id: Rage Not Cut Because of Xbox 360 Limits

The limitations of the DVD medium and Xbox 360 hardware have not forced id to cut content from all versions of Rage (PC, PS3, 360), the studio has told Shacknews.

id stated, "There was NO CONTENT removed from RAGE because of the 360--NONE AT ALL. Moving from multiple wastelands into fewer but larger wastelands was a far better decision and is actually giving us more gameplay in the game.

We feel the 360 is a great platform and will provide a fantastic Rage experience."

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sonarus3622d ago

During my talk today I mentioned that we originally wanted to have around 5 or 6 smaller wasteland environments but later decided instead to have 2 larger wastelands. Mostly because we were going to be shipping on two DVDs for the 360 and felt that it would play better with one large wasteland on each disc so there would be no loading between wastelands

Obviously damage control. He still says they cut that idea out mostly cus they were going to ship on 2 discs.

In the end thanks a lot microsoft you screwed us from seeing the true potential of this almost certain mediocre game:D

Winter47th3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Saying nothing was cut out's nothing more than damage control like you said, it's sad the PC and PS3 need to be dragged down by the limitations of the 360.

bushfan3622d ago

Mostly because we were going to be shipping on two DVDs for the 360 and felt that it would play better with one large wasteland on each disc so there would be no loading between wastelands.

There was NO CONTENT removed from RAGE because of the 360--NONE AT ALL.

ID said it, not me

mmm....i don´t believe in you ID...

Jim Hawking3622d ago

Is he saying that all the versions will be identical or is he saying that the other versions wont suffer due to the 360; whose version will have some cutbacks. I can't tell if he is being vague or intentionally vaporous.

soljah3622d ago

this is spin control at its best. and if they did make changes to accommodate the 360 then it is just plan sad. now everyone has to play a gimped game because of it

uxo223622d ago

You don't have to play a gimped game. You can just pass on it and buy something else. The beauty of being a free human being. So stop hating, the earlier rumor came out which by ID's own admission was false and you now say ID is lying. (Because you'd prefer the news that gave you more ammo to bash the 360 on.)

What is with you guys.

AAACE53622d ago

I don't like John Carmack or any of iD softwares games! Ps3 owners want this game so much more. Let them have it and just move on! Make it an even split... 360 can have Valve and Ps3 can have iD, and they can both share Epic!

mikeslemonade3622d ago

"The limitations of the DVD medium and Xbox 360 HARDWARE have not forced id to cut content"

This says it wasn't just a DVD issue it was because the 360 hardware is inferior and obsolete.

arika3622d ago

houston we have a problem.
damage control imminent.. in 1 2 3.....

godofthunder103622d ago

I can't belive this sh*t.The company said that the 360 isn't hurting the game at all.The ps3 fan boys can never face reality that the 360 is a good system.The company said it didn't hurt it but ps3 fan boys are still saying it did and it's pathetic to see people act like this.

jmare3622d ago

I think someone got his ass kicked.

Saigon3622d ago

as everyone stated already, this is damage control...we all know the truth...

player9113622d ago

you guys are killing me. They already stated there was no lack of content. All they are stating is that they are organizing their maps.

Big deal.

Would you want to have a bunch of smaller levels that require tons of load times... or 1 big map and call it a day?

I think I'd rather have 1 big map myself.

The Lazy One3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

It's the original quote, just unedited. Don't yell at iD because some d-bag in the press decided to cut out half the quote to incite flame wars.

edit: that's not the article this was in response to. It's in response to this one

I was wrong, they aren't the same quote, but both quotes were from the same day less than 5 hours apart. only 3 hours after the original story was posted. it's not damage control, it's clarification.

Kleptic3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

^^^^uh no...this is the original article from a while ago, this is what they were following up on, and the changes they made because of it...

spin it anyway you want...someone knocked some heads around iD because of yesterdays news...whether the 'cuts' to the game worked on overall is entirely their opinion...the simple fact is that the game was changed in order to fit on two DVDs BECAUSE of the 360...

and this is also outside of the texture issues the 360 version is faced with...

it blows me away how generation after generation there are always people that just keep spouting off how larger media formats 'are not needed' has been said every single time that a PS console has been released...PS1: "We don't need CD Rom, carts are awesome...loading sucks"...PS2: "we don't need DVD, CD is fine, DVD is slower"...PS3: " we don't need BD, DVD is fine, BD is slower"...just like each time, the optical media incorporated into the PS3 will prove itself in the industry, just as Sony has done with ridiculous success in the past...

and notice how at the beginning of each generation, it is Sony bringing the new tech to the market...and it was Sony's 'old' tech that is being fiercely defended...there is no question that whatever the PS4 ships with, everyone will be shouting "we don't need ___, BD is fine"...

bennyace3621d ago

It's ID that should adjust to the limitations of a console not remove content to make it run on all consoles. Last year EA didn't lower the framerate on madden 08 or nhl 08 on the 360 because they couldn't get it up to 60 fps on the PS3. Or Final Fantasy XIII will probably not be the same on the 360 compare to the PS3.

