Exclusive Baja Screens

The folks over at 2XL Games, along with THQ have provided us over at XLN with a wide variety of new and exclusive screenshots for their upcoming game, Baja: Edge of Control. We're going to put a good portion of these up, in several installments, starting tonight. After the jump, you'll find the first set of twelve screenshots.

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James Vanderbeek3594d ago

Cant really say much after looking at those pictures.. I rather watch re runs of Dawsons Creek than play this game though..

Also when is the last time THQ made a decent game?

xm15e2s3594d ago

Looks good.

I'm anxious to see some gameplay videos.

Egzekutor3594d ago

Another Motorstorm copy ?

ambientFLIER3594d ago

Uh, no. Just because it's an off-road racing game, doesn't mean it's a motorstorm copy. Might as well call any FPS a Halo copy.