‘Final Fantasy VII Remake' Featured In EB Games Australia, Hints Release This Year

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” has been finally listed on EB Games Australia for pre-orders for the Xbox One version, which means the said game won’t be exclusive to PlayStation 4. The thing is that the release date stated in the information says “TBC 2017”, which probably means to be confirmed in 2017. But players who are anticipating the release are already hoping that this is actually a hint that the role-playing video game remake will actually be released sometime this year. With PlayStation 4 versions usually released first before the Xbox One versions, the game might just be out sooner than everyone thought.

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S-Word467d ago

More like a piece of it will be released this year.

poppinslops467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

I don't think any of it will release in 2017 - Tetsuya Nomura (KH3/FFVII director) just said both games 'still have a way to go' and that he'd like to show his progress at an event later in the year... doesn't make it sound like either title will be out anytime soon.

peewee11016467d ago

Wrong the guy behind KH3 and FF7R said the GAMES ARE WAYS OFF so no it wont be this year..

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ORyanDeee467d ago

lol, i wouldnt take anything from that. EB aus wouldnt have a clue