PlayStation Store Sales in North America: Week of January 10, 2017

For the 2nd straight week, there isn't a themed sale on the PlayStation Store in North America, but PlayStation Plus members save on Asdivine Hearts.

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TXIDarkAvenger529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

Flash sale next week right? Sony just sent me $10 voucher, pretty cool of them.

BronyAssassin529d ago

Yup Flash Sales are always the third week of every month :)

zaherdab529d ago

They sent me one too but it "was expired" i contacted support and they said it was supposed to be redeemed before the end of December ... they havent gotten back to me about it this yet

TXIDarkAvenger529d ago

Yeah, I just got mine and it says the code will expire on the 12th which is this week. Also they sent it through the PS4 notifications not my email so if I wasn't on my PS4, I wouldn't have seen it. Pretty short time frame if you ask me.

Lonnie18529d ago

Gonna download that Tales of Bersiria, looks 😎

joethetimelord528d ago

They always take a couple of weeks off after a holiday sale.

RAVEN81529d ago

garbage sale just like ps+

529d ago