Gamers Are Getting Digitally Screwed

Companies should give us a chance to bid a final farewell to digital games about to disappear.

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Majin-vegeta469d ago

Here's your all digital AT IT LOOK AT IT!!

isarai468d ago

Yup, one of the countless reasons i prefer physical.

Rebel_Scum468d ago

lol, even physical disc's & cartridges have an expiration. Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain

snoopgg468d ago

I still have physical discs that work, they never went away. The only physical discs that went away for me were multi-player only games which servers closed down. Socom and starhawk.

ecchiless468d ago


I read that like "even cod...." xD

AnubisG468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

At Rebel_Scum

Sure, nothing lasts forever but I can still play my copy of Croc Legend of Gobbos by poping the disc into my PS1, PS2 or PS3 any time I like and that is a 20+ year old game.

On topic:

I keep telling people, don't support digital games because you don't own it just get a license to play it and can and will be taken away from you any time and the proof is here.

I will stop buying games as soon as I'm not able to get a physical copy. I have a huge collection to fall back on.

[email protected] digital downloads!

LordMaim468d ago

You guys all know that even though you can't *buy* the games digitally anymore, you can still download them again if you'd already purchased them. Nobody is getting screwed here.

Chaos_Order468d ago

Absolutely. I only ever get digital games if they're free on PS+.

If gaming goes all digital, that's fine. I'll just buy some of the systems I never got around to playing on like the 3DS, Wii U etc. My backlog is big enough as it is and I don't give a damn about keeping up with the new and popular games all the "cool kids" are playing.

inveni0468d ago

I brought this up when visiting family recently, and my brother-in-law kept buying all of their movies in digital format. I said, "What are you going to do if Amazon Video disappears?" and he answered, "I guess the same thing I did when VHS disappeared."

I said, "That's actually a good point." See, we still have a ton of VHS tapes, but we haven't had a VHS player in over a decade, and that wasn't even by choice. We'd love to watch some of them again, but we can't even find an affordable player. It's pretty disappointing, but a part of technological existence.

Bebedora468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

So, when the PSN goes down (DDOS, etc), how do you play your games then?
*waving my fist in anger*

indysurfn467d ago

@rebel_scum that's very osterich reason to justify someone selling something from you and then takening it away. Last time I checked 2013 is BARELY 4 years away where as my Genisis from decades ago STILL WORK.

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Fist4achin468d ago

I get annoyed when I'm trying to stream something and it starts sputtering. Digital is cool, but I still prefer my physical games...

sampson3121468d ago

she is talking about buying a game, not streaming.

Fist4achin467d ago


I'm making a complaint towards an all digital future and how the internet streaming isn't quite there yet to support it without headaches. This includes all media.

sampson3121467d ago

yes i know, but streaming has nothing to do with her article. she is talking about digitally owning/downloading a game. when you download a game it's on your HDD and doesn't stutter when playing it.

sputtering only happens when you have to be online, not when the game is an offline digital game. even discs sputter when using online.

perhaps you are saying in the wrong way.

Vegamyster468d ago

I dunno about GoG but the games removed through Steam can still be downloaded if you owned them, you just can't buy them due to expired licensing.

OB1Biker468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Thank you!
The sad thing is they do look at it but just see whatever they want to. (or maybe whatever they ve been conditioned to see)

SegaGamer468d ago


People ARE still getting screwed. What about people that were planning on buying the game digitally later ? those are the people getting screwed here.

Clunkyd468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Can't sell/trade/rent
Use bandwidth to download full game
It's not tangible
Worth zero value after code is redeemed
.....No need to switch disc

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dannyolfc469d ago

Oh thought it was about vr porno :-(

crazychris4124469d ago

Worst part about digital is your pretty much stuck with the game. Steam and Origin have no question asked refunds which comes in handy when the game is a mess or you just don't like it. Have used Steam refund a couple times and it was granted within hours, just be sure to stay under 2 hours played. Haven't used Origin refund yet but they give you 24 hours after you launch the game to request one, 72 hours of the game is a technical mess. Would have been nice if this was around for SimCity and BF4.

Forget about Xbox and PS Store for refunds. Bad enough you have to pay for multiplayer but you can't even get a refund for a crappy game is just insane. They both need to offer some kind of refund on digital titles.

Other crappy part of digital is you can't trade in your digital games once you're done with them. I have over 100 games in Steam and I would love to get something for them. This is why every game that I have bought for my PS4 has been physical. Only exception is Arkham Knight which I bought with the $10 credit Sony gave me.

dannyolfc468d ago

I agree with ya, but the thing that does my head in the most on psn is the ridiculous prices cost more than the physical version!

PSN_ZeroOnyx468d ago

When I bought my PS4 I got a refund from sony for a season pass which was suppose to upgrade with me but didn't. It was a hassle to get of course but in the end my PSN account was credited $49.99 and I was able to do as I wished with it. I got my season pass on PS4 bc that's all I wanted in the first place.

