Videogamer: Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen Review

Videogamer writes: "Dragon Quest IV is nearly 20 years old. When it was originally released on the NES in February 1990, Gazza was the best player in the world, Radiohead were called On a Friday and Street Fighter II was yet to enjoy the grace of my dragon punching hands. If Gazza's Italia 90 heroics, Radiohead's Creep and Street Fighter II feel very old, there's a reason - they are. And so does Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen, the DS remake of DQIV.

It's inevitable of course. While the graphics have been sprinkled with 3D magic dust, the core gameplay has largely remained untouched. That means that random battles, perhaps the most annoying thing in the world ever! will unashamedly interrupt your happy go lucky exploration of the Dragon Quest world with nary a care for modern gaming tastes."

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