Haydee Gameplay - Most Sexy Game of 2016?

Haydee, the platform puzzle game from Russian developers Haydee Interactive available on Steam uses sexuality without fear as the main character is a robot with some very human features – a big butt and large bouncing boobs. Whilst some might argue the character Haydee is designed to draw in the unsuspecting to mask a difficult and challenging game (that won’t appeal to everyone) at the other end of the scale Haydee Interactive are perhaps simply appealing to a male audience who enjoy a bit of eye candy, much in the same way Koei Tecmo employ buxom ladies who like to show off some skin in their Dead or Alive fighting games.

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equal_youth468d ago

hm... sexy or just ridiculous? ^^

equal_youth468d ago

hm don't know :D i'm all for butts but this blows it out of proportion for me at least. Gimme more Nier:Automata pls :P

IamTylerDurden1468d ago

Or.. just ridiculously sexy.

Erik7357468d ago

Looks absolutely stupid. THIS is what female gamers should complain about not Overwatch omfg this game looks like ass....literally and figuratively

xer0468d ago

Looks like a lot of fun!
So this is what I've been missing on PC?

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CaitSith468d ago

Just go to porn. It's free.

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The story is too old to be commented.