Sony: PS4 Is the World’s Best Selling Console From 2014 to 2016

PlayStation Europe revealed that PS4 is the world's best selling console from 2014 through 2016.

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GtR35olution220d ago

Well a lot of people prefer quality. The system is also focused on playing games and there are a lot in the console and a lot coming

Neonridr220d ago

as opposed to being focused on not playing games? :P

naruga220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

cmon Sony turn the tables .. kill mobile gaming for good ...MS lost their mind after they lost the sales race and Ninty is sucking mobile gaming even more wiht their mockery gimmick console ...the only place where the classic traditonal gaming lives evolving and thrieving is PS4

darthv72220d ago

Congrats to sony and to the millions of entertained gamers (myself included) around the world.

@naruga, what do you have against mobile gaming? It's entertainment on the go. who doesn't like that???

subtenko220d ago

@naruga you forgot PC too.... PC and PlayStation are the definite choices for the ultimate gaming experience.

Lonnie18220d ago

Yeah you know like Scalebound and Fable, Zelda ect....

_-EDMIX-_220d ago

I mean just saying Microsoft spent over 400 million dollars to have NFL...

how much money did they actually spend to get another team to help Platinum games on scalebound?

Oh yea

game4funz220d ago


You forgot PC.
Unless you didn't have a pc growing up playing ddos games.

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SoulMikeY220d ago

Naruga, ps4 is GOAT for sure, but GTFO with that Nintendo bashing. Got a pro for Christmas, money saved originally for that is day one switch and Breath of the Wild.

morganfell220d ago

Well an entire legion of fans trusted them and bought into their promise with the Wii and the Wii U. What did they really get for the Wii U? Where is the plethora of unique Ninty titles that box should have had after all the money they printed with Wii sales?

We trusted them, bought the Wii U, and they hung it around our necks and dropped us in the ocean while they sailed off in search of new buyers for Switch. They sunk all their money into 20 different iterations of the 3DS and barely a thin dime into home consoles. Instead they looked at the Wii U as it got into trouble and did nothing. They simply made promises, delayed games, and I guess thought people would forget. They owe fans an explanation and they owe a huge library of decent games. I have always purchased most consoles while primarily being a PlayStation gamer and a PC fan. But the things Nintendo have done are borderline unforgivable and quite frankly shameful.

trooper_220d ago

Love my PS4.

Congrats to Sony.

GT67220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Love my ps3/ps4 my personal opinion

PS4 to me no better than ps3 . here's why : ps3 able to play All my ps1,ps2,ps3 games plus Bluray movies and DVD movies only thing ps3 need is up-to-date Browser explorer 9 . everything else is great. on the other hand PS4 lacking photo, movie storage like ps3 does . was that Sony way keeping hackers from pirating movies?
can't believe you need a Thumbdrive to view video and photo's on PS4 . also you can't play ps3 games on it nor ps2 ,ps1 games without re-purchasing them on PSnow. why in hell would i re-buy games i own already ?
other than that PS4 ok.

I Wouldn't say "PS4 the world best selling console from 2014 to 2016" if Nintendo kept their promises great games out the door when Wii U was launched Sony would had Strong Competition to say the least .

Goldby219d ago

^Someones not a ps4 gamer,

Cant purchase games via Now, and Now is only for ps3 games


But, but, but the four months the xbone s outsold the ps4 (only on USA)? What about those months? ... Why don't they count global... Oh, I get it, I'll let myself out.

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corroios220d ago

Im waiting for news saying having too much exclusives is bad or sony is doomed because it has 55 milllions gamers or its bad to launched exclusives on January February march april in other words all year and so on.

DMZ_P220d ago

8 millions UC4 copy it's nothing compared to the 55 millions console sold /s

Aloy-Boyfriend220d ago

Keeping 12 studios producing games is bad for Business. Get on MS level and save up some cash Sony /s

Neonridr220d ago

well.. to be fair, Sony didn't have much in the way of exclusives that launched in the holiday window.. Seems like MS focuses really hard on the holiday season, Sony likes to attack the first 3-4 months of the new year.

Aloy-Boyfriend220d ago

Sony releases games all year around like it should be.

Sparta07220d ago

@neo, yes cause only the holidays count and spreading " true " exclusives throughout the whole year is awful. 🤓

Neonridr220d ago

guys, relax... Sony had a sparse holiday season. I never said that they didn't release games during the other months. Take your blinders off for two seconds.

dekke220d ago

and MS is canceling whole year ? :P j/k

Utalkin2me220d ago (Edited 220d ago )


No actually it's stupid to release exclusives during the holiday season cause thats when all the big multiplatform titles launch. Have to keep those 3rd parties happy. Then you do as Sony and release all your games through out the rest of the year, perfect way of doing it.

