'Guitar Hero' movie isn't happening...yet

Director Brett Ratner has been plenty vocal about wanting to develop a movie based on the game Guitar Hero. But Activision, the company that owns the franchise, isn't going for it. "I'd really like to do it, but they're not letting me," he tells "I expressed my interest, but because it's such a success, it's like now there's no reason to make a movie about it."

Ratner is a big fan of the game, incorporating it into videos he's directed for Miley Cyrus and Mariah Carey, and he envisioned a story about a small-town kid who dreams of fame and wins a Guitar Hero competition. "The game is wish-fulfilling, everyone can be a rock star."

But despite the setback, Ratner is not giving up hope. "I might prevail," he says. "I usually do."

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ChickeyCantor3743d ago

O great it will be like those movies about Sport.
Where there is this guy who thinks he can't do it and eventually manages to make his team win.
Gets the girl/boy
The end.

PirateThom3743d ago

I'm trying to picture how it would work and, I keep coming up with something like Tron.

Miraak82 3743d ago

At the end of the Movie right b4 the credits roll "You Are A [email protected]!!!!"
seriously a movie about guitar hero WTF why Why!!!! thats just retarded