nintendoland. Overall its a great time to be a gamer unless your only have Xbox one.. As for who should pick up Scalebound if possible.... id say Nintendo because they need more games like that. PS4 has been a great investment this gen I have to say. I skipped ps3 last gen and got most of those top exclusives through remasters minus ni no kuni ( i still want to play).

From what i hear though MS owns the ip for Scalebound so maybe p* can use the concepts and design another ip.

Edit: to add to what i said.. if Nintendo gets the same or greater support then the 3ds , Nintendo would completely rival Sony for exclusives. Monster Hunter, Mario maker, smash bros, 3d mario,metroid, zelda, splatoon, bravely default, Pokémon, Bayonetta. Etc. Where PS4 would still win out on is the overall support getting all multiplat 3rd party games.

RedPill86431d ago

The staff was right stressed and consistently didn't meet deadlines. Sony being around wouldn't change that. All companies have deadlines, Sony wouldn't go near it considering it would be a money pit from the start. Not to mention the workers themselves are stressed, too stressed to work. Sony existing isn't going to magically make the stress go away.

Then we have to go on about who owns the IP. And I honestly don't know who does. If Microsoft did, the game is dead. It's probably never going to happen. If Platinum has it, weather or not they can get rid of it is entirely up to the contract they had with Microsoft. Either way, this game probably won't happen anywhere. Which is lame since Xbox needed more titles this year. I expect some surprise launches with Scorpio, but they needed more titles in the here and now so they could get on marketing.

deafdani431d ago

"Unlike Microsoft and Nintendo"

Nintendo always provided a lot of exclusive content for their consoles, so this statement is probably untrue.

They probably have a lot of games cooking up for Switch right now, just like they had for every console they released prior to that.

Even Wii U got a lot of Nintendo exclusives. They just decided to cut support for it early because it sold like shit, so they shifted their development efforts to 3DS and now Switch.

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

@eddie- lol


One of Nintendo's biggest criticisms right next to Microsoft is there standoffish attitude in regards to creating new intellectual properties.

You're actually getting still around the same games that you normally got from Nintendo where you're getting exponentially more titles from Sony that Sony currently owns more development teams.

Sony for a fact purchased more development teams then Nintendo last generation.

I don't even know mathematically how it's even possible to have Nintendo have more games than Sony lol

Sony for the most part many times tries to focus on creating established series so many times their development teams are working on multiple projects.

Because you only get specific Nintendo properties once a generation you'll notice that Nintendo has begin to Outsource more than they have previously with the last several Star Fox games all being outsourced Paper Mario was outsourced etc, a lot of that has to do with that the development team that would have even been making paper Mario would have only been making one title as opposed to multiple entries per gen.

You would have very rarely ever see Sony or Microsoft Outsource one of their top intellectual properties to a third party, Nintendo has done this to lots of their major properties.

They need to purchase more teams they made lots of money last generation and there's no reason for them to not be purchasing in producing more content than Sony.

bouzebbal431d ago

of course, more games are always welcome.
SB didn't seem to have that wow factor, but it could still turn out good, especially with Platinum Games at the execution

EddieNX 431d ago

Errrm Nintendo has the most exclusive games, period. Wiiu + 3ds = more exclusives, way more than ps4 + vita. So I've been down voted for stating a fact. Only on N4G hey.

We don't know how many exclusives Switch will get yet, but I'd bet itl have more than the PS4.
Outsorcing and whether or not the exclusive is a new IP doesn'tdetermine the amount or quality of exclusives.

The 3ds probably has more exclusives than XB1and PS4 combined, Switch is the3ds and wiiu successor, go figure.

joab777430d ago

Development times is what I said. Nintendo has great exclusives. Their issue is getting 3rd party devs, but hopefully that is much better! Don't quite understand all the downvotes lol! And if Scalebound is having a hard time, It would be great if Platinum games could have the time and partnerships to help them make the game of their dreams!

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affrogamer432d ago

even tho the game was never appealing to me personally, I'm sure there are still lots of gamers out there who would love to play it.

solideagle431d ago

I highly doubt a quality publisher like Sony would pick this. Dont get me wrong but there is a reason MS gahas cancelled it. Maybe it was not good enough maybe? So Sony picking an abadoned game from MS hhmmm?

Apocalypse Shadow432d ago

Why bother when Sony has Days Gone coming to fit the bill on zombie games. And The last of Us 2 to solidify not needing state of decay.

