Life With PlayStation Available Now

Sev1512 of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Load up [email protected] and it will tell you that an update is available, proceed with your download, and restart [email protected]

The Fol[email protected] icon has been replaced with Life With PlayStation

Videos coming soon.


It seems as though many people are not getting prompted to update.

Please check out this thread on the Official PS forums for more info...

Here is a video of me running Life With PlayStation

Here is a image sent to my by someone on my friends list, with proof I have LWP

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alanjp253661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

just got it. this story is true.....its downloading Life with playstation right now...cant wait to see wat its about..

edit - i like what i see...just finished installing..thank you sony:)

PoSTedUP3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

this really suites my needs, its really convenient and they have a really nice set up going on, but i do think they need to add more locations (mine is there) for every body. alot of info though so thats a really good start.

does this count as using [email protected] to donate?

PoSTedUP3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

aww : (

ive already donated a **** load of power to stanford and i cant afford another 200$'s added to my electric bill, i was unaware of that in the first place. maybe when i start making more money but right now i am not in the right position to do that.

is their any way i dont have to use [email protected] and can still use LWP? (probably not..)

juuken3660d ago

I went to sleep after the update was done so I'll check it out when I come off of work.

Sony may be late with their deliveries but when they deliver stuff, it turns out really good. :3

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Sev3661d ago

Where the hell are all your bubbles?1?!

Thank goodness Ava went to sleep in time for me to break the story.

Sev3661d ago

My PS3 sounds like a Jet Engine running this app.

LinuxGuru3661d ago

Fans of the "other console" took them away from me =(

Michael Jackson3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

We all know that the other console needs a lot more "fans"..
..since it tends to over heat from time to time. :D

Sena Kobayashi3661d ago

And you need to stop hanging around childrens Micheal dont you ever get it?

Im dodging your Pervert hands with my DEVIL BAT GHOST!!!

maggotmx3661d ago

even DLed the new (japan only) firmware but still nothing... maybe in the morning wellsee GL all

Sev3661d ago

Others are downloading now, maybe its only on my region's server.

I am on the East Coast...

Post here if you have it and your location..

check here for more info

Siesser3661d ago

don't know if it's coincidence or not, but I can't even log into the playstation network (I'm east coast as well). I'll keep trying though.

Qbanboi3661d ago

Damn u Sony. If you have it, why don't just release for everybody. :'( I want LWP now.

Siesser3661d ago

btw typically stands for "By The Way"

UltimateIdiot9113660d ago

Gahh, 2 hours ago, it was a leak. Now that I'm in class, it's out. =[ I want to try it out so bad.

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whateva3661d ago

I go to sleep for 3 hours things go crazy over at sony!
goes to download [email protected]

Jamie Foxx3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

alot of us me included went straight to folding at home first and did the download,i think thats why we havnt got lifewithplaystation

do your firmware 2.43 update first then do the folding at home update an see if that works

as i sit here with a sad face

uie4rhig3661d ago

updated first.. then went to [email protected] nothing.. then went to the US account.. went to [email protected] nothing...

Sev3661d ago

BTW ANYONE who doesn't believe me, can add me to their friends list and I will show you me running the app. You can highlight me on your friends list, to verify what I am playing.

shelbygt333660d ago

Genuine Question - what does this do?