Hysteria94467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

In Australia by law xbox has to give us a refund.( haven't really looked into stipulations though)

DeadManMMX468d ago

They don't take away games you already bought they just take away the option to buy them digitally. Then if you want to go buy the physical copy. For me the benefits of digital have far outweighed physical copies. To each their own.

lodossrage468d ago

I disagree about the benefits. But I don't see how anyone can disagree with you on the first part of what you said.

If you buy a game digitally, you still have it in your download list even if it gets taken off the store. So anyone that bought the game digitally STILL HAS IT. It's in your download list in psn or xbl and you can redownload it from there anytime you want.

My gripe is why is this ONLY a big deal just now? Games have been getting delisted for years. Go look up Scott Pilgrim vs the world, Swords & Soldiers, Slambolt Scrappers, and others. They've been off the digital stores for years. Yet I downloaded them a few times helping people with trophies WELL AFTER they've been off the digital stores.

Go ask people that bought those games Activision delisted digitally if those games are still in their profile's download list. Bet you they are.

Vipre77468d ago

But what about when the digital store you bought it from goes away, like it did on Wii? Can't re-download those...

JackBNimble468d ago

Should I be worried that the psn store is going to be pulled offline?
I buy all my games digitally, yes I am paying for the license to use the game... No I have never lost access to a single game that I have paid for off of psn or steam, and I have hundreds of games.

They can also stop production of physical games too.

Ravenor467d ago


If PSN and the Store is down for good on both the PS3 and PS4 a large portion of the software available is more or less useless. The patches in modern games are almost 100% mandatory for the game to function properly, if the Store goes down any game digital or physical will be effected.

I don't foresee Sony or MS taking down the 360's digital store any time soon, I imagine those services are set up in a way that allows them to easily scale up and down servers when communities begin to dwindle. It's the only cost effective way they could have had it set up with to begin with, so there is that. Also Steams not going anywhere soon, 20+ years later? Who knows, but for the foreseeable future that's almost a given. You don't do things like The International or The Dota 2 majors if you're hurting in any way.

SegaGamer468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

What are those benefits exactly ? Apart from not having to get off your ass to put the game into the console, i don't see the benefits of digital downloads ( and to be honest, being lazy isn't really a benefit )

1) It's more expensive. Even with the sales most big names are still more expensive digitally.
2) There is no guarantee you will keep the games forever. If Steam, Microsoft or Sony close down their servers, you are screwed. PS3 owners are the most vulnerable right now i would say. With no backwards compatibility, there is nothing to protect your digital purchases when they decide to close down PS3 servers.
3) Games getting removed from digital stores. A lot of games have an expiry date for you to buy them. You're always under pressure to buy a game early out of fear of those games getting delisted.
4) Hard Drive space. With the size of games these days, it's going to cost a lot of money buying a bunch of HDD's.

Now to me, those are some pretty big negative points against buying digitally. I highly doubt you can come up with positives that outweigh these negatives.

JackBNimble468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

They can't take digital games away that you have paid for.Maybe in an extreme case but I have never heard of anything like that.

You also use the same HDD space installing games, there is no difference. Your game runs off your HDD not the disc. Just think of your physical copy as the license to play because once the game is installed it is not using the disc.

SegaGamer468d ago


"They can't take digital games away that you have paid for.Maybe in an extreme case but I have never heard of anything like that"

If they shut down the servers for the system you purchased a game from, i think you will find that you will those the game. Let's use the PS3 for example. If they closed their servers down today, and you no longer had the PS3 console that those games were downloaded on to, you would lose those games forever. It's slightly different with the Xbox right now because they have backwards compatibility, but the same would apply to them if they ever completely shut down the Xbox One's servers.

"You also use the same HDD space installing games, there is no difference. Your game runs off your HDD not the disc. Just think of your physical copy as the license to play because once the game is installed it is not using the disc."

The difference is that i can delete it off the HDD and then install it back on to HDD whenever i feel like it with physical games. With digital games, if i delete a game, i would need to download it from a server which can take a very long time (depending on your download speed). And like i said above, if the severs shut down, you will never be able to download that game again.

JackBNimble468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

I think you will find that the psn or steam servers won't be shutting down any time soon

Your arguments are pretty weak, if I need the space I too can delete my games and re-download at any time. I had a hard copy of MLB and that game took a very long time to install, comparable to downloading it

SegaGamer468d ago

My arguments are not weak at all. They are something many gamers are thinking about when it comes to purchasing games digitally. I'm not saying they will shut down the servers anytime soon, but it's something that needs to seriously be considered when buying games digitally. One day, the day will come when the servers do shut down, and if there isn't something in place to stop us losing our digital content.....well, there is going to be a lot of pissed off gamers out there.

