For Honor Exclusive: Become A Killer For Good

What is it like to become a killer for good? We Write Things found out when speaking with For Honor's creative director Jason Vandenberghe.

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TalesofEvil432d ago

I was interested in this game but after hearing that its always online ill pass.

Bolts431d ago

Always online is fine. The problem is that it's always online and uses peer to peer which is shit.

TalesofEvil431d ago

Always online is not fine. The game has a story mode which is single player only. It requires internet just to play that which I find stupid IMO.

rocketpanda431d ago

100% Agreed. When Ubisoft finally shuts down the servers we have no chance to replay the single player campaign. And yes, people still play single player games before anyone decides to make some silly quip.

Its all about control and such publishers could care less about the consumer.

mrmonk431d ago

Can't wait for this I've been looking forward to playing it again after i had a go of the alpha.

esmittystud101431d ago

I just wana see how deep the mechanics can be, being given this is a Ubisoft game. The combat system looks great just don't know how the game will run if it's peer to peer. I question this as well.