Loot Ninja Review: Spore Origins (iPhone)

Loot Ninja writes: "Spore is all the rage right about now. The PC/Mac game came out to a range of media attention, from varied gameplay to DRM issues. EA is extending Spore's reach by releasing Spore Origins for the iPhone. In this mobile version, you get a chance to make and evolve your creature, but only through the early stages of the game.

For an iPhone game, Spore Origins looks terrific. The graphics and textures are all done very well. Some of the cut-scenes will show some signs screen tearing, which is something I haven't seen on the iPhone before. Sound-wise, Spore does a pretty good job. The background music is nice and the sound effects work well for the game. I'd recommend using headphones since the iPhone speaker isn't the loudest and clearest."

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