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Pantz11d ago

Bought mine at Fred Meyer Super Market electronics department.

pleasuretokill11d ago

EB Games, Pre-Ordered as soon as it was possible. Got the white Cloud shirt limited "package". One of the first pre-orders I ever did. Wish I still had that sealed. Put about 200 hours into it that year

Vegamyster11d ago

I believe we got our copy at Walmart or some pawn shop that sold new stuff with my brother and borrowing someones PS1, only to have to run back out and grab a memory card when we got to the save point before the scorpion battle lol.

_-EDMIX-_11d ago

it's still astonishing to me that they spent 100 million dollars to Market this game.

TC73111d ago

They had confidence in it, and rightfully so.

PhoenixUp11d ago

"Someone please get the guys who make cartridge games a cigarette and a blindfold."

Sick burn Squaresoft

_-EDMIX-_11d ago


Final Fantasy 7 and the PlayStation 1's CD format might be one of the greatest examples of how having a revolutionary piece of technology could change the tides of the industry very quickly

Squaresoft had no problem bringing their next Final Fantasy to a platform that had zero history in gaming.

Sony provided the format that developers wanted , thus got the support.

FallenAngel198411d ago

@ Edmix

It wasn't just the format since Saturn also featured CD support. It was also the relative ease of development from PS1 as well as Sony going out and actively backing the title.

ShinRon11d ago

"Just run ads of 100% CG clips"

MRMagoo12311d ago (Edited 11d ago )

the cartridge games couldn't run high quality fmvs like that tho so I think that was one of the points. Sound quality for game music took a massive leap up as well.