Hideo Kojima Shows Off Special Horizon: Zero Dawn LEGO Set

Nothing is better than LEGO to seal the partnership between two game development giants.

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UCForce472d ago

That's so cool. Lego is always special in my heart.

Abriael472d ago

All I know is that Horizon's machines would be perfect for an official lego set.

Majin-vegeta472d ago

Well Horizon is getting merchandise treatment right??I wouldn't doubt it if Lego was one of.tbem

The 10th Rider472d ago


Lego tends to be pretty strict with their partnerships. If Horizon is rated M then I doubt it will become a Lego set. If it's rated T it could become a Lego set, but chances are it would have to be under their "Ideas" line, which comes from fans submitting and voting on product ideas over at the Lego Idea site. A project won't get considered to be a set until it has 10,0000 supporters.

Abriael472d ago

@The 10th Rider: I think it's rated T, but I think it'll remain a dream. Can still hope, tho.

XanderZane471d ago

Very cool. I would love Guerrilla Games to work with Lego and make a Lego version of their game. The Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter version are hilarious and very fun. Maybe in the future. Lego sets like these are very popular. They should sell well.

Relientk77472d ago

That's sweet, would like to see the Thunderjaws Trex

BizarroUltraman472d ago

They should make some of them for Lego Technic line... that would be awesome. Can neve go wrong with Lego.

Zorkaz472d ago

Swagalishious! It's funny I always imagined Bionicle (rahi) looking kinda like the animals in Horizon: Zero Dawn, shame they discontinued again.

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The story is too old to be commented.