Covet Fashion Embraces More Diverse Female Body Types Following Fan Feedback

J Station X: Free to play mobile styling game Covet Fashion embraces more diverse female body types in a new update, following fan feedback.

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Dixiedevil196d ago

Really? This gets approved? Real gamer material here. Oh wait. Its not about games, its about an agenda.

Twiggy196d ago

My thoughts exactly, site must have a few cancer cells join as of recent to approve these things.

ChrisW196d ago

We can blame it on the Kim Kardashian... Her crap got approved real quick on this site back when it was popular.

Twiggy196d ago

Being fat isnt okay, being too thin isnt okay, approving certain bodies just isnt good enough. Wtf is this trash doing on this website? I'm starting to get put off this site and it's twerps approving SJW cancer. Gaming is supposed to be enjoyable dammit.