Life With PlayStation Video

The first Life With PlayStation Video on the net

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Sena Kobayashi3591d ago


im of to another thread With my MAX SPEED!!

Sev3591d ago

Nice job with the first...

If anyone doesn't believe that I have Life With PlayStation and has a camera, add me to your friends list, and take a pic of me running it.
Then post it here.

DrWan3591d ago

I dont think u would lie about something like that..since u run the site, u will get burn alive quickly. Just wondering when ppl on the other side will get it :)

Sev3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

My PS3 is doing so very strange things since I downloaded LWP.

Maybe its a good thing not many people got it.

Almost my whole friends list has the same comment as me. Unless its a conspiracy, something is wrong.

Oh and everything takes forever to load now on my PS3.

Watch this vid!

PlayStation3603591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

that would explain why LwPS is no longer available for DL. Maybe Sony found out about the bug the moment they released it. And so they pulled it.

Just a theory.

DeforMAKulizer3591d ago

Sev try to change the comment from proud father to something else and see if the rest change with you... Although i do find it pretty weird that several psn friends would become proud fathers and declare it on psn the same time as you hehe...

Siesser3591d ago

I got the duplicated comments without obtaining the update (finally managed to log onto the network though). Whatever they're doing, it's definitely hitting their servers it seems.

sunnygrg3591d ago

You're a little naughty, arent you? I saw the list of you favorite videos on youtube. O_o

Sev3591d ago

Whats wrong with a little Latina ass shaking lol...

My cousin sends me videos, I just happen to save some of them lol.

I didn't know people could see that... I better get rid of those...

dantesparda3591d ago

You have the same taste in a$$ I do

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DrWan3591d ago

What time frame are you in? Are they following East Coast time? 1215AM in West Coast atm, i just logged on, and still same Folding At Home icon; started the software and started doing the fold job again.

Who actually able to install this yet?

Sev3591d ago

I am on EST currently 3:17, got the update around 2:30AM EST.

Your welcome to add me to your friends list, and I will show you I have LWP

DrWan3591d ago

lol i believe you, dont worry. i will check it out tmr. too tire today anyways. nice update.

Qbanboi3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Wow awesome. I want it so bad. Come on Sony. Just press the release button.

rbluetank3591d ago

thats what i am talking about!! i going to up load this tonight!! i just hope it works..

Farsendor13591d ago

hey sev would you add me to your friends list would love to play a game or 2 sometime i like fps rpg adventure well just about anything anyways better stop spamming comments

nice video hope we can all get this soon

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