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Leaked Internal GameStop Schedule Lists Monster Hunter, Zelda & More as Switch Launch Titles

A leaked internal GameStop schedule coming out of Germany purportedly lists a number of titles as launching alongside Nintendo's upcoming Switch console.

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Community196d ago
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ZeekQuattro196d ago

I could see Monster Hunter being a legit launch title. Its very popular in Japan probably more so then Zelda is over there at this point and Nintendo is going to want to pull out all the stops at launch. I'm not a fan of MH but I know its a big franchise.

WickedLester196d ago

I never understood what all the fuss was about either. I tried getting into it a couple of times myself and just lost interest.

Manashake196d ago

I understand the fuss, but can't bear the stressful gameplay.

_-EDMIX-_196d ago

I agree it's one of those franchises that I just don't myself really understand its appeal but Japan absolutely loves the Monster Hunter series.

Nu196d ago

I recommend Dragons Dogma!!!

Vegamyster196d ago

Every weapon has it's own unique move set that's based on skill/timing and the monster design/moveset is better then most other games, that's why i like it.

sd11196d ago

Same. There was nothing else to buy on wii u when it was released and i hated the game. I spent about 15 hours trying to like it and never did.

WeAreLegion196d ago

Same. The combat is waaaaaay too slow. I love the art style and design, but I need Soul Sacrifice's combat.

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_-EDMIX-_196d ago

You better believe monster hunter and Zelda are going to sell this platform like hot cakes in Japan!

Oh... monster hunter and Zelda on a portable device in Japan? Annnnnnd sold out lol

Apocalypze196d ago

What if I never had hot cakes before?

PurpHerbison196d ago

I really hope Monster Hunter gets some real love. It is time for a reboot on a brand new engine. I got Monster Hunter back in 2006 for the PS2 and they are still using the same engine to this very day. It is time to shake things up.

Tharja195d ago

Can't wait for the new Monster Hunter!

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MetroidFREAK21196d ago

If the launch lineup is true (we all will find out in roughly 2 days) I will be getting:
1. Zelda
2. Skyrim (if mods are supported)
3. Mario Kart 8
4. Splatoon
5. Monster Hunter
6. The 3D Mario game
7. Dragon Quest 11 (or 10, whichever is the MMO)

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RosweeSon196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

I heard 3D Mario was Q2

MetroidFREAK21196d ago

Well either way, gonna get it

Doopy195d ago

Does someone have a link to switch launch lineup

MetroidFREAK21195d ago

I'm going off rumors that I've seen. No official word on any of these

Elda196d ago

The only interest so far is a new Mario game & Zelda.

sk8ofmnd196d ago

I wish i could disagree with you but thats not possible as of yet. Maybe things will change after their unveiling in 2 days.

3-4-5196d ago

It does says NX placeholder and not Switch...not sure if that is relevant though.

sk8ofmnd196d ago

I have to give 1 thing to nintendo, they are better at not leaking things early like the other two. Their lips stay sealed until they themselves open them.

RosweeSon196d ago (Edited 196d ago )

They are very good but been a fair few leaks around this shame really as people just like to ruin the suspense but like those losers who used to write and probably still do somewhere "First" on all the comments boards. Yeah first to get punched in face ;) I guess it's all so that they can say well as I revealed back in.... yay medal in the post for you mystic meg 🙄

_-EDMIX-_196d ago

Not necessarily I would say all the companies have huge reveals that always get leaked depending on how huge they are.

I mean consider the same people that leaked PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also leaked pretty much 99% of what the switch was going to

Utalkin2me195d ago

Well if there was more hype and anticipation. You would probably getting more info.

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