Secondly, Sony could just rebuild Lair with From Software and make it more in line with demon souls combat on the ground with a sequel. Or just Demon Souls 2 and you can ride dragons. No need for Scalebound either as they can do much better without it.

Goldby432d ago

but we are still missing a good dragon game

FallenAngel1984431d ago

Trust me. Sony doesn't want anything to do with Lair. The first game tanked so bad it killed Factor 5. With a legacy like that ain't no way in hell is it going to be rejuvenated

shinoff2183431d ago

The last of us and state of decay are two different kind of games. From what Ive seen state of decay is sorta a simulation game.

Farsendor1431d ago

The only way any publisher is getting Scalebound is to buy the ip from Microsoft.

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YinYangGaming432d ago

Microsoft own the IP and simply hired Platinum to make the game for them. They cancelled Platinum's work on Scalebound but I imagine MS will retain the IP for the possibility of any future Scalebound projects.

Nyxus432d ago

Yeah, I don't see this happening, unfortunately. Similar situation as the one with Silent Hills. Kojima was working on the game, but Konami owns the IP, so now it's cancelled.

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Aloy-Boyfriend432d ago

Scalebound was adquired by Microsoft (for now that is what we know). Platinum had tried many times to developed this game but didn't have the right hardware to do it before that happened

This game has been Platinum Games's dream project. MS should give the IP back to them just like Sony game Rime back to the developers

YinYangGaming432d ago

Platinum are infamous for not owning the IPs for games that they work on and it's quite the same for a lot of Japanese developers. Of course, Microsoft could sell them the IP but I doubt this will happen. They could license it to them, like what's currently happening with Fable Fortune but this too is doubtful. Like with Fable, I imagine Microsoft will retain the Sclaebound IP, even if there are buyers lined up, as a means of keeping it for future possibilities.

RedPill86431d ago

They consistently didn't meet deadlines. Dream projects or not, clearly they were doing something wrong. They shouldn't just give them the rights "cuz they like it". That isn't a valid reason for anyone to own an IP. If they were working hard, I'd agree, but we have enough evidence to prove they couldn't meet deadlines on time, which is bad news bears for any development team.

Lennoxb63431d ago

They could use some of the progress made on Scalebound to create another game as well.

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

Lol no.

If Microsoft is willing to cancel scalebound because of platinum games I don't believe they're going to be willing to bring in another completely different team from the ground up to make a property that they didn't even invent in the first place you have to remember that Hideki kamiya invented scalebound.

If Microsoft had any intent of releasing this intellectual property for future series they would have simply brought in another team mid development to help Platinum Games push the game out the door as the future investment

I'm sorry but your post doesn't make any damn sense when something like the Last Guardian actually exist.

So they want scalebound to have future projects but they're canceling the first game? Help me understand this? It is definitely in the realm of possibility that Microsoft either keeps the intellectual property and does nothing with it or simply sells it back.

There is no benefit to Microsoft canceling a game on a project that they want to maintain long-term.

How can they want any future for scalebound if they cancelled the first game in the first place? It would actually cost more money to start over again from the ground up with a completely different team that clearly did not even create the concept in the first place.

I'm sorry but it just sounds like exaggerative wishful thinking.

If this company ever wanted scale bound to have a real future they would not have cancelled the game in the first place at the first sight of trouble.

If it's not worth it even being outsourced how would it be worth it with a real internal development team? Generally speaking Outsourcing is cheaper....Sooooo if they're canceling a game that was outsourced how on Earth would they build the development team from the ground up and spend even more money if they weren't even willing to spend the money to bring in another team to help?

If they ever wanted this to be a real future established series it would have never been cancelled in the first place that just sounds like wishful thinking on your part.

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SaveFerris431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Neither Sony nor Nintendo would be crazy enough to pick up those sloppy seconds from Xbox.

RedPill86431d ago

Platinum made the game and sloppily didn't meet deadlines. Not Microsoft. Sony and Nintendo would be crazy to buy it if they could buy it seeing as how it would be a money pit.

Angeljuice431d ago

The game is the best looking Xbox game I've seen. MS should sell the IP, they won't be using it themselves.

PhoenixUp431d ago

Who would want to go through the hassle of resurrecting a vaporware IP when they could easily commission Platinum Games to make a new IP for them?

TXIDarkAvenger431d ago

If they did, they should scrap everything and start all over again because this wasn't that great.