Scalebound's Rumored Cancelation Isn't a Surprise, and Could Be a Good Thing

GameRevolution: "But if the game really is experiencing tumultuous development, cancelation would be the best thing for both Microsoft and PlatinumGames. Gamers aren't a very forgiving bunch, and associating both companies with an underperforming product of this magnitude would be a worst case scenario. PlatinumGames in particular would have a lot to lose given its reputation for inconsistency despite being capable of making something as well-received as Bayonetta."

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Neonridr438d ago

Look at No Man's Sky. You think many gamers are going to be lining up for Murray's next title he brings to market?

If the game wasn't up to par, then maybe this was for the better. Sure it sucks as it is one less new IP MS is getting. But if the game released and bombed, I could only imagine the atmosphere around places like N4G.

Nyxus438d ago

The difference is that this game was being made by a proven dev (Kamiya) and studio (PlatinumGames).

Neonridr438d ago

doesn't mean that the game is automatically a winner though. No studio is impervious to duds.

438d ago
darthv72438d ago

is Phantom Dust canceled or just on hold until they find a new developer?

_-EDMIX-_438d ago

@neo- I understand that it wasn't going to be a guaranteed slam dunk success but there is nothing that is 100% guaranteed in business.

So your solution is to just cancel all brand new games because they "could" fail?

Sooo do you know how many properties failed from Sony before we got something like Uncharted or The Last of Us? Titles like Heavenly sword ,folklore , lair MAG .. there is no such thing as a guaranteed 100% slam dunk.

The reality is even after so many failed titles that never really stopped Sony from continuing to actually fund new intellectual properties because if they stopped they would have never got something like Uncharted or the last of us, if all they would keep doing is getting gunshy. you actually have to spend money , like the old saying goes you have to break a few eggs shells to bake a cake , I'm sorry but as a consumer it doesn't benefit me to tell the company to play it safe and keep releasing the same things regurgitated.

Microsoft is failing this generation because of the same projects that they do...

Sonys absolutely dominating and once again they are outselling Microsoft like they have for every generation.

Yes Sony has a pretty long list of games that failed but they could only have a long list of games that are brand new that succeeded if they're actually making brand new content.

I'd rather have the new intellectual property and have a chance that it might fail then never have it at all because it doesn't sound like that's doing Microsoft any favors this generation.

If anything let the gamers decide I was likely going to purchase scalebound on PC but I know there's lots of people that probably purchased an Xbox one with the anticipation of that title.

joab777438d ago

I wonder if it suffered from similar problems with TLG, with the relationship b/w man and dragon. TLG was very difficult to get right and it's shows despite being great!

Also, Just curious but hearing that Crackdown has had problems too, I wonder how much cloud gaming plays into it if at all?

Godmars290438d ago

As I understand what was Phantom Dust 2 was canceled but the original is being remade and re-released on the XB1.

DARKKENT438d ago

You know what annoys me?

The bias xbox sites who try to downplay this cancellation

itsmebryan437d ago

And why does that make a difference? Good developers don't always make good games. I prefer quality over quantity. If this game came out it was as bad as "No man's sky" that would be worst then just taking people's money when you already know a game is bad.

Mikefizzled437d ago

Phantom is cancelled in current form but the project is ongoing. They're releasing Phantom Dust HD at some point this year to get the attention back to the innovative IP.

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Abash438d ago

This isn't some small scale developer like Hello Games, this is Platinum we are talking about. They have proven they make great action games and Scalebound getting canceled is crushing. Do you think THEY wanted some wonky 4 player online co-op? I bet that was one of many MS's decisions for the game that made Platinum fall behind schedule, as the sources say, and the issues are result of both MS Studios and Platinum not working close enough.

Neonridr438d ago

betting and guessing is exactly the problem here. Of course you guys all want it to be aimed squarely at MS. Fits in nicely with the agenda on this site. I mean hell I don't even own an Xbox and I still won't drink the koolaid. Just because I support Sony this gen doesn't mean I automatically hate MS like so many on here do.

_-EDMIX-_438d ago

Completely agreed even if they were worried about the direction of scalebound or that the team needed more help Microsoft owns the intellectual property if anything this should take even more responsibility to make sure the games a success and add one of their development teams to assist them.

You guys know I blast and criticized Microsoft all the time but I'm still a gamer and this is a game that I actually wanted to play on PC this year it might be the only game that I was probably even going to play on PC.

Regardless of the technical issues that they could have had with scalebound Square Enix and Sony have shown that games could have huge technical issues and still come back to be success.

Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian still exist.