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BIoodmask3622d ago

You should realize that the PC version would also ship on dvd, not Blu-ray. And if anybody is wanting to state that the PC is holding back consoles that have outdated hardware.

Well that is just funny. If John Carmack and id wanted to ship it on 2 dvds they would. That is pretty much the jist of it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33622d ago

Well seeing as how computers have mandatory HDD's they pretty much have limitless space.

BIoodmask3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

All PCs having hard drives has nothing to do with how many disks Rage would ship on. Don't you think?

What does having a hard drive have to do with content fitting on the game disk it ships on?

I have a hard drive on my PC. Does that mean the PC version of RAGE will now fit on one disk even if id didn't change it? LMAO

kai_h3622d ago

The DVD for a PC can be compressed a lot because it when it`s installed onto the PC, it is decompressed onto the hard drive. It doesn`t stream nor read off of the disk like a console.

PimpHandStrong3622d ago

well Bloodmask

PC games have a place in gaming....i play a RTS once a year...just pick the best that year and try it..thats me

PC gaming isnt dead but like the Wii it is going to be taking a step back very soon. Games using your browser anyone and games that are small fun and in some way cool or cute...artsy stuff im thinking

but what do i know!?!?!

PS3 and 360 when talked about by the companys that made them both said they want to give you the COMPLETE entainment hub for you living room! Music Games Movies Internet

blah blah blah

bloodmask do us a favor

Just bring us the news! I would hate to see how many bookmarks you have for little unknown gamesites let alone the couple you probaly run and pump with N4G

Statix3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

However, you have to consider that PC publishers are much less reluctant to ship a title on multiple (2 or more) discs on the PC, than on the XB360. RAGE, for instance, might ship for the PC on 4 or 5 discs or so, while that number would be highly unlikely on the XB360.

jackdoe3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Sigh. "Installing" onto a 360 IS NOT the same thing as an install on the PC. An install on the PC unpacks the heavily compressed data, which leads to file sizes larger than 7 GB (Gears of War and Mass Effect PC take roughly 10gb of install space). An "install" on the 360 is merely making a DVD rip onto the 360 and emulating the DVD-Rom drive; because the dvd-rom drive is emulated and runs from the HDD, you get faster load times and no wear and tear on the discs. You can make ISO rips on the PC as well. Also, because the PC is an open platform, iD won't have to pay royalties for multiple discs; on the 360, iD HAS to pay royalties and they aren't cheap. MS DOES NOT like it when a multiplat game ships with more discs then the competitor and as such charges high royalties for the third and fourth disc, which is the main reason why iD went with the two disc format (Carmack brought this point up when he started the huge PS3/360 fanboy flame war a couple of months back during Quake Con).

sonarus3622d ago

I am fairly certain pc version will ship on both dvd and blu ray

Blademask3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

and I love how you tried to spin this by omitting the paragraph of him actually saying what was sized down due to the limitations of DVD's.

You trying to Spin this, and then going on record here saying PC installing is the exact same as the 360 running a game is hilarious.

"2.2 - It doesn't matter
All PCs having hard drives has nothing to do with how many disks Rage would ship on. Don't you think?

What does having a hard drive have to do with content fitting on the game disk it ships on?

I have a hard drive on my PC. Does that mean the PC version of RAGE will now fit on one disk even if id didn't change it? LMAO"

- Bloodmask

Every line of that is completely hilarious. LMAO indeed. We should make T-Shirts and sell them on N4G.

Heres the reality:

"Microsoft's royalty rates apparently make anything beyond two discs financially impracticable."

Spin that.

But seriously.. you should just pretend that this never happend. You will probably be able to hold that world of glue, denial, and lies together better that way.

Cant WAIT to see your response. I'll track you and remind you to respond to this if you ignore it as well.

I Call 9MM3622d ago

Actually heard about a special edition of the game coming to PC that would ship on a Blu-Ray disc. Glad I've got my Blu-Ray drive ready to go.

Blademask3622d ago

or or.. 10 that it will magically be deleted.. hmmm??

BobDog3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

bloodmask with a computer, u install the dvd onto ur hard drive, u play the game off the hardrive, and dosnt matter how many dvds u have because u will only ever have to change the dvds when u install, not when u play the game

with consoles u play the game off the dvd or bluray for a ps3, and therefore it matters how many dvds u have, seeing as u have the change dvd during gameplay, and if u move back and forth between points in rage u will have the change the dvd each time.

