GameSpy: Dead Space Preview

GameSpy writes: "Since its announcement last fall, EA's Dead Space has made some big waves. We'll dispense with the background and niceties about the plot and get down to the nitty gritty. In the future, Earth's resources are scarce, and humanity survives by sending mining ships around the galaxy to strip the elements from other planets. As space miner Isaac Clarke, you're aboard the Nishimura, a massive mining ship that's gone AWOL and offline. Naturally, after you board the ship with fellow employees, things go decidedly pear-shaped.

We've discussed the numerous gameplay quirks, such as zero-gravity combat and "strategic dismemberment," EA's coined term to describe gunplay. But we haven't been able to sit down and spend more than a matter of minutes with it until now. We're less than a month off from Dead Space's release, so nearly everything we've played should be indicative of what you'll experience in mid-October. We'll spare you spoilers and plot details, but as of now, we're playing the fifth of 12 chapters, and will probably keep playing until the build stops us."

+If the other two-thirds of the game hold up this well, we'll have a real winner on our hands

-It might be too late in production to optimize load times, which get annoying in tougher sections

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