I mean who wouldnt rather game all year long then to only game those couple of months.

BTW, take your defensive gurdle off.....Yeah, whatever that means

SmielmaN220d ago

I think the idea is that big studios drop huge games for the holidays to maximize sales. Flooding that with in house games might not be the best move (aside from say Uncharted or Last of Us). So, Sony releases many of their exclusives throughout the year knowing these will be add on sales for the holidays anyways. They allow the huge developers to get their big marketing deals out there and fight over that season. Either way the company makes money. Look how lost tomb raider was the season it was released.

It makes sense to me to drop exclusive games at the beginning of the year after you just added 6 million new owners to go with your already large install base. Helps to justify the purchase. Rather than waiting until the end of the year for a game you can only play on your preferred console.

OB1Biker220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

'didn't have much in the way of exclusives that launched in the holiday window *that you were interested in (and/or you didn't have the platform to play them on )

I think you actually missed a few but good point informing him a bit

Edit 2
That's too funny Neo below
'PS4 had very little in the ways of exclusive games * that people were hyped up about. ' and 'PSVR does not count ' because you say so.
-> moving the two goal posts and you are still wrong anyway. Your statement being 'Sony had a sparse holiday season'. Haha wtf?

GTgamer220d ago

So if I bought a xone for Christmas iwould have to wait til next Christmas to get some new exclusives

Puertorock77220d ago

And how has just focusing on holiday window worked out for MS? Second consecutive holiday season where PS4 sold the most hardware and software. MS needs to keep themselves relevant all year round, not just holiday season. By that point it's too late.

Z501220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

"Sony had a sparse holiday season"

PS4 EXCLUSIVES starting Sep 27 til Dec 21

Darkest Dungeon
Dragon Quest Builders
Batman Arkham VR
Eve: Val
Job Simulator
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Rez Infinite
Until Dawn: RoB
Wayward Sky
Yesterday Origins
World of Final Fantasy
Eagle Flight
Killing Floor 2
The Last Guardian
Wild Guns Reloaded

You were saying..... (waits for the inevitable excuse)

jukins220d ago

Yea that psvr and all those games and a true gem last guardian shame on Sony for lack of things during holiday

Neonridr220d ago

@Z501 - sorry I didn't even think to include PSVR since there was no competition for it.

Once you take that away, what is left? I should have specified PS4 was sparse with exclusives, but thank you for correcting me there.

Why o why220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Neo....the thing is when there's a steady stream of games throughout the first 10 months you kinda have enough to carry you through the holidays. Many of us have games to finish or catch up on......its just some have more than others. This holiday focus just papers over the cracks. Gamers tend to desire games all year round not just during holidays.

Neonridr220d ago

@Why o why - oh don't get me wrong, I am probably the worst person when it comes to a library backlog. I still have games for my Wii U and PS4 that I haven't even opened yet, lol

People are taking my words out of context because I am saying something negative about Sony. I was merely saying that over the holiday season of October - December, PS4 had very little in the ways of exclusive games that people were hyped up about. Last Guardian is the only real thing I can think of and even that game is hit or miss for people. MS clearly leaves all their eggs for the holiday basket and leaves the rest of the year devoid of releases. Sony likes to sprinkle it around no doubt, but for the past two holidays their lineup has been a little thin. Call it coincidence or whatever but PSVR does not count since it's an entirely different platform so-to-speak.

Outside_ofthe_Box220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

"Sony likes to attack the first 3-4 months of the new year"

First 4-6 months actually with 1-2 titles during the holidays which is a good when you look at the year as a *whole*

"Sony likes to sprinkle it around no doubt, but for the past two holidays their lineup has been a little thin"

If you acknowledge that they 'sprinkle it around' why is this a negative then? Or why is this really an issue? Would it have been better for Sony to release SFV, Uncharted, Ratchet, NMS, etc. along with TLG during Sep-Dec instead?

To me you come off as pointing out some thing that isn't an issue to begin with. And lets say what you say is true; 'Sony attacks the first 3-4' and 'MS attacks the last 3-4' then that would put them in equal footing anyway and that there is no reason to point out that they don't release during the holidays as it's just both companies releasing games at different times during the year, but we all know that this isn't the actual reality of things.