Scalebound cancellation is Microsoft saying they don't want to spend the money and they could care less about giving their Gamers a title that they've anticipated.

We all know the Last Guardian was not going to be moving millions of units in guaranteeing the PlayStation 4 success far from it but that never stopped Sony from still pushing that game and even paying the director after the director left, they contracted him to make sure the game was complete with its concept intact.

Microsoft is not pulling all stops to fix this because it isn't a problem to them.

Microsoft has canceled several games of this generation and it's very much starting to show that they have no interest in funding intellectual properties 100%.

They will fund it if they don't own the team and they don't own the intellectual property

they will fund it if they own the intellectual property and not the team but they won't do both

Ie Microsoft with the exception of rare is not going to fund an intellectual property by a team they own and an intellectual property they own from the ground up.

morganfell437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

As Abash stated it is Platinum. To make matters worse Platinum is burning up the road finishing Nier Automata, a title whose demo is amazing. Now word is beginning to leak that the issue with everyting was on Redmond's end. Where there is smoke there is fire.

gangsta_red438d ago

"You think many gamers are going to be lining up for Murray's next title he brings to market?"

But how many times is MS going to have something lined up, hyped and expected for years and then at the last minute pull the plug?

We saw this for Phantom Dust, Fable and now Scalebound.

I'd rather have a game release then be part of a line up for years and then canceled.

Hate to sound like a fanboy but what's next....Crackdown?

Neonridr438d ago

that would hurt (Crackdown).

n4rc438d ago

Without trying to sound like a dick here..

What you want doesn't really matter.. you aren't the one paying to make the project happen..

Of course from where we sit, it's better to release it and if it sucks, it sucks.. but we aren't shelling out millions to make it..

They had already sunk quite a bit into it, you don't bail on that investment without just cause..

Ceaser9857361438d ago

shinobi mentioned crackdown development aint coming up well... though nothing as bad as SB..

Aloy-Boyfriend438d ago

But NMS hasn't hurt Sony in anyway and the game is at least average to play for a few hrs.

Stop making excuses.

_-EDMIX-_438d ago

Lol. Yea....No.

I'm extremely doubtful that scalebound was in the same situation is no man's Sky.

no man's Sky wasn't simply just about hype they pretty much lied about multiple features that's called fraud....

The game looked like it suffered from a few frame rate issues sure but I'm actually doubtful that it was unsalvageable it sounds to me like Microsoft did not want to spend the money to add another team or assist the development team.

Mind you the game bombing as a possibility is not an excuse cuz any game it can fail.

You're basically suggesting they just cancel all games because they could all fail.

Sooooo Your solution is Microsoft should just never make new games if they could fail? Lol

Final Fantasy 15 in The Last Guardian can release after 10 years of development I'm pretty damn positive scalebound can release as well Microsoft did not want to put money into that franchise as they don't want to put money into many new intellectual properties pass a money hat or paying for part of the development.

Notice they didn't own the development team, it's always one foot in and one foot out.

Fist4achin438d ago

So is MS deliberately trying to make their gaming division fail? Xbox as a brand has been disappointing ever since 5 years or so into the 360. They just don't seem to want to get any exclusives. Is it nobody wants to develop for them because of stupid pressures and unrealistic deadlines or do they not want to shell out the cash? MS has tons of money so I can't see a shortage of money to be the problem?

_-EDMIX-_438d ago

@fist- I agree I don't understand what's happening with this company as they have more money to technically producing more content than Sony it sounds like they have some sort of Sleeper Cell with somebody within Microsoft literally does not want that gaming division to be successful.

I just don't know what to think anymore regarding this, the next two months has more PlayStation 4 exclusives then Microsoft has for the entire year.....

ChrisChambers437d ago

Do you have any special inside info we should know? If not, then nobody gives a shit what you think. Sorry to break it to you so harshly, but you're nobody.

This game looked like dogshit from day one. It's sales would have been pathetic even if it turned out being decent. Which judging by everything that's ever been shown, wouldn't be the case. Cutting the cord and stopping the hemorrhaging of money is the best thing to do. The fake butthurt on this site and others is laughable, you all know you wouldn't have bought this trash.

But you know, whatever helps the hate Microsoft circle jerk...Even though none of you would front millions of dollars on a pile of shit

joab777438d ago

Actually yeah b/c NMS is pretty good now and very original and beautiful! And continuous updates will make it even better. People will buy his next game, but will handle its release and marketing better!

This could be good for gamers b/c now Sony can grab it and lfinish the game. They are in no hurry as they have an insane number of exclusives coming and haven't invested anything!

