ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 - PlayStation Universe impressions so far

From PlayStation Universe: "Review will be coming when ARK launches properly later this year with an update. Until then, find out how we're getting on."

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agent4532433d ago

So Wildcard Studios sold Ark Survival Evolve to PS4 gamers as an early access game????? Hopefully for less than $30.00.

Goldby433d ago

not 30, but 40.

But from what i hear, it is running 10x better on ps4 vs xbox. less stuttering frames, still screen tearing and pop ins though

Eidolon432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Lots of stuttering on crowded servers, rubberbanding creatures too. Even in singleplayer the frame-rate seems meh. Then that light thing on the right side of the screen on standard PS4. I think it'll be good in a few more patches, it doesn't seem like a finished release yet.

Goldby432d ago

^it isn't finished, still in early access.

ya im on a dedicated server, most we have online at once was 19 people, only a little bit of lag and rubber banding , but that may be because of our 3rex, 2 brontos, about 15 trikes and a pelican named Nigel.

meka2611431d ago

I love this game, but it is frustrating that they came out with dlc before the game is actually finished.