Project CARS 2 - First screenshots leaked online

Slightly Mad Studios has revealed that it plans to release an early version of Project CARS 2 this September. Project CARS 2 was originally announced back in 2015, and it appears that over these past few months a number of screenshots were leaked online.

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dontbhatin470d ago

I think they mean Project cars Expansion 1............right?
This game doesnt deserve a sequel considering how disappointing the current game is

mcstorm470d ago

I agree. This game was my final day one on new hyped IPS. In fact I did not get gears or horizon 2 day one to. Was expecting a lot from project cars and sold it with in 2 months of being out one of the worst racing games I've ever played and for me the worst game I've played this gen.

GT67470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

@ Mcstorm

The WORST racing game in my opinion is "the Reboot Need for speed". Blackbox studio last title "The Run " much better than that reboot Crapfest.
All Need for speed title's since 2005 Mostwanted been Crapfest .

P.S. would love to see leaked screen shots of 2017 Need for speed. hope it is Much better than 2015 reboot .

My personal opinion of course

mcstorm470d ago

@gt I did not play the new NFS tried the run but for me I did not like that to for me felt like a cheap horizon 2. That said it's each to there own I preferred split/second to blur last gen but seemed like blur was the better received game.

GT67470d ago

Need to check Blur out.

Thanks for heads up

ProjectVulcan470d ago

My opinion on why Project CARS fell just a little short was because it was expanded to release on the consoles. Originally it was just a PC project, understandably it was more financially viable on 3 platforms rather than just one.

But it also meant the quality of all 3 versions were below that of my expectations had they spent all their time on the initial PC project and ported the game later.

All versions needed and deserved more polish and had several patches. I can only hope the sequel corrects this.

Oschino1907470d ago

Yeah clearly the console versions held back the PC version... Smh really...

*Goes back to Drive Club*

bofuknjanglez470d ago

Said no one with a pc ever!! Well maybe a few did, but consoles didn't hold back their game I played maxed out on Pc and graphically its a peach compared to anything on ps4 especially when cranked up to 1440p. I know because I have one of those as well, along with drive club. The problem it had was the game wasn't fun and not graphically superior to Assetto Corsa an already released, IMHO a more fun game that was graphically superior to anything from consoles as it was.

*goes back to PC*

ProjectVulcan470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

If by 'held back' you mean the developers split their time and therefore had less focus on the original version of the game (PC) as I clearly said then yes, absolutely, held back.

They are not a massive developer, the console versions were not well polished, and the PC version was not as well polished as it could have been.

All three versions could and should have been better if they had focused on the PC version first which is where their crowd funding money mostly came from, and then ported the finished article with more care and attention to the consoles.

Instead of releasing major patches later on to fix them up, particularly performance which is kinda sub par on console.

I'll also make this clear as I was an investor on this project and put money and input into it. I got a return, but was a little underwhelmed by the 'finished' article on each platform. This is me saying it's a very good game, I like it and rate it a lot, but it could and should have been a bit better.

I have high hopes the sequel will be.

georeo470d ago

Didn't they have a Kickstarter to fund the second one also?

specialguest470d ago

3440x1440 master race checking in. This game will look amazing on my curved ultrawide 34" 100hz monitor.

DARK_WOLF470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Nobody gives a shit

xwabbit470d ago

You clearly do because you posted lol

KingAlistair470d ago

You went with the korean 400$ monitor?

Dannylew470d ago

uhmmm... name it project fails instead of project cars...

Deadpooled470d ago

Slightly Mad want Project Cars 2 to be crowdfunded with crazy bonuses set for up to £10000 funding, this despite Project Cars 1 selling over a million copies. Also Project Cars 2 basically has all the content that should have been in the first game (a "EA Star Wars Battlefront" situation again except Project Cars didn't break the gaming news sites like Battlefront did). Where did all the money go from Project Cars 1?