Poli Predictions: Nintendo Switch What's in The Box?

This video is about my thoughts on Nintendo, and their newest console, The
Switch. Poli Games host, Joseph Predicts what is in the box. How powerful
The Switch is, and whether a powerful console is what we really want from
nintendo. Joseph guesses the battery life of the tablet, Online support,
whether games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Splatoon, and the
new Mario game are release titles or will they be delayed? Most importantly
how much the console will cost. What are your predictions? Is this console
a day 1 purchase? Why or Why not?

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sk8ofmnd431d ago

The power of two wiius docked
The power of less than a wiiu undocked

wonderfulmonkeyman431d ago

It'll be more than Wii U when docked; Bethesda themselves said that Skyrim Special Edition would be the same game both on the TV screen and on the console screen.
The Wii U apparently could not handle the game due to architectural differences, so there's no reason to believe it'll be worse than Wii U when undocked, given their statement.

MrSec84431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Rumors from LKD, Emily Rogers and Eurogamer pegged the performance at 3 -4X Wii U, Wii U sits at 176gflops, so it could be the equivalent of 568-704gflops, when compared to 2011/2012 AMD 6-7000 series tech, about half XB1 or slightly less.

The system's SOC is probably based on Tegra X1, with mods, maybe a 2x increase in memory bus width, added gpu and cpu cache, possibly an extra SM unit or 2, the clock speeds mentioned by Eurogamer would get Switch there with that kind of spec.

Battery life is probably around 3 hours full clock speed, but Nintendo likely runs the system lower when portable, which could get it to 5-8 hours game time.
Using USB-C charge time is likely below 1 hour, perhaps under 30 minutes like Obe1_Plays rumored.

Price is probably £199/$249 for the base model, including Joycon Grip and a L/R Joycon, with 32GB internal flash memory. Switch also likely has 4GB of Lpddr4 with around 50GB/s of bandwidth which is ample for the gpu using NVidia's tile based rendering and gpu cache.
I wouldn't be shocked if the tablet screen was also GSync enabled, with the dock's hdmi standard allowing for GSync on compatible TVs.

Switch could also be able to stream footage to the dock wirelessly or directly to smart tvs.
A £249/$299 bundle could include Splatoon or another remastered Wii U game and maybe extra internal storage of 64GBs flash memory.

I think Zelda BOTW will be there at launch, believe the rumors from Eurogamer, etc regarding other games.
March 17th keeps popping up in rumors, so I reckon that's likely Switch's global release date.

Nintendo will have the new Mario release soon after launch, releasing before E3, Rabbids will be at launch, Ubisoft will have another project, a new IP on the scale of ZombiU.
Platinum probably has Bayo 3 and a sequel to W101, the former will be a 2018 release the latter a summer/fall 2017 release.
Pikmin 4 is a launch day game IMO.

Ubisoft will have a switch version of Watch Dogs 1 & 2 ready for launch, Steep and other 8th gen multiplats including the South Park games will be announced for release by Fall 2017.
Activision will have Destiny and recent COD ports for Switch by Fall 2017.
From will have Souls games to release by spring 2018, maybe a full collection or each entry releasing a few months after the last, so all games are on Switch by sometime in 2018.

Some hopes and beliefs.
This stuff happening would be cool IMO.

Moonman431d ago

Very cool, especially the 5-8 hour battery life. That's a huge system seller if true...

PGRfox430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

I love Nintendo, but they let me down with the Wii U. I don't understand why they wouldn't make the Swtich powerful enough to run the AAA third party games. This is what led to the downfall of the Wii U. I hope they surprise us with the power, like 1-1.5 TFlops.