_-EDMIX-_438d ago

I don't care if it's Sony Sega Square Enix or whoever I want someone to take over this game so Gamers get to play and it is very clear that Microsoft is walking on ice with these titles if any sudden thing could make them pull support.

This gives me very little confidence in this company to produce anything worthwhile if this how they treat their Investments

trooper_438d ago

So less games is a good thing?

The potential was THERE. Let's not make excuses here.

rainslacker437d ago

Platinum has been around for a while. They've had their share of crap games, and their share of great games. They're a hit or miss developer, and outside the hardcore, they aren't a recognized developer where most people would care when their next game hits, any more than we hold P* accountable for their crap releases now.

They've proven they can make good games. Just because they make a dud every now and then hasn't doomed them to obscurity.

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Abash438d ago

No, please don't spin it like that. Platinum makes a lot of great action games, I am pinning this on MS for not working closely with Platinum to allow them to create the game they both wanted.

darthv72438d ago

We don't know what really transpired. Platinum is also working on Nier and it could be that game was progressing at a better rate than scalebound.

I hope Nintendo comes to Platinum's aid again and secures the game for Switch.

generic-user-name438d ago

Keep an eye on the sites who try to downplay this and make it a 'good' thing. These are the sites who damage control for MS.

TXIDarkAvenger438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

Meh, it just seems like a good idea on paper but in reality it was trash. The game looks like it was in development hell and early builds of the game didn't promising at all. I think working with Sony or Nintendo wouldn't really change much. Hideki Kamiya is a perfectionist and the ideas this game had weren't realistic to do in a certain amount of time. With constant delays, I can't really say I'm surprised Microsoft cancelled the game instead of dumping even more money into the game.

OmnislashVer36438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

I'm pinning it on Kamiya. He used the douchey main character and dubstep, that's not MS's fault. With a game of this calibur they should have gotten better reactions from fans, but this game appealed to the Mountain Dew swilling, dubstep listening, vaping, Dorito's eating crowd, and was very niche in that regard. I pin it soley on Kamiya- they need to bring Kenji Saito to the forefront with his Kill la Kill game concept now.

That, or Platinum needs to keep the engine and do a Drakengard game with Square-Enix, but I wouldn't let Kamiya near another game like this. Absolutely ridiculous character design and music.

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Nyxus438d ago

"Microsoft has a big year ahead, especially with the scheduled release of Project Scorpio. A PlatinumGames RPG could make it a lot better, but isn't completely necessary."

I disagree. Microsoft sorely needs a bigger and most of all more diverse gaming line-up. What do they have to replace Scalebound with?

438d ago
gangsta_red438d ago

I disagree with that too. I was really looking forward to Scalebound.

_-EDMIX-_438d ago

Lol so apparently actual games are not necessary lol oh boy.

I like how they think their problem is they have too many games

Hahahaha I can't stop laughing

RpgSama438d ago Show
Gaming4Life1981438d ago

I agree scalebound looked like it would be a good game and i wanted to play it, sucks that it was cancelled. I really hope ms has more games to announce that are coming this year or this cancelled game will seriously hurt them this year. Cuphead, below, sea of thieves, halo wars 2, and crackdown 3 all seem like they will be good games but those games have been delayed and talked about forever, something new is needed.

Tussin187438d ago

That's a nice list but 2 of those are indies. Remember those don't count as games as I have heard countless times on this site.

Moonman437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Totally agreed. They have 25 million (estimated give or take) capable systems out here to play GAMES on already. Scorpion is like buying a second stove when you have no food to cook on the one you have.

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Herbalistic438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

Microsoft problem is the lack of having a diverse line up which could attract more gamers. launching a new piece of hardware won't do much with out the software needed to bring in new buyers. Microsoft needs Xbox to break away from only being known as the shooter/racer machine.

Tussin187438d ago

Well, apparently it doesn't matter as long as it's NATIVE 4k right? That makes everything better even if you don't have a 4k TV. It just something for the fanboys to brag about. Haven't you heard. Everyone has a 4k television now.

There are going to be tons of fanboys claiming how good the games on Scorpio looks in 4k on their 1080p TVs. They're going to be able to see the difference. But are blind when it comes to the Pro.

Doopy437d ago

Lack of diversity?

Halo wars - rts
Halo - fps
Forza - racing sim
Forza Horizon - open world racing arcade
Killer Instinct - Fighting
Gears - TPS cover
Quantum Break -Tps adventure
Sunset/dead rising- sandbox game

There is more, but you get the idea.