DeadManMMX468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

My benefits:
1) 2 Licenses a home/offline and a travel one. meaning I can go over any friends house with my lil hdd plug it in sign in and play my entire library anywhere without carrying over 150+ games. With flawless automatic syncing of save files on Xbox One.
2) Space I'm getting older and I don't need to collect games and keep them around anymore. Nor do I appreciate selling them to gamestop for less then half the price i paid for them. None of the profits of which support the company that made the game so I can get more of what I want.
3) Sales. Sales. Sales. You can say they are more expensive but I worked in retail and was in charge of the video game sections. I was constantly comparing them. Catch the right sale at the right time and you can get a steal. In fact most of the time this is the case within 2-3 months. Except in the case of the most popular games like GTAV or 1st party Nintendo games which don't go down anywhere retail or digitally barring of course the occasional black friday sales.
4) Convenience. Simple convenience. I can preload if I want. Download whenever I want. It's always there so I never make the trip for nothing. In retail i sent plenty of people away who were looking for an out of stock game.
5) Just to clarify your 4) it doesn't matter if you have the disc or not this generation the space requirement is the same and the game gets installed on your HDD. At this point the disc is only used as a check to see if you purchased the game and your digital copy is tethered to it like a key.
6) Which is more of a continuation of 1) I am able to share my entire digital library within my household (or outside of it) between 2 consoles. In which we can play the same game at the same time online together this only adds to my convenience. Instead of having to have 2 physical copies. I use this with my little brother and everything i buy automatically downloads to his console too.
7) My digital copy never dies. never gets scratched. never fades. Never gets lost or stolen. With what MS is doing now from 360 onward and possibly even OG Xbox onward someday. The entire library will remain with me from now on to play whenever I want. When people complain about digital marketplaces dying and leaving behind your licenses a la Wii and PS3 remember that they are only doing that because you are allowing them to get away with it. You don't care about backwards compatibility so they resell you the game over and over again. If enough of you got together you could change that. You guys rake MS over the coals for every little thing but then let Nintendo and Sony tell you what you want. Sell you the same game again with some trophy support or streaming it (Not allowing you the choice of EA Access). In Nintendo case just blatantly selling you the same game again and again because they don't have the sense to build an online infrastructure that they can carry from system to system. THAT SHIT is ANTI CONSUMER. But moving on.

These are my reasons. maybe they differ from yours but they have been more then enough that I don't even consider physical copies anymore. Any negatives such as the occasional downtime online or whatever haven't been enough of a problem to cause me any real inconvenience so far. For me those instances have been few and far between and digital is pretty much it for me from here on out.

sampson3121468d ago

just because someone doesn't want to switch cd's all the time doesn't make one lazy.
it's just convenience.

i showed my son a music cd and he laughed at me. same will happen in the future with games. kids laughing about them.

digital is the future, whether we like it or not.

Puertorock77467d ago

I'm a in-between guy myself. I go for the better price. Many physical copies are cheaper than their digital counterpart but a few things to consider.

1. This is true, I found a lot better deals with physical games then with digital on consoles. But with digital games you can account share. My brother in law and I share each others accounts and I have access to his digital library and he has access to mine. We both have access to huge amount of gaming content vice trying to do it all ourselves.
2. There is no guarantee with physical either. Try putting a PS3 disc into you PS4 and see how that works out. You have to keep your PS3. What happens when your PS3 breaks. Do you really want to buy a another PS3? Also physical games can get scratched, lost or destroyed.
3. Physical games gets sold out as well. Many are hard to find. I think digital will have longer legs because they don't take up shelf space.
4. This is a moot point because games don't run off discs anymore. They all get installed. Buying physical won't save you HDD space. Physical or digital, the game is getting installed on to your HDD.

One thing to consider are advantage such as day one digital sale. No more midnight release. Some games gets download before launch and as soon as midnight hits, BOOM you're playing your game vice waiting at Gamestop or waiting for the mail to come in.

Being able to switch between games on the fly is not being lazy, it's just convenient. But again I like both and I weigh what is best for me.

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paradigmfellow468d ago

I guess that is your cognitive dissonance then.

sampson3121468d ago

agreed. i hate changing disc all the time. want a game, just buy it from the comforts of your home. any money you might get for a used game $10 - $20 is used up in gas or bus fare to go and sell it anyway.

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FallenAngel1984468d ago

I laugh at the people who look forward to physical media allegedly going extinct

DeadManMMX468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Keep laughing as more and more disc less set top gaming boxes keep coming out. More and more kids grow up gaming on phones and tablets and never even know what a cartridge or disc is. Who grow up to become adults who buy with the same habits. Sony doesn't put a UHD player into it's new premium console. Netflix and Hulu obtain tv shows and movies earlier and earlier. The digital sales figures are steadily creeping higher and higher every year. The word is inevitable. It's only a matter of time before the cost of providing physical media drives in consoles outweighs the gains. This is where we are going and everyone except the most stubborn people seem to see it. Not just games but EVERYTHING is going digital. It's not if it is when.

Chaos_Order468d ago

If there's a market for physical games, they will still sell them. Whether you think people should "move with the times" is irrelevant. The times move where the money goes. The resurgence and impressive sales of vinyl records is proof of that.

FreeSpeech69468d ago

Physical Media is going extinct, but most likely will be another few decades.

MAULxx468d ago

Physical media isn't going away. People still buy physical all the time.
Now games may switch to a different format like cards instead of blu rays but they will be around.
Just look at all the old cartridges that are still around & still work. There's a reason physical is still strong.
Not as strong as it once was obviously but that goes without saying. I never understood those that want physical to die & digital to rule. That just doesn't make sense.