Famitsu scans - Monster Hunter 3

Capcom has released the first screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 tri- for the Wii in the latest Famitsu magazine.


it will be playable at TGS

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cahill3594d ago

looks like a PS2 game

typical Wii games

cant believe that people still buy wii -- a console with 0 games and not even as powerful as the OLD XBOX

matey3594d ago

wow this game looks ultra awesome look at the monster near the water attacking the guy in the armour wow wow wow 2009 here wii come pun intended

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3594d ago

This will probably come to PS3 someday.But not now and I think its good that its on the Wii.

PikkonX3594d ago

Yoshida, you should have called up Capcom and made them a nice offer before this happened. Now we've ended up with a Monster Hunter 3 that probably uses the same textures and models that were included in the 2004 PS2 release. I own a Wii, but I would have preferred to experience MH3 on one of the other consoles. It would be the perfect game to take advantage of HD visuals.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3594d ago

Dont worry about that.Monster Hunter prints money.The PS3 is a sucessful console.Capcom can do the math.Besides MH3 will sell amazingly on the Wii and then Capcom will use some of that extra cash for a PS3 version.Its inevitable business strategy.

PikkonX3594d ago

A Capcom employee did hint that something is in the works. Hopefully we'll hear about it sooner, rather than later.

NovusTerminus3594d ago

This is the only reason I am buying a Wii. Monster Hunter for the PS2 was my favorite game. Hope this one lives up to it.

TruthbeTold3594d ago

Considering that those are scans from a magazine it looks pretty good!

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The story is too old to be commented.