Rourker3622d ago

the PC doesn't have royalty fees on extra disks, the 360 does, therefore releasing a game on 5 disks is very possible, annoying to install, but still possible.

Ozzyb3622d ago

Yea, the 360 works exactly the way PCs work *cough* RIGHT. I don't remember PC games having a royalty fee on multiple disc games. Can we raise that bet to 20 Blademask? When you spew lotsa fanboy garbage, what can you come back and say in your defense? Even if he comes back, he's just going to fabricate some more garbage.. or maybe chop up another article so it sounds like Microsoft themselves wrote it. If you're reading this Captain Fanboy, try not to be SUCH a detriment to this site, as you usually are.

BobDog3622d ago

he cant fabricate more garbage without showing how little he actually knows about a computer aswell as his loved console

Real Gambler3622d ago

Yesterday in IDs office:

Ring, Ring, Ring. Hello, it's Microsoft lawyers. Time for some damage control. Here how you will spin the story this morning...

Today on Bloodmask pc:

Ring, Ring, Ring. Hello, this is the fans. Wake up and learn how a pc work before you say anything. No royalties on DVDs, huge game install, tons of room needed on hard drives. Uncompressing files. Owned.

AssassinHD3622d ago

The difference though is that Id could put RAGE on 3 discs without a licensing fee on the PC version. Microsoft charges an additional fee for the third disc with the Xbox 360. The other obvious difference is that with the PC version Id has a HDD with which to play.

Wildarmsjecht3622d ago

lmao....that was such coordinated ownage Blood, even you can't deny it. This is without a doubt damage control, it's evident in his own statements. We'll just have to see what they game could've been with 5 maps instead of 2.

Kleptic3622d ago

way to entirely miss the point bloodmask...

PC gaming does not have proprietary hardware to focus on...hence the 'requirements' posted on every PC game sold...a PC game is designed to utilize Windows as an OS, and everything else is scalable to work with a wide range of hardware...the first article pointed out that PC's have 'limitless storage' because of the fact that the game is installed onto the HDD entirely, not just 'sort of' like a PS3 or 360...which brings the optical media used completely out of question...

PC games are always the last to 'need' higher storage long as HDD's are exponentially bigger than the programs that require them, then its irrelevant...the 360 is completely different...the game is run off the disc, or at least has to be designed to do so (because not every 360 has an HDD)...that brings the optical media front and center, and is obviously starting to be the 360's biggest weakness, and the PS3's biggest strength...

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SmokingMonkey3622d ago

i asked this question before, how would a Next gen GTA type game fit on the 360. And disk swapping was the only answer!

remember waiting for the other three parts of Liberty city to load when you crossed the bridges? Now imagine swapping disks between bridges and THEN waiting for them to load.

Maddens Raiders3622d ago

the introduction of the next MSFT system for all my fellow XBOX brethren.

At the very least, this marks the ghostly words of, "now approaching system limits" faintly, but indelibly etched on all future releases for thy system. There couldn't be a better time to migrate on over to the PlayStation 3 imho which is what I am going to do.......right now.

Yipee Bog3622d ago

Disheartening to hear for exclusive xbox 360 owners. Thankfully I own both, and am very happy, and very broke

bakasora3622d ago

Thats the way.
True gamer gets the love from all consoles.

Kleptic3622d ago

no its great for 360 only owners...because they still get the game...its bad for PS3 owners, or PC only owners...or PC/PS3 owners...the game was gimped in a way to fit onto a platform that you don't care about...

Statix3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

This smacks some of damage control on the part of id, following their controversial recent comments about the space constraints of the DVD format.

ukilnme3622d ago

Oh yes, nothing but damage control. They don't want anybody thinking the game will be gimped.

Kleptic3622d ago

what exactly is so controversial about what they said?...that is what I simply don't can 360 owners seriously keep a straight face and say that DVD9 is perfectly acceptable for state of the art games?...I read most of the comments in the other thread, as well as at the source...and it was a bunch of 360 owners throwing their hands in the air screaming 'whatever, its not true'...

truth hurts I guess...PS3 owners were faced with an endless barrage of developers claiming it was impossible to work with...and yeah, a lot of PS3 owners screamed that the devs were just lazy...but tables are quickly turning, and the risks within the PS3's hardware are starting to pay off in a good way...there is nothing more for a 360 defender to do than simply deal with are getting bigger and bigger...and DVD isn't...that is all there is to it...this has happened every single console generation...Sony always choses to push the larger formats in their systems, which has ALWAYS paid off...there is no reason that this gen is or will be any different...