What is Happening With For Honor?

For Honor's development information has been a bit spotty to say the least, and the recent information regard its changes in development have left fans disappointed. What's going on here?

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Liqu1d469d ago

I was really interested in this game when it was announced but the beta didn't really impress me. I still think it has potential but I don't think Ubisoft cares about this game much. The fact that it releases around NiOh and Horizon isn't great either.

Fishy Fingers469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

I think the lack of offline play turned a lot of people off. I don't think a few exclusive games (also new IP) on PS will hurt them that badly on XB and PC. It's a multiplat and Ubi have better attach rates on XB apparently.

ChronoJoe469d ago

Yeah personally I'm not buying it because of the lack of offline play.

Liqu1d469d ago

I didn't mean Horizon and NiOh will hurt them in sales, I meant it's not good for me since Horizon and NiOh will be taking up my time. If there were no other releases in February then I probably would've given For Honor a chance despite my concerns. Then Mass Effect is coming out in March so it'll be a while before I even consider getting For Honor and I don't think this game will have a lot of players.

abstractel468d ago

I'll end up getting For Honor, but like you guys I'm annoyed at the no offline for the single player campaign. I'm curious how this will pan out in several years when their servers won't be up anymore, will they release a patch so we can play the campaign without a connection?

crazyclown468d ago

I believe replayability will be minimal with this game after playing the beta.

Agrim467d ago

Replayability minimal in a multiplayer game?

alb1899469d ago

I have high hopes with For Honor.

rawrlolrofl469d ago

another Title lost in development

Der_Kommandant469d ago

I was very interested when i watched it for the first time but Ubisoft made it so...

MilkMan469d ago

Hope they cancel this. I can already feel it bombing beyond belief. The gameplay looks as exciting as watching grass grow.

Jon_Targaryen469d ago

Plus we all know its gonna get downgraded beyond belief.

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The story is too old to be commented.