Leaked Breath of The Wild Accessories Allude to Launch Title

A Norwegian retailer has listed several Nintendo Switch accessories. Excitingly, with the amount of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild items listed, it seems highly likely that the highly anticipated title will be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch.

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madhouse02258d ago

A BotW design for my Switch? So much yes!! I really hope it is still a launch title because that is my primary interest in the console tbh.

Junpei999258d ago

Really hoping BOTW is a launch title. Few more days till the full reveal

Moonman257d ago

Only today and tomorrow to get through. Thursday and Friday should be interesting! :)

basilboxer257d ago

Mario bundle too. 3 days to go!!! I'm dying to know the specs, but the games are even more important, especially given the way Nintendo treated the Wii U.

eagle21257d ago

Games are everything. Go ask M$ after 2017 is over.

gamerpop257d ago

That communicator listing is very interesting. Voice chat hype!!!