Gaming Trend: Warhawk Operation Fallen Star Review

Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star is a must buy for all Warhawk players. Other gamers who don't own Warhawk or who don't own any of the expansion packs owe it to themselves to check out Warhawk and all of its booster packs. While Operation Fallen Star is the third booster pack, it is definitely the most feature rich and game changing booster pack yet.

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PimpHandStrong3717d ago


it made Warhawk the best online game i have played....COD is great but you can only do so much

These jet packs are awesome fun and ppl will take notice of this game over time because it isnt going anywhere!

PimpHandStrong3717d ago


The core Warhawk game hasn’t changed since its launch. Warhawk is still a 32 player, team based, FPS


if they add 3 maps a year i will be playing Warhawk on and off for the next 6 years