Playing A Wii In A Movie Theater Is Super Fun

GameXtract writes "The bigger the screen the better. At least that's what my craving tells me. I myself play my video games on a 32 inch 720p LCD TV, but apparently some guys just can't do with the normal size available at your local electronic stores. Even though the Wii does not support high definition, a few champs have decided to hook up their Nintendo Wii to the screen inside a movie theater. The result? They seem to be having some super fun time with Wii Sports, and I have to admit that the audience is just going wild. Some may consider this to be a bit of an over kill, but hey, if you can….why not? Video showing gamers playing the Wii inside the theater can be viewed after the jump!"

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Louievillesluggns3743d ago

all I got to say is who ever works there better hope their boss doesnt see this but for real this would be fun on any system at that