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That's so Raven, . Back in 2012 I was whisked away to the land of Hekseville with Kat and Raven, and fell in love with a brand new low-key property from Sony.

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corroios432d ago

Sony will destructoid this year with amazing exclusives!!!!

UCForce432d ago

Yup, this is a great start for PlayStation.

Genuine-User432d ago

Indeed. GR2 seems to excel the first game in every way.

xxitalia12xx431d ago

Never played the first one. Do I have to play the first one to understand what's going on with the 2nd one?

colonel179431d ago

Probably yes, because it is a direct continuation of the story. However, the game is very fun and not to long (even if you do all the challenges and sidequests). It is very worth the price for the Remaster on PS4. I got the Platinum in 5 days (for the platinum you practically have to 100% the game)

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

The first game is pretty short and you could probably pick it up pretty cheap on PlayStation 4.

I'd say yes considering this is a direct sequel in regards to story and characters

Irishguy95431d ago

Have been looking forward to this game ever since I finished the original on the Vita. Long live Kat...all hail gravity

Gamist2dot0431d ago

2017 begins with a good gravity rush. :)

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

I'm extremely surprised I really liked the first game, but I never thought it would be getting such great scores in regards to the sequel.

We all have that one game that we personally like that we kind of feel everyone else will understand lol

Sunny_D431d ago

Played the demo and had a blast especially with the whole mid air combat and controlling gravity.

SynestheticRoar431d ago

I'm in a mad rush to play this.

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