With Scalebound Cancelled, Xbox One’s Lineup for 2017 Is Now Slimmer

It’s a sad news for gaming, especially to the players who were expecting PlatinumGames’ anticipated action role-playing game, Scalebound, launch this year. Xbox One gamers are saddened with the confirmation of their Xbox One exclusive’s cancellation status.

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chrisx430d ago

This was the one game ms shouldn't have cancelled. They dropped the ball big time

maybelovehate430d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Did you really want to waste 60 dollars on a game not good enough to release lol.

Edit: so it appears the mass population thinks MS cancelled a great game that would have made tons of money just to be jerks. Amusing.

wutang4ever429d ago

we really don't know why it was cancelled, assuming the game was not good enough for release is just a complete guess. We just don't know yet

thatguyhayat429d ago

I would have as a hack and slash fan, a game being made by the king of hack and slash too. Just hope someone picks up the IP and let them have the freedom they need

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trooper_429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

They could have pushed this game so it could look and play good. Microsoft gave up too easily.

Stop defending them.

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OmnislashVer36429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

They need to use whatever's leftover of the engine and make a new Drakengard game with Square-Enix. They already do NEIR with them, which is a spinoff of Drakengard so it's perfect. Plus Drakengard > Scalebound.

We should start a petition.

Edit: Just made a petition, check it out!

Dragonscale429d ago

@shin, and backwards compatibility.

game4funz429d ago

Yes the mass population does think that. Let them be dumb.

TXIDarkAvenger429d ago

Guess people really wanted slow combat and choppy framerate.

KimikoGaming429d ago

Nobody is saying that it was going to be a great game. But it did look fun.

The thing that we are mad about is that it was an MS exclusive that wasn't just another online focused shooter/racing game. It was the game that interested people who liked hack and slash, rpgs, etc. As an RPG person myself, it was the game that finally made be decide to buy an Xbox One.

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OmnislashVer36429d ago

Just made a petition to Platinum games, to use the Scalebound engine on a new Drakengard game with Square-Enix instead. Check it out.

GrubsterBeater429d ago

How would you feel if your petition actually got them to do it. Wouldn't that be amazing? Lol

OmnislashVer36429d ago

It would need more than one supporter to get their attention, more like a couple thousand... But hey, it's worth a shot, right?

ShadowWolf712429d ago

How about a game that's not suicidally depressing?

maybelovehate430d ago

Halo Wars, Crackdown, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay, Cuphead.. still a lot to look forward to. Plus third party heavy hitters like Destiny 2. It will be a good year for gaming if you are into that. Of course if trolling is your main hobby every year the internet exists is a great year for that too.

Gaming_Cousin429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Probably gonna pick up Sea of Thieves and Cuphead. The rest I don't really give a crap about

maybelovehate429d ago

Personally getting them all on PC. But for Xbox One owners who aren't PC gamers it is still relevant.

TheCommentator429d ago

Still making MS money when you buy them, regardless of platform. I'm not concerned with which MS platform you buy it on because the revenue will be invested back into MS platforms regardless of it's source.

Pogoplay429d ago

But Scalebound was on PC too... and I thought we were over this PC master race bullshit?

nitus10429d ago

Yes, there is always a Halo. 😉

TheCommentator429d ago

Don't forget that at e3 2016, MS said they had more unannounced IP to talk about. They still haven't done that yet!

TheOptimist429d ago

I just hope they don't get cancelled (No troll)

TheCommentator429d ago

@ The optomist

If they do, we'll never know because they weren't announced yet! J/K

Phantom Dust, Fable, and Scalebound are still a lot of cancellations though for only 3 years. While it could be perceived as a bad thing, sometimes a company just needs to cut their losses on mediocre game development. I'll hedge my bets MS has a few aces up their sleeves for this year we don't have a clue about right now, and I'm still happy with SoT, CD3, Halo Wars 2, and SoD 2 coming out this year.

sd11429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Your cancellation list is missing project spark and their xbox fitness platform ( which many people used).

The issue for me is how do i know if they will actually release games they announce at E3 now. Of course it wouldn't surprise me if they released a reskinned scalebound for scorpio.

TheCommentator429d ago

You bring up a good point, Sd11. How weird is it that MS cancelled two games after their release? Your other point doesn't make sense though since Scorpio has no exclusives with the possible exception of VR.

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Allsystemgamer429d ago

And only 2 of those are new ips...and all being in pc means no one needs an Xbox anymore. There's no reason to own one.

Kiwi66429d ago

There is if you don't game on pc

RAM0N 429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Only cuphead for me the rest are meh

captainexplosion429d ago

The only X1 exclusives I would consider buying are Crackdown 3 and Cuphead, and after the delays my anticipation for those two has really declined. Extremely weak year imo.

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The_Kills429d ago

Still don't get what people expect coming from a company that tried to pull that nonsense with the Xbox1 on launch with the whole DRM/Alwaysonline/Kinetic mandatory and on always as well.

