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While most of us are patient enough to wait till this Friday the 13th for the Nintendo Switch presentation from Nintendo, it seems the show schedule has been leaked online and rumours are running wild! It’s not just the presentations schedule leaked either with reports running wild that the launch price for the Switch has …

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Moonman316d ago

Its the 12th and the 13th.

TheRandomOne315d ago

The Presentation is the 12th & the 13th is Tree House demo

EddieNX 316d ago

Its basically tmorow if I drink a load of Coffee and stay up til 4AM lol

deafdani315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Or you could just go to sleep early (like 8 / 9 pm), and wake up at 3:50 am, so that you can watch the presentation full of energy and not doze off. :P

Summons75316d ago

Assassin's Creed Egypt? That would be a very bold move by Ubi to have it that under wrap seeing as it seems all their titles get leaked AND have it released that soon after being annoucned (as they also love to demo the crap out of their games to the point you just don't care anymore). This can't be real.

Fishy Fingers316d ago

Not putting much faith in that leaked document but keen to watch the presentation. Sadly I'll be at work so it's either find a quiet office or wait till the evening (likely getting the highlights spoilt).

Lighter9315d ago

I'd stay away from N4G if I were you. They'll have stories with spoilers for headlines.

315d ago
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