Holiday Face-Off: Resistance 2 vs. Gears Of War 2

While there are plenty of hot titles scheduled to release over the next few months, none are hotter than Resistance 2 for the PlayStation 3 and Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360. This is gonna be one hell of a holiday showdown.

Both are shooters, yes; but one is a true-blue FPS while the other utilizes a third-person, over-the-shoulder mechanic that works exceedingly well.

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cahill3743d ago

60 player online
300 feet bosses
8 player co-op
2 player offline co-op
4x the scale as Gears 2
better GFX and better gameplay

easy victory for R2

n4gzz3743d ago

My Tv is only 52" diagonally, It won't fit on my TV.
NO buy R2.
/just kidding.

AngryHippo3743d ago

....first four points were true, although '300 foot bosses', we dont know for sure how many because i have a feeling it was just the leviathon that has already been seen. As for your last two points, '4x the scale as Gears 2, better GFX and better gameplay'. I think maybe you should wait until you have actually played the game before making statements like that. One thing is for sure though, i cant wait to get to play both this holiday.

Swiftfox3743d ago

I hate this "Game x" vs "Game y" stuff, cuase it's always PS3 vs Xbox 360. When two different games are compaired they whip out content, online ability, replay value etc. If it's the same game on both consoles they look at load times, frame rates, pop up etc. Kinda bothers me.

Gears VS Resistance? Who will win this holiday season? Pretty obvious.

The Gamer. Cause no matter what system you happen to own there will be a great game coming out for it.

AngryHippo3743d ago

...i dont understand why people keep fighting over this [email protected], both will be great games. We as gamers will win this holiday season, our wallets sure wont though.

n4gzz3743d ago


very nice dude. Have a bubble.

anh_duong3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

why don't people just f-off with their little imagination, got-to-justify-my-paycheck articles on gow2 v resistance articles..

so sad.. sack people who write these useless articles because they are not games journalists..

no imagination, no new ideas, old news

BobDog3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

comparing games sure why not

but why should people compare games that are not released yet

and why should people compare 2 different styles of games

eg a tps vs a fps

wait till they are released to compare them, then only compare them if they are the same genre

Panthers3743d ago

Good answer Swift. This is by far the greatest holiday lineup for gaming. Blows 07 out of the water.

Mr_Bun3743d ago

If you have a 360 you will be very happy with Gears, and if you have a PS3, you will also be very happy with Resistance.

If you already own one of the 2 consoles, I don't think that you are going to buy the other just for one of these 2 titles.

marinelife93743d ago

I agree with you Swiftfox but I also like how this natural rivalry has developed. It's like the Magic vs Bird or Reagan vs Gorbachev.

They debuted together in fall of 2006.

They continue to share the limelight this fall.

And more than likely Gears 3 and Resistance 3 will probably conclude their series with class and respect at the same time in fall of 2010.

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Anton Chigurh3743d ago

we are talking about the differences between the GOD and the slave =P

both gonna be great


Karum3743d ago

I think it was a well written article and can only agree, both are sure to be awesome games so whatever system you own, get ready for some awesome gaming because there are certainly quite a few awesome games on the way, especially the 2 mentioned in this article.

3743d ago
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