MS fans remind me today of what Nintendo fans remind me after the GameCube era... how much more of a shafting do you people need to just let go already? There are better choices people.

TheCommentator429d ago

I could say the same about any company. Only difference I see is that Sony doesn't get media attention for doing bad stuff to it's consumers like giving out NMS refunds then banning those customers accounts from the network. They use distraction, AKA, slight of hand, to fool the media all the time. Nintendo fans are only in it for nintendo games. MS fans buy more games and add ons per console than fans of any other system, which means they're actually the most dedicated gamers.

I can rrespect your opinion, but to me there are no better choices than MS because I refuse to give money to a company I don't agree with when it comes to their consistently anti-consumer business practices. Sony is the shadiest of the three companies. MS wants your money to make the world a better place to live, both from a philanthropic standpiint and form the standpoint of advancing technology, but they still do a lot of dumb things. Nintendo is the least shady company of the three but who wants a machine with only 1st party support?

nowitzki2004429d ago

You are battling people with this fanboy war like MS is paying you to do it.

TheCommentator429d ago (Edited 429d ago )


I don't love MS. I hate Sony more. I have since the 80's and for many other reasons than just their gaming division. MS is at least giving back some of its profits to the rest of the world through Bill Gates and his philanthropic nature, plus I'd rather support an American company anyways. Think what you want though.

OT: It would be nice if people around here could actually attack the subject of a discussion instead of attacking the individual posting all the time, but I'm used to the ignorance around here already. I'm just pointing out how sad it is that people don't seem to know how to debate anything anymore. We need more people like Rainslacker around here, TBH.

j15reed429d ago

It doesn't matter what you say Sony has a cult following, they can release a bad game and still get a decent review score on it. MS doesn't have 800 studios and a whole country that makes games exclusively for their console, but I guess when your gaming division is pretty much your company you have to go all out. Im willing to bet E3 will be huge for MS though.

Stogz429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Now this is one of the goofiest posts I've read in a while. Yeah MS totally only wants your $ to make the world a better place, it's totally not about anything else...
Sony is the shadiest and use sleight of hand and media trickery....
Yeah MS never does that stuff right?
Hiring people to clap for their stuff at events.
Hiring people to post positive reviews online.
The Milo demo for Kinect.
The entire xbox one reveal event and e3 after (drm, online only, etc...)
the RROD disaster where they spent almost a year completely denying the reports.
I'm not one to say Sony doesn't do shady things, they all do to an equal extent. Anyone saying otherwise has an agenda. That's the difference between fanboys and gamers, fanboys will use these ridiculous excuses to hate another brand and convince themselves that the other side only has 1 or 2 good games, you know, like you.
Gamers can hate the company but realize they both put out good games and they're only hurting themselves by closing themselves off.
Oh and to your nonsense about attach rates, the attach rate between the 2 is extremely close, nothing worth bragging about. And the nonsense of gamers buying more add ons, yeah tell that to the HD DVD player. They only have had 2 add ons, so this comment makes no sense.

TheCommentator429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Stogz, I didn't say they only want to make the world a better place hence, "some of their profits". Matter of fact, for you to even to assume that is absurd because every company has to make money to be successful. Also, you're taking add ons out of context, since I mentioned games and add ons together. You know, DLC? Third, I don't like most of Sony's games because I usually don't play games like that.

Halo and Gears are great for MP, and Sony doesn't have any great MP games. Halo and Forza are great for customization and creation of content, but I don't like LBP or Mod Nation. FYI, I don't like most popular 3rd party games either. Who cares if I like Sony or not anyways? My choice doesn't make me a fanboy because my choice is not to buy Sony products. I'll buy anything else, including the Switch (if it ends up looking interesting enough) in spite of the fact I've not owned a Nintendo system since Gamecube. It's simply because of Sony's principals and my personal experiences dealing with them in the past that I won't invest in their brand.

That said, I restate that my beef is with Sony as a company. I'll name a few Sony blunders to balance out your list, but I also agree that fanboys can't admit that their choice is flawed at all (BTW, by your own admission you can't label me as a fanboy since I already admitted MS is a flawed company).


• Desperately trys to controll all physical media (Beta, MiniDisc, memory pro, blu ray), sometimes buying out competition (See: Holographic media disc set to launch a year before Blu Ray)
• Uses low quality off brand components in most of their electronics
• Don't care about a consumer other than for a paycheck( PS1 read errors, PS2 read errors/lawsuit, blocking peoples' accounts from PSN who got NMS refunds)
•PS3 launch: Lying about the abilities of the PS3, claiming never to launch a Playstation w/o BC because they care about their fans, 4D gaming, Getaway 2, etc.
• Unlawfully installing files onto peoples computers for DRM on CD's


sorry dude, if that isn't a fanboy post, than I must be crazy. "MS wants your money to make the world a better place to live" Are you serious??

