Is Nintendo Going Bankrupt if Switch Flops?

Every Nintendo fan is haunted by one compelling question: what will happen if say, by some unfortunate turn of event, Nintendo Switch flops?

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Apocalypse Shadow379d ago

From the article...

**Lastly, a flop is just a wild imagination for Nintendo Switch because as far as it goes, there is a high anticipation to this console. Gamers, developers or simple observers are looking forward to presumed release date in March. If this converts into Nintendo Switch sales, then all "what ifs" will be moot and academic.**

Why bother reading?

stuna1379d ago

You got to give the article credit. That was definitely an ingenious way of getting clicks lol.

wonderfulmonkeyman378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Yeah, click bait incarnate, this one.
I would suggest no one here even approve this article.
But considering the anti-Nintendo nature of this site, I get the feeling it will get approved anyways.
That, or the ten or twenty people here with a grudge against me will see this comment and approve the article out of spite.XD

remixx116377d ago


Haha definitely the second part

bouzebbal377d ago

Nintendo fanboys talking about clickbait... Hmmm..
Seriously, the article can be as stupid as you want, the idea is relevant !
If the switch flops, then what ?? Nintendo for sure won't go bankrupt, but they might become the new Sega if things turn out ugly.
I do not believe switch will be a massive hit but I hope I'm wrong.

ABizzel1377d ago

Bankrupt No. Continued Big 3 Console manufacturer, in jeopardy.

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freshslicepizza377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow
"Why bother reading?"

well because hype doesn't always generate success, look at the first titanfall for example. gaming is nintendos bread and butter, how many failures can nintendo survive? it's not like they can sell operating systems or life insurance to cover losses.

Eonjay377d ago

Titanfall is a bad example in my opinion. First, one has to ask why EA did what it did in the first place. EA basically destroyed Titanfall every chance it got. It cut the original sales in half essentially and then tried to sabotage Call of Duty with the double header but just wound up sabotaging Titanfall with Battlefield 1. And Call of Duty still sold more than both of EA's games combined.

MaximusTKG377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Shouldnt really matter given the sheer amount of cash assets Nintendo has. They could bail themselves out about 5 times

LOL_WUT379d ago

Who knows? All people want is for them to deliver. Things happen for a reason ;)

Fist4achin377d ago

I doubt bankrupt, but the gamers won't support it if the games are not there.

morganfell377d ago

No one has asked what happened to all the money they made on the Wii. The thing sold like the cure for cancer and Ninty didn't use the money to support it or the Wii U.

Gemmol376d ago

people ignore how much money Nintendo have, because it help them sleep at night.......they are far from bankrupt

Derceto377d ago

It will flop. It will not bankrupt Nintendo.

Poseph377d ago

No, it won't flop and yes it won't bankrupt Nintendo.

kneon377d ago

I'm also expecting it to flop after the initial surge of fans buy it. And then when it fails the only course of action left is for them to go multiplatform.

RosweeSon377d ago

Only another 5 years to wait then... in vain. Not gonna happen any time soon.

kneon377d ago

I'm not waiting, I don't care as I can't think of any of their games that I would bother buying. But there are others that would buy them if they were available without having to buy their wonky tablet/console.

CorndogBurglar377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Multiplat isnt the only other option.

They could finally realize that gamers just want a gaming system rather than gimmicks and then make something like a Gamecube 2.

Having said that, Switch isn't really nearly as gimmicky as the Wii's were. If you want it to just be a home console, it can be that. If you want it to be a portable system it can be that too.

If all the rumors are true, as well as the price, then Switch should do just fine.

PhoenixUp377d ago

Nintendo still makes a lot more than Sega did when they exited the hardware market, so going bankrupt is unlikely

RosweeSon377d ago

I'd like to know who's disagreeing to that as Nintendo clearly have more going on that Sega, sure Sega had loads of attachements 32x and mega CD etc but they were All pretty big flops in grand scheme of things. Nintendo got home and handheld consoles a new console en route. New Zelda. Amiibo's. New Pokemon just launched, Mario IPhone. Mini nes... no doubt with a mini Snes being readied. All more importantly massive success and making major money. All sold out or selling very well and all for a profit. Bankrupt?! Oh the drama on here is hilarious.

CorndogBurglar377d ago

I agree.

And the Switch should do well.

Segata377d ago

SEGA didn't have money. They were hundreds of millions in the hole. Only thing that saved them from certain doom was the CEO passing away leaving his fortune to the company to keep them alive.