• Desperately trys to controll all physical media (Beta, MiniDisc, memory pro, blu ray), sometimes buying out competition (See: Holographic media disc set to launch a year before Blu Ray) Sony doesn't own bluray they are part of the blu ray disk association.

• Uses low quality off brand components in most of their electronics - have you seen the inside of early xbox 360? all manufacturers use cheap components in their CHEAP tv's. You think Samsung uses good quality components in their budget stuff?

• Don't care about a consumer other than for a paycheck - It's funny hearing a ms fanboy say this

•PS3 launch: Lying about the abilities of the PS3, claiming never to launch a Playstation w/o BC because they care about their fans, 4D gaming, Getaway 2, etc - You seriously took that 4d gaming literally? What about launching a product knowing it was faulty, that went on to be the worst ever consumer electronic in failure rates? Is that ok with you?

• Unlawfully installing files onto peoples computers for DRM on CD's - yes they did that, that was what 15 to 20 years ago?

rainslacker429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Wait...You're saying Sony doesn't get hate for it's policies which are bad for the consumer? You got to be kidding. The fact you even know about that instance proves they got media attention, and the forums themselves had people in them criticizing Sony over it....and Sony got a lot of criticism over NMS.

But, in the case of banning customer accounts, that's in their TOS. If you get a reversal on your CC, then Sony restricts your account. Those people didn't get their refunds through Sony, they got it through their CC companies. There were those that got refunds directly from Sony with no issue. Then Sony cut off refunds because people were abusing it.

There is no way to avoid the watchful eye of the internet, and someone is going to pick up on shady practices. People in general may excuse some thing for one company, and then praise it for another, but that isn't the media, because the media isn't one cohesive group think.

Even the issue here, we have some articles saying that it's a good thing, others that it's a bad. The only disparity between the two camps is what injustice you choose to perceive, and use for your arguments to try and make it seem like MS is being unjustly attacked.

You know what's most ironic about your post?

This gen, It's not Sony that's running to the media every other day to make some PR statement and hype up it's games or making mistakes and somehow try to cover them up. It's not Sony that runs to Twitter to keep telling it's fans they are great. For all the criticism you seem to have for Sony, I can say that that is exactly what MS has done all gen, and even before the X1 launched. Every aspect of MS PR this gen is what you seem to hate. You may not love MS, but your hate for Sony has blinded you to what's actually happening.

"Desperately trys to controll all media"
LOL. Yet MS is better here? Seriously? Used to be a joke how MS used to do this as if it were routine. I mean, What do you think MS tried to do with their used game policy on Xbox. IF that wasn't the most deplorable attempt at controlling all physical media, then I don't know what is.

"Uses low quality off brand components"
BS. Sony is the supplier of half the components in electronics. Why would they pay for what they can use for free. You're really making a stretch here, and just flat out lying to say "most"

"Don't care about a consumer"
Read errors were covered under warranty. They even provided out of warranty service to many. I know, I fixed plenty of PS1's back in the day that weren't in warranty. The PS2 lawsuit was settled. It was only an issue in 2 revisions of the hardware. As far as blocking accounts, Sony does that if you get a CC reversal. People didn't get refunds from Sony. Maybe because Sony refused one or not, but their policy quite clearly states if you get a reversal on the CC, you will have your account restricted. MS does the same thing.

"• Unlawfully installing files onto peoples computers "

It wasn't unlawful. The program in question wasn't even malicious in nature. It could be used for that, which is why Sony got in hot water, but that wasn't the reason it was there. People often greatly misrepresent what that case was about.

Seriously, for every blunder Sony has, MS has 10. It's find if you hate Sony, and hate MS less. Whatever, it's your perogative. But don't make it out like it's because MS is somehow the lesser or two evils. Every single "blunder" you cite, is either off base, or has MS performing much worse things.

Stogz429d ago

I'd set a long list destroying your horrible, completely goofy fanboy response to my post, but I can see a couple others already did it for me. It's sad that gamers like you are around, but keep putting your head in the sand, that's what fanboys do...

TheCommentator428d ago

You guys are entitled to your opinions, but every one of you responding is just as fanboy as me, if not more. Rainslacker is the only one who usually debates with any ssort of intelligence, but as you can see, even he gets out of character sometimes.

It's been fun though, guys, I'll see you later!!!

rainslacker428d ago

I'm not out of character. I defend MS against people who try and make them out to be evil when they try the same thing you did with Sony here.

What I don't understand from your hate for Sony though, is how you can even consider that MS is anywhere near better. For every single thing you listed, they are exponentially worse.

Your hate seems very biased against a feeling you already have for Sony, and not based on logical thinking which weighs the two against one another. While there is no actual reason to weigh, since you are doing so for your argument, it's prudent to actually consider which is worse, since it's the crux of your comment.

CaptainObvious878428d ago

Your last comment was interesting.

Rain pretty much destroyed every single one of your points, and all you have to say is 'you're all fanboys, it's been fun'.

Your opinion of Sony being worse than MS is beyond laughable.

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